June 17, 2006

Reading "The Biggest Bear" I got up fairly early on Sunday morning to study for my sunday school class.  Wendell had a very good message on the subject of Abortion.  I thought he covered the topic extremely well, bringing out bible verses I had never considered.  We came home for lunch with just ourselves.  Beef & mushrooms in gravy over rice, fresh sweet corn & homemade bread.  We were pretty tired so we went to bed without even doing the dishes.  In the evening we went to church for a song service.  We had a grocery shower at church for Thomas Peacheys & Benji Brubaker. (Both new families in the area)  Came home and had a supper of avocado & onion sandwiches.
She loves corn on the cob On Monday I made us eggs in ham nests for breakfast before leaving the wife with the laundry while I headed in to work.  It was a muggy and hot day.  I took about a half hour off of work in the morning to pick a bucket of strawberries for us.  The man that owns the strawberry patch where we pick is finished with his patch and opened it up for any Mennonites to come and pick for free.  Very nice!  I had a very big day with service calls in Olar, Walterboro, and Estill.  Hendrick and James are both away at the Shenandoah Music Camp so that leaves us a  bit shorthanded.  I didn't get home for supper until about 8:00 then went back to a customer's site to finish up an installation.  I didn't make it home until after 2:00am....
The baby finches are about ready to fly. We got up at daybreak on Tuesday to pick over our green bean patch.  We had a fairly good picking but the plants were kinda wet and nasty to pick.  After Ina Sue snapped and canned them we got another 12 quarts.  (For a total of 58 so far)  It rained for much of the day for which we are thankful.  In the evening we washed up our jars of beans to put away and I made up two batches of pickles.  I canned about 12 pints of dill slices and cut up cucumbers for 2 gallons of sweet pickles.  The sweet pickles take about a week and a half to process so I just got them started tonight.  It was pretty late again before I got to bed.
Carolina in her new toddler bed. I went in to work early on Wednesday to try to catch some stuff up.  Ina Sue and Carolina went to the baby doctor for a checkup.  Everything still seems to be going well in the regard.  The midwife told her that I really shouldn't plan to be away next week. (I have a Puerto Rico meeting planned)  When they got back from their appointment Ina Sue worked to wash up and get some baby clothes ready.  She also got the bassinet ready to go and got the hospital bag packed....  Ina Sue fixed us fresh sweet corn for supper but I didn't get home until after 9:00 to eat it.  Ina Sue says that she is a CTW (Computer Technician Widow)
Ina Sue braided the onions again. I wanted to take off work Thursday since I've been putting in such long hours.  Unfortunately, I had to go in to the shop in the morning and wasn't able to get home until after 1:00.  After I got home, Carolina & I worked around the house while Ina Sue did some shopping in Orangeburg.  She said it was so nice to get a little break from her babysitting.  She got home around 7:00 and I worked to mow the yard and pick over the beans again.  After it got dark I snapped the beans and canned them while the ladies slept.  Got another 7 1/2 quarts of beans.  I think this will be the last of the beans that we can.
Our Peruvian daffodils are blooming I went in to work again on Friday while Ina Sue did the normal cleaning.  She says that it seems like she can't get very much done these days....  She also took the trash over to the dumpsters and got milk.  When I got home she served us fresh potatoes with sausage and cabbage for supper.  After supper I finished mowing our yard while Ina Sue sprayed Round-up.  She also gave me a hair cut.  We finished up the day with some of Ina Sue's world class strawberry shortcake.  Delicious!
We put up 65 quarts of beans this year. I had to work again on Saturday because most of our employees were either at music camp or away to Chad Brubaker's wedding.  Adam, Jodi & I had a very busy but enjoyable day manning the store.  While I was at work, Ina Sue tied up the tomatoes, trimmed our ivy, and made meatballs, ice-cream and iced tea for tomorrow's carry-in dinner.  When I got home we quick got ready and drove up to Thomas Peachey's for supper.  Bonnie served us a delicious pizza supper.  Three of Delmar Diem's children were also there.  We had a really nice time visiting and seeing their new home.
Carolina tries on 8 dresses at once....  


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