July 29, 2006

Our small group had a carry-in meal at church before singing at the nursing home. I taught Sunday school again this morning.  The topic  was on "The Headship Veiling" from I Cor. 11.  I  found it a little bit hard to know how to approach the lesson since I had already led a Wednesday evening discussion on the topic only about a month ago...  Wendell Heatwole preached a very good sermon on "Perseverance in our Christian Walk".  After church our small group ate a dinner of taco salad together in the church kitchen before driving in to Barnwell to give a short program at the nursing home.  When we got home from that we put all the children down for naps then got in a short one ourselves.  The service in the evening was very interesting with a slide show and presentation by Gordon Amstutz on their time in Kazakhstan (for their adoption) and by Jennifer Heatwole on her time in Haiti.  I invited Richard to come over after church for some chess and pina coladas.
This was definitely not OSHA approved.... I spent the day Monday fulfilling my various duties at work while Ina Sue did washing, picked tomatoes and made a peach pie, all while keeping the children in line.  Soon after I got home in the afternoon, Kevin and Tandra Rhoads stopped by to drop off our recliner.  The mechanism had gone bad in it and they very kindly repaired it for us at no charge.  They are a really nice family with three boys.  We visited for a little before they had to leave.  Ina Sue fixed us chicken BarBQ sandwiches for supper.  We had quite a thunderstorm this evening with a lot of lightning...  It will probably make more work for our computer service department tomorrow...
Wed. evening fall church cleaning Sure enough,  I didn't even make it in to work Tuesday morning before I received my first lightning related service call.  This customer had 4 computer knocked out, the DSL modem & network switch blown, and the phone system messed up.  Needless to say, they found it somewhat hard to perform business until we started getting things straightened out.  Aunt Miriam called Ina Sue this morning and offered to help her with anything she could.  Ina Sue was thrilled to have her help this morning to can 7 quarts of diced tomatoes.  That was so kind of her!  Ina Sue made us a delicious baked spaghetti for supper.  After supper I quickly mowed up the front yard before Carl & Grace came over for a visit and to see the baby.  We also finalized the sale of 1/3 of a cow from Grace to Ina Sue.  We have been wanting to get raw milk for our children and this was how we were able to work it out.... 
A snack after all the hard work. I went straight to Denmark on my first service call Wednesday morning.  Ina Sue finished up the laundry and ironing then worked on odds and ends.  I had a full day and ended up driving directly to the church and meeting the rest of my family there.  This was our annual church cleaning evening.  This year we needed to clean the school as well as the church so it was a bit of a heavier job.  Our small group was responsible for the sanctuary and front classrooms. 
Landon is growing like a weed... The biggest jobs were scrubbing down all the benches and using a long extension ladder to take down and clean out the lights in the top of the sanctuary.  That was quite a job!  I very kindly allowed some of the other men to climb the ladder.  When I was trustee I had to do it several times but I have retired from that task....  After we finally finished up our section we got together with several other groups for a carry-in snack and fellowship.  We got home around 10:30 and I drove back in to the shop to take care of some tasks.  Got home around 1:30am....
Thursday evening picnic in Uncle Howards gazebo.  Carolina loved the slide. Because of my late night the evening before, I went in to work a little late Thursday morning. I was hoping to be able to come home pretty quickly but didn't make it back home until after 4:00.  Ina Sue worked on getting our finances caught back up in Quicken.  After I got home, I took Carolina Sue with me on another service call up to Denmark.  We got home around 6:00.  Ina Sue had fixed us a delicious picnic lunch of sandwiches, chips, cookies, fresh fruit and grape juice.  We took our little family and our picnic over to Uncle Howard's gazebo for the meal.  Carolina Sue loves sliding boards and the gazebo there has a really nice long one.  Aside from the muggy heat it was a very enjoyable family outing.  From there we drove over to Nelson H.'s to see there new little baby.  He is a cutie and definitely fits into the Hochstetler family.  When we got home we tried to get to bed but Landon was not in the mood to sleep.  I stayed up with him until he finally went to sleep after 12:00
Landon with Nelson H's little Tristan. We were both really tired Saturday morning so we slept in about as long as we could.  I needed to work at the shop today so I left the rest of the family home and headed in.  I really had an enjoyable day.  It is nice to have a day once in a while when I can be in the shop all day and not get interrupted with service calls all the time.  I thought I got quite a bit accomplished.  When 6:00 rolled around I quickly headed home.  Ina Sue had been doing cleaning and cooking during the day and had things pretty much ready to go for our company
Saturday evening supper with friends. I quickly helped get the table set and started making up our egg fried rice.  Ina Sue rolled up the eggrolls and I started frying them up.  Jordan Ehst & Robin Brubaker came over for supper along with Hendrick & William.  We had rice, egg rolls, stuffed peppers and bread for the main course with mixed fruit and cookies for dessert.  After super we quickly did up the dishes then played a game of Balderdash together.  A very nice evening!


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