May 27, 2006

A quick swing ride after church. Neither of us had any responsibilities Sunday morning for a change.  We just went and worshiped.  We are just so very thankful for our church and for the brothers & sisters God has given us.  This morning was a baptismal service for Ryan D., Joel H., Andrea S., Carolyn H., Emily D., and Alissa D.  Wendell preached a sermon on "Worshiping God" and with emphasis on "worshiping" throughout the week, not just on Sunday.  Gordon Amstutz's invited us over there for a delicious dinner then after visiting for a while we came home and took a nap before returning to church for a song service and time of sharing.
Making monster cookies. Monday was busy from start to finish.  I made up cheese eggs for our breakfast while Ina Sue started the wash.  When I got in to work I had to go out to the SCAT park and install a new radio/router for a new customers.  It was extremely hot and by the time we got it put up I was hot and sweaty so I came home for a shower.  Went back into work and did a couple more service calls before coming home for a supper of pizza burgers & salad.  After supper I had a PRMC telephone conference call with the other board members.  We had trouble with noise on the phone line so it didn't go the best but we did get a decision made.  After the call I mixed up a monster batch of "Monster" cookies.  Ina Sue worked on some smocking then went to bed while I finished baking the cookies.
Storytime with Daddy. I went in to work early again on Tuesday.  Ina slept inb for a little then worked on finances, went to the post office and did all sort of other sundry tasks.  I was able to come home a little bit early and mowed the whole yard.  We boiled up a batch of peanuts for our company supper on Thursday.  While Ina Sue and Carolina gave Prince his first bath in SC, I worked on cleaning the weeds out of the garden then we repotted a number of our house plants.  After dark I put a ham on to bake and made up a batch of potato salad.
Sir Prince's first bath and shampoo. We got up and about in good time on Wednesday.  Ina Sue made food for the ladies who were helping paint on Thomas Peachey's new house.  She also had a doctor appointment this morning.  Everything is still going good.  Mary Korver and her girls dropped in for a little visit in the afternoon then my sister Laura & her friend Jean Coblentz came for supper.  They brought Grandmother Heatwole over to Uncle Howards and wanted to drop in to see us.  We unfortunately were not able to eat with them because we had previous plans to sing at the nursing home with our small group then have supper at Pizza Hut.  We had a really nice time and Carolina Sue absolutely loved the slide!
Computer Solutions employee picnic. I got up early on Thursday to work in the garden before work.  Ina Sue made a batch of bread and cooked us breakfast.  At 9:30 I had a meeting with my partner, Steve Brubaker and a prospective employee.  After that we went in to the shop and worked around there the rest of the day.  It was good to have Steve in the business once again.  He spent most of his time meeting with the employees and getting feedback.  In the evening we had a company picnic in our backyard with all the Computer Solutions employees, families & Steves.  We had pork BarBQ,  hash & rice, potato salad, green beans, boiled peanuts, and rhubarb crisp with ice-cream for dessert.  After supper the guys played a couple of games of Bocci before it got dark.
Adam demonstrates juggling technique Friday was taken up with business accounting and meetings.  Ina Sue gave the house a quick cleaning and did some scrapbooking.  In the evening we were invited over to Hendrick's for supper.  He served us a delicious meal of shish kabobs, fried rice and ice cream.  Leon & Beth Dueck were also there with their boy Gavin.  Carolina & Gavin got along pretty good most of the time....  A very nice evening visiting.
A game of Bocci. Steve and I met together for a final meeting Saturday morning to go over some things.  While we were "meeting"  Ina Sue tied up tomato plants, stained boards for the bedroom, and drove to Brookers to pick up some paint.  In the afternoon we re-painted our sign post and part of our front porch step.  Then I mowed the Govan square then came home and cleaned the oven and washed the cars.  Ina Sue worked on catching up some of her scrapbooking.
Our new house sign.  
Our hydrangea came out pink...  
Carolina demonstrates proper shovel technique to Hendrick. Gavin & Carolina are spellbound with Hendricks' fish screensaver


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