July 8, 2006

Dad, Mom, Carolina & Aunt Miriam We stayed home from church on Sunday to give mother & child time to rest up.  It was a wonderful relaxed day with leftovers for dinner and plenty of naps.  Dad & Mom came over in the afternoon and Uncle Howards dropped in for a little while too.  Dad & Mom took Carolina Sue back with them to Hephzibah for several days.  Without her in the house things are much more relaxed but we are already starting to miss her...  We played a game or two of "WordGuess" in the evening then went to bed in good time.  Landon was pretty restless so we didn't have the best sleep...
Duane & Chad  -  Michael & Landon I took off another day of work on Monday to be with my family.  I helped do most of the laundry, while Ina Sue is still trying to get her rest.  (She helped with the important stuff)  In the afternoon we all went up to Driftwood Nursery to pick out the tree for Landon.  Ina Sue said that I could pick this one so I picked a really nice sugar maple.  Ms. Connie also gave us a "Dynomite" crepe myrtle for our new boy.  When we got home I worked to fix up a bunch of old potatoes that were about to go to waste.  I slawed them up and made to big dishes of sour cream gourmet potatoes for the freezer.  Debbie & Krista Hochstetler with Debbie's niece Natalia Good stopped in to visit with Ina Sue and see the baby.  Ms. Lonita brought us a delicious BarBQ supper with blueberry dessert.    In the evening Duane and Janice brought their two children over for a visit.   It was really nice seeing them again.
Duane, Janice, Chad & Jenna Strite Our store was closed on Tuesday for July 4'th so we got yet another day off together.  Carolina Sue is still over at Granddads so we had another very easy-going day.  I made up two batches of bread in the morning then mowed for a while in the afternoon.  Betty & Carolyn Heatwole stopped in for a visit in the afternoon then in the evening Milton & Karen brought their family by for a visit.  (They had been at Aden D's) for a July 4'th dinner)  We had piles of delicious leftovers to eat for supper.
Big Sister & Little Brother. Wednesday morning I headed back to the grindstone... :)  Thankfully, things weren't too piled up so the day went fairly well.  My sister Laura brought Carolina Sue over and stayed to help out.  Ina Sue says that she gave her a $100 boost.  She made a big batch of salsa with our ripe tomatoes, baked cookies and bars, ironed clothes, went grocery shopping and many other helpful things.  Brenda & Meredith Groff came over for a visit in the afternoon.  Norma Hochstetler brought us yet another delicious meal for supper: grilled chicken, gourmet potatoes, green beans, jello salad & blueberry cake.  Scrumptious!  After supper, Laura, Carolina Sue & I went to prayer meeting.  Wendell Heatwole is beginning a series of talks on "The Work of the Holy Spirit".  After we got home I went over to Nelson H.'s for a little to install a modem and get the internet working for them.
Five baby finches in our fern out front. Laura stayed overnight so I fixed us a breakfast of sausage gravy and cornbread for breakfast.  Then I went to work while Laura cleaned the house and took care of Carolina Sue.  Ina Sue took Landon up to the doctor for his 1 week checkup.  He is putting a little weight back on and seems to be doing well with just a little bit of jaundice.  After they got home Laura left to return home.  When I got home we had more delicious leftovers for supper then Nevins came over for the evening.  This was their anniversary so we were doubly honored that they came to see us and the baby.  It is raining beautifully right now....
Kari Hobbs & Landon I spent the day Friday on a multitude of service calls.  This Monday was William Brubaker's last day with us and we are missing his helping hand.  Ina Sue spent the day taking care of her babies and doing a little washing & ironing.  I stayed a little late at work for a business meeting then brought Richard home with me for supper.  Laura Heatwole supplied us with yet another of our delicious "baby" meals.  Hamburger, potato, green bean & cheese casserole, cabbage salad & blueberry delight for dessert.  After supper Richard and I played three games of chess.  A thoroughly enjoyable evening!
Our midwife Anna with Landon at checkup K-Kay had fixed us a wonderful breakfast casserole that all we needed to do was stick in the oven Saturday morning.  After breakfast we all went out to the garden while it was still fairly cool and worked on pruning and staking our tomato plants.  They are so healthy & vigorous this year that they are way outgrowing my tomato stakes.  I had to extend my stakes several feet higher into the air so that we could keep them tied.  Then I started on the huge job of mowing.  It took me quite a bit of the day to mow all of our yard and all of the Govan square.  I figured it out that when I mow all this I walk approximately 7 miles behind my mower...  Ina Sue washed the minivan and kept all the children happy then in the evening cut my hair.  A nice relaxing evening at home together.
Nevins came over Thursday evening.  
A game of chess with Richard. Tying up the tomatoes.


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