August 12, 2006

I'm sleepy... Mark H. preached another fine message on Sunday on the topic of "Spiritual Warfare".  When we got home we cooked up a feast of fried ham, baked macaroni, and tomato sandwiches.  To bed for a nice rest then Dale Dickersons came over for supper and the evening.  We had stroganoff sandwiches and piles of boiled peanuts for supper.  After supper the old people played a game of Rook while the younger set lounged around and read.  Carolina thought she was in hog heaven with all these people reading to her and playing with her.
Kevin Dickerson with Carolina Sue. Monday was one of numerous extremely hot days.  These hot days at least make our clothes dry quickly when Ina Sue hangs them out...  I spent a hectic day doing service calls then made it back to Barnwell just barely in time for our farewell supper for James & William.  William is moving to Abbeville and attending college at Lander University.  James & Brenda are moving up to Virginia around the first of September.  We will miss both of them a lot...  We had our supper at Pizza Hut and had a really nice time visiting together in a non-work setting.
Dale & Ruthie played us an enjoyable game of Rook. I went in to work early again on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished up the washing and ironing from yesterday.  After I got home from work we ate a very quick supper then welcomed our guests for the evening.  Aden Diems dropped their two youngest girls off here while they went to the PTA meeting.  Ina Sue also offered to keep Andy Korvers children as well so we had about eight young ones to entertain.  They were all very well behaved and we had a really nice time with them.  Ina Sue fixed us a nice snack & grape juice around 8:30.  The parents got back around 9:30 then came in and visited for a while before leaving.
CSB/RS farewell supper for James & William at Pizza Hut. Wednesday was another busy day for both of us.  I had a rushed day at work while Ina Sue cut out a dress (with Carolina's help), cleaned the house, and went through our tomatoes (some of which were pretty rotten).  In the evening we went to church to hear a chorus from Kendra B.'s home church in Deleware.  They gave a very spirited and enjoyable program.  We were happy to be able to host their bus driver and his wife, Mark & Ruth Nissley.  We had a really nice time getting to know each other and learning of our shared acquaintances.  It was pretty late before we got to bed so when the phone rang at 12:15 in the morning I wasn't real pleased.  I was even less pleased to hear the recording from our alarm system at work....
The rest of the crew... I quickly jumped out of bed and went out to my computer where I could check our surveillance cameras.  I could see on the one camera that a concrete block was laying on the floor in a pile of broken glass.  I quickly called the police and they got there in a matter of minutes.  Once I saw there flashlight beams I went ahead and drove in to the shop.  We looked over the surveillance tapes and found that the burglar had come in to the shop, set the alarm off, then still rushed around looking for cash & cell phones.  Thankfully we have started locking up our cell phones and removing the cash.  I like to think that he was pretty frustrated not to find much of anything.  He was only in the shop for about 1 1/2 minutes before leaving with a karaoke machine & a boom box.
Playing pickup sticks with our visitors... Of course, the glass in our front door was a bigger loss than the inventory he took.  After the police completed their work on the scene I cleaned up all the broken glass, put card board over the door, vacuumed the floor and headed back home.  I was able to get several hours of sleep before we needed to get up and fix breakfast for our guests. 
And the party afterwards We were pretty tired when we got up Thursday morning but a breakfast of breakfast pizza with our guests quickly got us perked back up.  The chorus bus rolled out around 9:30.  Ina Sue left shortly before to go to Bamberg for a checkup.  Then we both drove in to Barnwell and I watched the children while Ina Sue got her back adjusted at the chiropractor.  I worked for a while at the store while Ina & the children just goofed off.  They drove home then while I finished up my project.  When I got ready to leave I realized that Ina Sue had taken my car keys home with her...  I called her and she drove back in to bring me my keys.  Since we were both hungry and tired we stopped at Subway for a delicious supper.
Our delightful guests, Mark & Ruth Nissley. Landon slept pretty good so we woke up fairly refreshed Friday morning.  I went in to work while Ina Sue got the children up and Carolina's hair combed.  Susan Byers came over for a while in the morning with her daughter Deborah Swartz and granddaughter Brooke.  They had a nice time visiting then Ina Sue was able to get a nice rest in the afternoon before doing her Friday sweeping.  We had a relaxed evening together at home.
And a not so delightful guest..... :( Saturday was a wonderfully relaxing day but we didn't get much done!  I had hoped to get the yard mowed but instead woke up Saturday morning to the sound of rain & thunder.  What a pleasure to lay in bed and listen to the sound of rain!  I did make it up in time to drive to Denmark for an appointment at 8:00.  The person I was going to work for did not show up so I soon came back home.  Carolina and I drove up to Denmark again to pick up a kit to fix a window screen.  I also baked several loaves of herb bread while Ina Sue worked on her sewing.  In the afternoon I made up a batch of salsa using some of our tomatoes and habanera peppers from the garden.  In the evening I took the children in with me to Walmart to pick up some stuff and get some pictures made.
Deborah (Byers) Swartz with daughter Brooke  


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