August 26, 2006

Sacked out... It really seemed odd Sunday morning not to have Carolina Sue to get ready for church.  I had to get up and study to teach sunday school but otherwise we had a pretty relaxed morning.  After church we came home and ate a quick lunch then Ina Sue took a nap while I worked on putting the final touches on our service for the evening.  We had a panel discussion on "Our Culture and its Effect on our Church".  Duane Bange, Dr. Hill, Wendell Heatwole, & Hendrick Debrosse were our panelists.  I found their input enlightening & interesting.  Unfortunately, we did not have near enough time to cover the topic.  After church we had James & Esther Bange over for a snack and a game of "Pass the Pigs".
Ready to sing at the nursing home... Monday was a normal day with me heading off to work and Ina Sue starting on the washing.  She said it went much easier with one less child in the house...  She had to go in to the dentist in the afternoon for a filling that had come out.  The dentist told her she needed a $635 crown. :(  I think that a king's crown would cost less...  I told her she was worth it though. :)  We had ham sandwiches for supper and a fairly relaxed evening.
Hendrick explains the fine points of the Rubix Cube to Wesley I did not need to go in early for the normal manager's meeting on Tuesday because Richard & Adam were both away at the Radioshack showcase in Las Vegas.  With Adam gone work was a bit busier for me.  Bonnie Brubaker came over mid-afternoon and spent some time with Ina Sue.  They drove over to Hephizbah together and picked up Carolina Sue from Dads. 
Carolina enjoyed playing with the big girls We had planned to meet at Subway in Barnwell for supper but it was raining so hard that we decided for me to just get the subs and we would all eat them at home.  After I got home we finished supper then played a few games and visited.
We were both ready for bed... Ina Sue made us pancakes for breakfast on Wednesday.  I spent a busy day with service calls at work.  Ina Sue wrote thank-you notes and sewed on her new dress.   In the evening our small group went with Richard B.'s group to the Carigg Manor nursing home to sing.  After singing and visiting with the people there, we all met at Charles Brubakers for a super snack and fellowship.
Carolina Sue arranged the centerpiece. I had to work on Thursday (my supposed day off...)  Ina Sue made a tator tot casserole for our neighbors and didn't have any left for hubby.... :(  We did have some delicious hamburger and rice stuffed peppers for supper so I was somewhat consoled. 
Checking our baby for defects???? I started early on Friday in hopes of getting some things caught up.  Arlen Riehl came over and spent most of the morning and early afternoon with me.  He is interested in whether or not a computer store is a viable enterprise to get into...  I'm not sure if he found the answer or not...  I had to go on a service call to Ehrhardt mid-afternoon so I left him with the staff in the shop.  After I finished that call I rushed home and picked up the rest of the family for a trip over to Duane & Janice's for the evening.  They had the entire Strite family over to their place for the evening.  Jean Coblentz was down from PA. for a visit and everyone wanted to see her while she was here.
Jenna & Carolina's table... For supper they served us a wonderful taco/burrito bar with all the good fixuns including freshly made guacamole.  Yum!  After stuffing ourselves on that we had to make room for delicious bars and a bowl of freshly cut up fruit.  What a culinary delight it was!  After supper we didn't even take time to digest but drove over to the recreation dept. for a game of Strite softball.  We didn't quite have enough players so Royal Barnharts & Kimberly Eshleman also helped out.  It was a good game with my team coming from behind in a surprise win.  Afterward we stopped in at Duane's for a quick drink but couldn't get left.  It was after 12:00 before we got home
Jeane Coblentz with Rebecca Due to our late night the evening before and a not so good night for Landon, we slept in for a while on Saturday morning.  I hit the mowing pretty hard and got the square mowed and most of our yard by about mid-afternoon.  Carolina Sue & I went up to Denmark for some grocery shopping then I washed the car when I got home.  Ina Sue spent her day cleaning, washing clothes, washing windows, taking care of babies etc.  We had avocado & onion sandwiches for supper then fruit slush for dessert.
Dad & Nevin discuss the weather...  
Our gracious hosts, Duane & Janice with Jenna & Chad.  


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