August 5, 2006

Daryl, Sharon & Thomas Brubaker, commissioned for service  in Romania. I taught Sunday School again on Sunday.  It is hard to believe that two months have already gone by and only one more to go with this responsibility...  Ina Sue feels she carries a pretty heavy load having to take both babies with her to sunday school.  Bro. Gary preached on "Waiting on the Lord".  We came home for a quick lunch and naps.  In the evening we went to church for Daryl, Sharon & Thomas' commissioning service.  They are going to be serving in Romania under SLM for the next two years.  I thought it was a very inspiring service and we wish them God's blessings as they go.  After the service and fellowship, Kevin & Dawn Eshleman came over for a snack.  We had a really nice time visiting with them again.  It was pretty late before we parted.  I felt sorry for them having to drive the whole way home....
Courtney Eshleman with Landon My dear wife was pretty bushed by the time Monday wrapped up.  She didn't get much sleep the night before, then had to work on a huge wash before going over to Wendell Heatwole's for Robin Brubaker's bridal shower in the evening.  She said that the shower was very pretty & nice but she neglected to take the camera along for pictures. :(    I had a pretty full day at work then pulled babysitting duty in the evening.  We had a nice time though and I got lots done. (picked & made mint tea concentrate then mowed off the patch, washed dishes & cleaned the kitchen, folded clothes, then went over to Don Heatwole's to fix their phone)
Kevin & Dawn Eshleman Tuesday was a very ordinary day with me going off to work and Ina Sue finishing up the washing & ironing.  She fixed us a delicious supper of stroganoff sandwiches.  I made Puerto Rico calls in the evening.
Carolina likes to see "two punkins" in the mirror. Ina Sue made us french toast for breakfast on Wednesday.  I headed off to work then while Ina Sue got her children up and ready for the day.  She also worked on fixing up new curtains for the french doors going into our spare bedroom.  For supper we enjoyed sodomalis? that Laura had made us.  It was a Romanian dish made with sausage and rice rolled up in soured cabbage leaves with Romanian spices then baked in sour kraut.  We loved them.  After supper we went to prayer meeting.  where Wendell had a continuation of his talks on the Holy Spirit.  When we got home Ina Sue made us berry milk shakes while I worked on our conference web page.
Sewing is a family project these days... My first call on Thursday was in Denmark at 9:00, so we had a more leisurely morning.  Ina Sue made us cheesy egg bake for breakfast.  As soon as my call in Denmark was done I came back home.  Carolina Sue went with me over to Carl's to sharpen the lawnmower blade then played in the truck while I mowed the Govan square.  Ina Sue finished up her work sewing up our door panels for the spare room.  In the afternoon I mowed our yard while Ina Sue worked at repairing my work shirt cuffs.  (My watch has a rough place on it and has been wearing the edge of my right cuffs out)  I had to go in to work around 4:00 to setup a new server for a customer. 
Picking off peanuts. Ina Sue packed up the chilluns to go to  Denmark to McDonalds for a special supper.  To her chagrin, the battery in the van was dead.  Hendrick came over and gave her a jump so she was able to drive in to Denmark.  After supper and some the car again refused to start.  She called me and I called Joe Byers who very kindly left his party and went to jump her off.  I worked on my job until about 10:00 but was able to get it pretty much finished up.
while Ina Sue mows I went to work this morning a little early on Friday for our company meeting.  Ina Sue worked to clean up the tomato patch and picked two more buckets of tomatoes.  I dropped by around 1:30 to take the minivan in to Barnwell for a battery replacement.  Since I didn't have a whole lot else scheduled for the afternoon I agreed to take Carolina Sue along with me.  The wife said she had a wonderful relaxed afternoon and Carolina & I enjoyed ourselves too.  When I got home Ina Sue had baked us a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Fun time with bubbles Saturday was a wonderfully busy & productive day at home.  I started the day doing some work outside then drove up to Delmars.  He knew of a man who had a field where volunteer peanuts had come up from the year before.  He very kindly helped me pull a truckload of them for us to boil.  After I got back I worked on pulling peanuts while Ina Sue mowed our side yard.  Then I took over and mowed the rest of the yard.  In the later afternoon we finished pulling off all the peanuts and boiled them up.  We even tried canning about 7 quarts to see how that would work.  I figure we probably boiled about 4 gallons of peanuts altogether.
Our little munchkin at 5 weeks.  


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