July 15, 2006

Hendrick, Carolyn & Betty Heatwole I taught the men's sunday school class again this Sunday.  The topic was on "Ministerial Assistance" and was a good lesson for us to look at.  I can see why a minister might shy away from preaching on this text in I Cor. 9.  Since I was teaching, Ina Sue got stuck with both of our little children for the sunday school period.  Gary Hege brought the morning message on "The Atonement"   Benita Hege had provided our Sunday lunch the evening before so we came home to a delicious spread of green beans, turkey & gravy, baked potatoes, blueberry muffins and fresh peach pie.  We took naps and read in the afternoon then returned to church for a song service in the evening.
Mother Showalter & Ina Sue making tomato soup. Monday was a long day.  I went in to work at the normal time but worked late to install four more security cameras at the shop and to re-align the ones we had before.  It was after 9:30 before I got home.  Ina Sue spent the day doing laundry and nurturing her two little charges.  Mother Showalter arrived from Virginia around 9:00.  It was fun showing off our newest edition to her.  Carl Heatwole brought us a big dishpan full of his beautiful blackberries today so I had a bedtime snack of ice-cream and blackberries. 
Our finches look ready to take flight.... I went in to work early on Tuesday for our regular meeting.  The rest of the household slept in.  After they made it out of bed they went up the road to help clean the house to get it ready for Andy Korver's arrival this evening.  After lunch they worked to can 14 quarts of tomato soup.  Our tomatoes are doing extremely well this year for which we are very thankful.  I came home around 4:30 and helped move Andy's into their new home.  They had rented a panel truck and had it pretty much stacked full.    Cheryl Hege brought us our supper tonight of BarBQ meatballs, gourmet potatoes, corn, deviled eggs, tomatoes, and peach pie for dessert.  We have certainly been fairing sumptuously!  It was about 9:30 before all of the 14 quarts of soup were completely canned.  Then we all headed off to bed.
Moving in our new neighbors. (The Korvers) Wednesday was another very hot day.  Landon has been getting us up quite a bit at night so we slept in for a while.  I went for a service call in Blackville first thing this morning then spent the rest of the day rushing from one emergency to the next.  Mother Showalter continued her labors here by washing off all the jars of tomato soup, housecleaning all our kitchen cabinets, and putting together a smocked dress for Carolina Sue.  In the evening Don  & Betty came over and brought a snack for a visit with Mother Showalter.  A nice evening visiting together. 
Mother Showalter working on a baby dress. I took off the whole day Thursday.  Mother Showalter left for Virginia around 9:00.  I worked during the morning planting the sugar maple for Landon and another crepe myrtle that the nursery lady had given us.  Ina Sue (with Carolina's help) gave Prince a haircut.  It was a terribly hot day so we didn't get a whole lot done outside.  I did get the front and side yard mowed.  Mary Korver and her girls stopped in for a visit in the afternoon then we went up to Charles Brubaker's for supper.  Liz was signed up to bring us supper tonight but invited us to come there if we wanted to.  We had a delicious meal and a really nice time visiting with them and Richard.
Grandmother, mother, daughter & son. Friday was a busy but very normal day.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and took care of children.  I worked part of the morning in the shop and spent the rest of the day on the road.  Bonnie Peachey brought us yet another wonderful supper of chicken casserole, tossed salad, custard and fresh peaches.  That was some of the best custard I've had for quite some time!  Then, we just had a wonderful relaxed evening at home.
Neither Ina Sue nor Prince look happy.... We started the day Saturday early by heading up to the Springfield flea market.  Ina Sue had been there once but I never had.  We got there around 8:00 and started perusing the aisles.  We did make several purchases.  I was pleased to pick up to pairs of yard trimmers for $8.00.  Ina Sue got a baby outfit or two.  After we had made our rounds we went by the concession stand and ordered an "elephant ear" and a large lemonade.  We sat down and enjoyed that the headed back home to Govan. 
Planting the tree for Landon Cole. After we got home I worked intermittently to finish mowing our yard.  It was so hot that I was continuously coming in for drink and to cool down.  I finished the outside work around 3:00 then came in and worked on baking for a while.  I had purchased a bread making book at the flea market and found a recipe for making bagels.  Did you know that bagels are boiled before they are baked?  I hadn't but gave it a try.  Ina Sue and I both thought they turned out really good and the whole batch of 18 bagels was gone by Sunday afternoon... :(  After supper we played a game of Monopoly then went to bed early.
Shopping at the flea market.  


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