June 10, 2006

A great Rook game with friends. I got up in good time Sunday morning and studied to teach the men's sunday school class.  It was a very interesting and discussion oriented lesson on Unity (or disunity).  Then after sunday school Mark Hochstetler preached his first sermon at Barnwell.  A very good sermon on the good Samaritan passage.  When we got home I scurried around getting dinner ready while Ina Sue supervised Carolina's before dinner swimming time.  Richard Brubaker, Hendrick, & Randy Ocker came over for my dinner of fried pork, green beans almondine, German potato salad, biscuits, cucumber salad and peach dessert.  After dinner we played a great game of Rook while Ina Sue got her beauty rest.
Stopped in for a visit with Grandmother. After we finished our game and the guests left, we got ready and went over to Uncle Howard's for a short visit with Grandmother Heatwole.  Then we went to Danny Hege's for supper.  Benji & Charity were there along with Leon & Beth and Conrad & Roslyn.  We had a delicious supper and a very nice time visiting.
Supper and fellowship at Danny Heges Monday was a busy day that got started early.  I got up at sunrise and started picking beans from our garden.  Ina Sue started the washer going then came out and helped.  We were pleased with what we got.  I went in to work while Ina Sue snapped and canned the beans.  She got 12 quarts put up.  She has been having some trouble with her back so she dropped off Carolina with Betty & Carolyn then drove into Barnwell for a quick adjustment.   She picked up some fresh fruit from Campbell's Produce then came home to finish the washing.  When I got home she was getting pretty beat so I forced her to knock off around 8:30 after she packed clothes for her and Carolina.  I folded the clothes, cut up a bunch of steak, peppers, onions & squash for shish kabobs. By the time I cooked up a pot of rice and cut up cantaloupe & water melon it was after 2:00am....  I was beat!
Nevin grilled biscuits for breakfast... We dragged ourselves out of bed Tuesday morning at 5:30 and got ready and loaded the van for our mini camping trip with the Strites.  My family had planned a camping trip on Clark Hill Lake for Monday through Wednesday of this week.  With my wife's condition and with two of my employee's being gone, we decided it would work out better for us just to spend the day Tuesday there with them then come on back for the night.  We got left around 6:00 and got there just in time for breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy at 8:00.  Nevin & Karen were in charge of breakfast.  After breakfast we all sat our chairs in a circle and had devotions together in the beautiful outdoors.  It was a lovely day weather-wise and we enjoyed a morning of bocci and swimming.
Jenna feeds Chad his bottle while Carolina looks on in fascination. Carolina enjoyed her first swim in a lake but wanted to take it slow and easy.  We had to get out around 12:00 and come back to the campsite to start getting our dinner ready.  (We were in charge of lunch)  We fixed shish-kabobs and grilled them on Nevin's new grill.  I also made up a couple batches of egg-fried rice in our electric skillet and served them along with boiled peanuts, watermelon & cantaloupes with monster cookies for dessert.  In the afternoon we just sat around, rested and played Rook.  Dad & Mom fixed us supper of fresh potatoes cooked with sausage & fresh green beans.  They also grilled sausages, peppers & onions.  After supper we talked and watched the sun go down.  Milton played his guitar for us a while then we left for the long drive home.  A wonderful and relaxing day!
Aunt Karen french braided her hair... We got up Wednesday morning feeling pretty tired after our day of "recreation".  I had a very busy day at work.  Hendrick is in Virginia for a music camp which leaves us kind of short handed.  Ina Sue cleaned up all of our stuff from the camping trip then went to the doctor and pre-registered at the hospital.  When I got home I started picking beans.  After I picked two rows we went ahead and snapped them together.  The beans are beautiful this year with no bugs or brown spots.  Ina Sue got them started canning and I stayed up to finish the process.  We got another 8 quarts. 
A brotherly game of Rook. We both got up Thursday morning and went out to finish the bean picking.  We picked over the last 4 rows of beans.  I went to work while Ina Sue processed the beans for another 18 quarts.  Our goal is to put up 50 quarts for the next year.  After supper we drove up to Byer's Tire and picked up the minivan.  They had replaced the one front bearing and worked on the brakes.
The ladies rested and visited. I went to work all day on Friday.  Ina Sue housecleaned, lined the drawers in the new chest of drawers and did some scrap booking.  When I got home she served us a very good zucchini lasagna with cucumber salad for supper.  After supper I mowed the yard while she tied up the tomatoes and gave Prince another bath.  She also braided up the onions and hung them on the back porch.
First swim in a lake. I had to work on Saturday to cover for Adam.  A member of his church had died and he needed to be at the funeral.  Before I left for work we picked over the beans again.  After Ina Sue processed them we found that we had gotten another 12 quarts.  This already finished up our goal of doing 50 quarts.  Ina Sue is very happy to have gotten that many all in one week.  Carolyn Heatwole came over and played with Carolina while Ina Sue was working on the beans.  They had a big time playing house, swimming in the pool etc.  Ina Sue worked on cleaning the house in the afternoon and went and picked corn from Carl's patch for supper in the evening.  I  mowed up the Govan square after supper.
Sunset over Lake Thurmond.

Caroline Heatwole came over on Saturday and helped entertain Carolina.


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