July 22, 2006

Mommy, big sister & little brother... Before we left for church Sunday morning we tried to get around early and take some quick pictures outside.  A few of them turned out well.  I taught the men's class again.  The text was on from the passage in I Corinthians on running the race.  Nathan Goering was over from Hephzibah to bring us a challenging message on "Walking Worthy".  It was a very hot day and so we slept most of the afternoon.  In the evening we had a topical program with Uncle Howard shaing on "A Father's Love"
We love our luscious tomatoes this year! Monday was still very hot and humid.  Ina Sue started on the wash while I went off to work.  I rushed home around 2:00 and we dropped Carolina off with Betty & Carolyn Heatwole while we took Landon up to the doctor for his appointment.  He didn't enjoy the appointment too well but seems to be doing pretty good recuperating....  We were surprised to find out that he already weighs 8lbs, 6oz.  He is putting it on a lot quicker than Carolina Sue did.  We got home around 5:00 and I headed back in to the shop.  I worked late (around 9:00) trying to get our new alarm system working the way I wanted.  We are still missing one piece that we need to get it all hooked up.  While I was at work Ina Sue picked another two buckets of beautiful tomatoes from the garden.
Our favorite doctor, with Landon. I headed off to work early on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished up the laundry and took care of her charges.  For supper we ate our last batch of sweet corn from our garden.  Ann Marie Diem went and picked peaches and dropped us off a half bushel.  They are absolutely delicious!  After supper I helped clean up the kitchen then worked to cook up a batch of salsa.
Cutting up tomatoes for a batch of salsa. I had a busy day on the road with service calls on Wednesday.  Ina Sue and her chilluns also did quite a bit of driving.  They left around 10:00 and drove over to Hephzibah.  My mother found a place up around Batesburg that processes chicken and you can order boneless skinless chicken thighs for 99 cents per lb.  We had ordered 60 lbs of thighs and 20 lbs of breasts.  She picked that up as well as 3 bushels of zipper peas from a farmer down in Louisville.  She didn't get home until around 6:00.  Since the chicken really needed to be processed, we reluctantly missed out on prayer meeting and instead I canned  pints of thighs, individually quick froze about 40 lbs and marinated the rest for grilling tomorrow.  Ina Sue worked to blanch and freeze all the peas.  We were pretty whipped by the time we finally finished up and cleaned up the kitchen.  Then Landon wasn't much in the mood to sleep....
Her first painting project (with water). It seemed like I had barely gotten to sleep Thursday morning when the phone rang.  It was the Barnwell Police dept. letting me know that our store had been broken into again.  I quickly looked at our surveillance video from my house here and could see that they had broken in the front window again.  I drove on in and after going through the processes with the police, I started cleaning up.  In addition to breaking the front window, they had shoved a concrete block through one of the fronts of our glass display cases.  Thankfully there wasn't a whole lot of cash for them to steal but they did get quite a few of our cell phones.  In contrast to last month, this time they were only in the store for about 5 minutes.  A Barnwell policeman was just doing his rounds an hour or two later and saw the broken front windows.  Unfortunately, I still didn't have our new alarm system working correctly so we were not immediately notified...  If you would like to see graphic footage of the burglary download this video clip.
The rest of my family came in to work with me Thursday evening to help with the alarm. I had planned to take the day off but with this event, I had to be there at least until my other employees got in.  I patched up the window with card board,  cleaned up the glass, ordered a new cash drawer and called the glass company to replace the front glass.  After the other guys got in I came on home around 10:30.  I worked with Ina Sue to break up and re-freeze the chicken we had quick froze the evening before.  Then I grilled the 20 lbs of chicken that we had started marinating the evening before.  After that was done I mowed yard for the remainder of the afternoon.  In the evening the whole family went with me in to work and we got the new alarm system all hooked up and working.  (unfortunately about 22 hrs too late).  It was about 11:00pm before I could bring my family back home.  we were all pertty tired.  We did get to enjoy a delicious blueberry/blackberry pie Ina Sue had made when we got home.
Carolina especially wanted to help. Not much happened on Friday.  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue cleaned and kept our children happy.  For supper Ina Sue opened up a jar of my canned chicken thighs, a jar of canned potatoes and a jar of our green beans.  She fried the chicken in flour and butter and poured some of the browned butter over the potatoes.  I thought it was a delicious meal to have come out of cans....  
Old pictures I found in our archives.  (An owner of CSB and a former manager) Is it any wonder we are in the shape we are? Saturday was a wonderful day all at home.  I started the day by cleaning out our garden.  Hauled off all the old nasty squash and cucumbers that I had somewhat abandoned; also the old corn stalks and misc other detritus.  I sprayed a bunch of Round-up and spent quite a while finishing up the mowing including the square at the end of the road.  In the afternoon Ina Sue made a run to Bilo for some groceries then made up about 20 pts of peach slush to freeze.  I made up two batches of batter bread in the afternoon.  I had never tried this type of recipe but it turned out reasonably well.  I think I'm going to go back to my regular recipe though.


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