June 3, 2006

The Tim Groff family hosted us for lunch. We did something different this Sunday.  Since this was the last Sunday that neither of us have responsibilities, we decided to visit Burkeland for church.  We had to leave by around 8:00 in order to get there on time.  Isaac Horst taught our Sunday school class then Earl Barnhart preached the message on King Asa and lessons from his life.  Before we walked in to church Lydia Groff invited us to come to their place for dinner.  They served us a delicious lunch then we had a little time to visit.  They are going to be buying Ray Martin's old farm and moving there within the next week or two.  We drove home in time to get in a really short nap then went to Barnwell for a program presented by the youth group.
Our garden is just about at its peak. Monday was Memorial Day so our store was closed.  Unfortunately we didn't get to take off.  We had decided that this would be a good day to do a whole store inventory.  It took longer than we had expected and I didn't get home until about 6:00.   It was clearly high time we did another inventory.  We try to keep up with inventory on an ongoing basis but clearly some things had been getting missed.  After I got home we ate a quick supper then hurried off for Bible School.  Dr. Hill taught the adult class on the topic of Devotional & Thought Life.
One of the finch eggs have hatched. I left my ladies sleeping in bed when I left for work early on Tuesday morning.  We had a manager's meeting then I spent most of the rest of the day down in Allendale on service calls.  Ina Sue baked some French bread and finished up the laundry.  She also made us a delicious supper of horseradish meatballs, zesty herb potatoes, and fresh cucumber salad.  At Bible School this evening Dr. Hill talked on "The Christian and his Speech".  Came home then and Ina Sue made us up peach milkshakes.
The new chest of drawers for Carolina's bedroom. I worked all day Wednesday at the shop.  Ina Sue said that she got amazingly little done all day long.  Carolina Sue has been pretty fussy lately.  Ina Sue thinks it is her 2-year molars coming in.  Duane Bange led our discussion at Bible School tonight on "The Christian and Material Possessions".  After Bible School we drove in to Walmart and treated the wife to a short shopping expedition.  She loves to shop.  I don't really....
Our flower girl. I got up and made us eggs in ham nests for breakfast on Thursday.  I had hoped to take off the day but wasn't able to get out of the shop until after lunch.  When I got home we drove up to Rhoad & Sons to look for a chest of drawers.  We ended up buying a fairly inexpensive but nice chest for in the baby room.  With a new baby hopefully taking residence there soon, Ina Sue needed some extra drawers for baby clothes.  When we got back to the house I got an emergency call from Subway in Barnwell that they needed immediate assistance with a computer problem.  Unwillingly I drove back in and spent the rest of the day working on that.  For supper we had avocado & onion sandwiches then went to Bible School.  The topic tonight was "Reaching the Lost"  After we got back home Hendrick came over and helped me carry the chest of drawers into the house and get it situated.
Birthday supper at Granddaddys. Friday was Carolina Sue's 2'nd birthday.  It is almost impossible to imagine that it has been two whole years since we first saw her little wrinkled pink face with teary red-rimmed eyes.  We thought she was so cute at the time but when we look back at the first pictures we have to admit she looked a little like ET....  We woke her up to sing Happy Birthday before I left for work.  Ina Sue did the house cleaning then I came home around 4:30 and we left for Hephzibah.  Granddad & Grandmother hosted us for Carolina's birthday supper.  They served us potatoes with melted cheese, pork loin, and onions & peppers all grilled on their "raclette" grill.  They had first eaten off of a raclette grill when they were up in the mountains of Switzerland.
We ate off of a raclette grill. Grandmother had made Carolina her own small birthday cake with two candles so she had a chance to blow them out.  Then we gave her our little gifts and aunt Laura & Granddads had little gifts for her too.  I had suggested that we just give her the big box that our chest of drawers came in to use as a little play house.  Ina Sue thought we ought to give something a little more so we bought her a little cheap swimming pool and bathing suit (zoot as she says it).  Grandmother gave her a little porcelain piggy bank and aunt Laura gave her several bottles of bubbles with bubble makers to go along with them.  We all had a really nice time but I got really sleepy on the way home.  Finally got home after 12:00
Grandmother made Carolina her own birthday cake. We are so thankful for the rain that we had Friday evening while we were in Georgia.  Unfortunately, when we got up on Saturday morning we found that the wind had blown our corn patch flat on the ground.  I tried throughout the day to stand it back up and heap dirt around the stems but to no avail.  It was a bit breezy and they kept falling over again.  I'm sure that they will eventually stand themselves somewhat up again but it won't be pretty...  I blew up Carolina's new pool and filled it with water.  She loved it!  (But then she also loved her new card board house too)  I mowed the yard while Ina Sue cleaned the house and pulled our yellow onions.  She also housecleaned and re-organized the baby room to make room for the new toddler bed for Carolina.
Opening her presents. For supper I fixed us batch of "German" potato salad.  It was a new recipe that Mother had given us that used bacon grease & flour along with some mayonaise & sour cream to make a warm dressing.  I also fixed some of our fresh green beans from the garden in a new "Taste of Home" recipe called "Green Beans Almondine"  It used almond slices in browned butter & a little lemon juice.  We all thought it was delicious.  During the evening I felt in a cooking mood so I told Ina Sue I was going to take care of dinner for tomorrow.  I went ahead and made up a peach delight recipe tonight for our dessert.
When we got home the wind and rain had flattened our corn patch.  :( Carolina had a ball with her new birthday present...


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