August 19, 2006

Trying to decide what dress to wear??? I taught the men's sunday school class again this morning on the subject of "Giving Generously".  After Sunday school Bro. Gary preached a very good sermon on our Christian Heritage.  We had purchased chicken dinners on Saturday from the Blackville youth so when we got home, dinner was already cooked & ready.  We ate quickly then put everybody to bed.  Unfortunately, little miss Carolina decided that she didn't need a nap.  After tearing up her room and receiving several disciplinary measures... she finally quieted down but never did get her sleep.
A telephone wiring job Richard & I did.  Click here to see the "before" picture.  We are in charge of the Sunday evening programs this month so I spent part of the afternoon finalizing our service for the evening and printing out programs while Ina Sue got her sleep.  We had a themed song service with several duets, a trio & a responsive reading.  I thought the service went well.  After church we were invited over to Wendell Heatwoles for a delicious pumpkin pie snack with assorted other goodies.  We enjoyed the opportunity to visit with Wendells & Patricks.  Patricks just recently got back from two months of service in Puerto Rico so it was good talking to them again.
A brunch at Ruth Anne Banges. I got up and made us cheesy scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast while Ina Sue got started on the Monday washing.  She had a busy day cooking, ironing & washing the clothes.  My day was extremely busy too and I wasn't able to get everything done.  I came home for supper then mowed the yard and put Carolina Sue to bed.  I went back in to work around 9:30 and worked until 2:30am.  Ina Sue had trouble sleeping and claimed she couldn't sleep well without me.... :)
Young married's softball game I went in to work early on Tuesday for a managers meeting.  Ina Sue got up in good time too and quickly got her children ready.  She picked up Mary Korver and her children then drove over to Ruth Anne Banges for a brunch in honor of Brenda Groff's departure and Lynette Bange's birthday.  She said everything was very good and they had a very nice time visiting.  They got home around 1:00 and all laid down for a nap.  When I got home we ate supper then finished folding & ironing the clothes.
And the obligatory snack... My first service call on Wednesday was to the First Baptist church in Bamberg.  I met Richard B. there and we worked at re-wiring their telephone system.  After we finished up I picked up a few groceries and dropped them by for Ina Sue on my way in to the shop.  When I got home from work we had to scurry around to get everything ready for our guests.  The youth groups were having a walking progressive supper through Govan.  We were responsible for the salad so Ina Sue made up to big dishpans full.  It was barely enough!  I think everybody had sufficient but it was all gone by the time they left.  There were about 40 people with youth & sponsors and each one was supposed to write a sentence to be sent to Thomas B. in Romania.  After the youth left, Ina Sue made us up some delicious steak subs for supper.
My wife makes beautiful floral centerpieces I went in to work early on Thursday in hopes of being able to take off early.  Unfortunately, this did not happen. :(  I did volunteer to keep Carolina Sue while Ina had a chiropractor appointment for her back.  The rest of the day I spent hurrying from one job to the next.  Ina Sue fixed us chicken fajitas for supper then we had a relaxed evening at home.
Grandfather & Grandmother I went in to work at the regular time on Friday but was able to surprise my ladies and come home around 11:00.  I worked hard to get the yard mowed by about 2:00 then had to go back into the shop for several service calls.  I did take Carolina Sue with me so it gave Ina Sue a break.  We got home around 7:00 and quickly loaded into the van and went to the Trinity Baptist Church for a ball-game with the other young marrieds from our church.  We were happy that Duane & Janice came over from Hephzibah for the game so we were able to talk to them some.  I enjoyed the ballgame but Ina Sue sat out to take care of the chilluns.  It was an absolutely lovely evening weather-wise.
Ready to go home with Grandmother. We got up in good time Saturday morning and I kept the children while Ina Sue went with Mary K. & Gwen A. to the Springfield flea market.  I got the children up and fed them breakfast then loaded them in the van, tied the lawn mower to the back bumper and sloooowly drove down to the Govan square.  I was hoping to get it mowed before the women got back but my children were not in the mood to sit quietly in the van.  I spent most of my time with them and didn't have much done before the others got back.  Ina Sue took the children on home and I worked for another 2 hours finishing the square then went home and mowed as much as I could before Dad & Mom got here around 3:00.  We had a great time visiting then Ina Sue served us a delicious home-made reuben pizza.  When Dad & Mom got ready to leave they offered to take Carolina Sue home with them.  When we asked Carolina she was ready to go pack her bags!  She rode away with them with scarcely a backward glance...  We are not sure whether to be happy or sad that she doesn't seem to miss us....


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