June 24, 2006

Sunday morning look-a-likes. Sunday was Father's Day.  I celebrated by getting up early to study for sunday school again...  Before we left for church we went out by the garden and took some Father's Day pictures.   Church this morning was somewhat scarce because of all the people away at Chad's wedding.  Gary preached a Father's Day sermon then we had a carry-in dinner afterwards.  Delicious food, and we were able to be home by soon after 1:30.  Ina Sue took a nap while I tried to get together a Fathers of the Bible Quiz.   The service in the evening was themed on "Fathers" with the quiz, a story, and several "Remembrances of My Father".  After church Carolyn Kurtz and Hendrick came over for a snack, which turned into a late debate. 11:30
Sunday evening snack with friends. Monday was the normal Monday with clothes washing at home and service calls at work.  In the evening Ina Sue made us a supper of fresh tomatoes with egg salad, and corn-on-the-cob.  After supper I worked on mowing the Govan square.
Taking a ride in Carl's new 4-wheeler Ina Sue had another baby doctor appointment on Tuesday.  She dropped Carolina off with Ms. Thelma while she kept her appointment then she did some grocery shopping at Bilo.  Hendrick got back today from the Music Camp so it was nice to have our department staffed more completely.  I went in to work early in the morning and worked on getting things together for our Managers Meeting.  After I had worked for an hour or two I walked out to the front and found out that our store had been burglarized. 
Carl checks his orange orchard The front POS counter was shoved completely over onto the floor.  A big rock had been thrown through our front glass window and the burglars had come in through the hole.  They cleaned out our cash drawers and took any small valuable things they could find. (Cameras, cell phones etc.)  They also yanked our POS computer out of the counter and threw it through one of our glass display cases.  Unfortunately, our alarm was not turned on but I did catch most of the burglary on our video surveillance.  Since they wore gloves and masks though, we weren't able to get many clues as to the perpetrators...  The police were finished around 8:30 and we were able to get everything cleaned up and the store back in shape by soon after 9:30.  This was the first time we had been burglarized in the 13 years since we've had the business, so I guess we should consider ourselves blessed. 
Digging red potatos When I got home Ina Sue had us a delicious chicken, cabbage, rice stir-fry waiting.  After supper we went on a walk around the neighborhood.  Stopped in and talked to Naomi, the Eppersons, and the Banges.
Ina Sue cleans potatoes & squirts the squirt I had a PRMC meeting scheduled in Virginia on Wednesday morning.  On the advise of the mid-wife I stayed here in SC though to make sure I didn't miss the arrival of our next child.  Bro. Ellis did a fine job chairing the meeting in my absence.  I had a very busy day again at work.  Ina Sue did misc chores around the house, including braiding the rest of our onions from the garden.  She made us steak subs, sweet corn and cantaloupe for supper.  After supper we went to prayer meeting at Barnwell.
I cleaned out all the old veggies.... I was able to take off all day on Thursday.  After my schedule the last two weeks this was a much appreciated break!  We started the day off right with a breakfast of waffles.  Then we went out and dug our potatoes.  We got about 2 bushels of red potatoes.  Most of them were fairly nice but about a half bushel had spots and ant holes in them.  I spent a little time in the afternoon scraping the skins off of some of them and canning them so that they wouldn't go to waste.  After we dug the potatoes, I worked on pulling out our green beans while Ina Sue washed the potatoes and Carolina went swimming.  After dinner I started our burn pile burning then worked on mowing the yard.  Sometime during the afternoon despite my precautions, the fire spread out a bit from our pile and started two hay bales burning.  They smoldered through the next three days...  For supper I fixed us a big batch of pork fried rice.
Burning our burn pile I was back at work again on Friday.  Ina Sue did the cleaning and at one point had to go out and spray down the fire that was still smoldering in the hay bales.  Carolina Sue nearly gave Ina Sue a fit when she was supposed to be taking a nap.  Since we have her in a toddler bed now instead of her crib, she likes to get up and tear up her room instead of going to sleep....  After I got home in the evening we ate a quick supper then Carolina & I worked on canning more potatoes while Ina Sue did some shopping at Bi-lo & Dollar General.  I canned 4 more quarts of potatoes and about 13 pints of sweet pickles.
A hamburger supper & game at James' We slept in till almost 8:00 on Saturday.  After a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, I started working on cleaning out our "work" truck.  What a job!  I ended up taking it to the carwash in Denmark so I could use their foaming scrub brush and big vacuum.  Ina Sue says it looks better but "there's only so much you can do for that truck".  Ina Sue washed the Camry and the minivan while I mowed the rest of the yard and canned another 4 quart of potatoes and made potato salad.  While she took a nap in the afternoon I also made up a rhubarb cake that I got from "Taste of Home".  In the evening we all went over to James & Brenda's for a hamburger supper, visiting, and a couple games of Sequence.  Brenda also served us a wonderful fresh blueberry pie.  We had a very nice evening!


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