May 20, 2006

Bath time for the monkeys... Sunday morning we got up and got everybody ready for church.  With three families having to parade through one bathroom, that is a job in itself.  We went to Mt. Pleasant for church.  Bro. Elvin brought the message on the verse in Proverbs, "Tis better to have a dinner of herbs where love is than fatted calf with hatred".  The focus was on our mothers.  The whole family then met at Robert & Lori's for dinner.  Everybody brought a dish so it made it easy for all the cooks after the last two days of food preparation.  After dinner the children enjoyed playing on Robert's sliding board.  Carolina Sue especially enjoyed it and could hardly be coaxed away when it was time to leave.
Mt. Pleasant is adding on a porch Uncle Gary & Aunt Erma brought our new dog down for us before we left.  Uncle Gary's have been breeding dogs as a side business but have decided to get away from the cocker spaniel line.  Ina Sue has always wanted a cocker so Uncle Gary told her she could have his "stud" dog.  They also brought us a carrier and everything we needed to get him down to SC safely.  He is a purebred registered blue blood cocker spaniel and his name is "Sir Prince of Hi Ho".  We hope he'll be happy living with us lowly characters in the backwoods of SC.  He did make the trip very well with nary a sound (or a scent)  We stopped once or twice to give him a walk around.  We got home to Govan around 10:15 and are happy to be back home again.
Lunch at Robert & Lori's On Monday Ina Sue put her normal washing duties off until Tuesday so that she could get some cooking done for the evening.  I spent the day at work but did come home several hours early in order to do a little mowing before our company got here.  Norvan & Jewel Yoder having been studying spanish at a school in Texas in preparation for service in Puerto Rico.  They just finished up their first semester and stopped by Barnwell on their way home.  We were thrilled to have them here for supper along with Daryl Banges. (Norvan is Cheryl Bange's brother)  We ate a supper of meatballs, salad, green beans, baked macaroni and fruit slush with monster cookies out on our back deck.  After supper we walked around the neighborhood and even were able to get Jewel a tour of the house where she spent some of her younger years.  Her parents (Nathan Goods) used to live in the house that our fire chief, Mike Epperson now owns.
Carolina loved their slide! Tuesday was an ordinary day with me going to work early and Ina Sue working on the weekly washing.  After I got home and we ate supper we all piled in the van and drove over to the edge of one of Wendell's fields to pick dewberries.  Dewberries are very similar to blackberries but come in a little earlier and tend to be on lower plants.  We found them pretty difficult to pick and only got about a half bucket before we knocked off.  When we got back I worked on the computer for a while while Ina & Carolina went over and visited with Hendrick & Jordan for a little.
Sir Prince of Hi Ho I went in to work Wednesday to finish up some stuff but came home in the early afternoon.  I was responsible for the discussion at prayer meeting in the evening so I needed time to prepare for that.  Ina Sue vacumned the car and painted some on the front porch floor.  She also cut my hair for me.  It was starting to really need the trim.  At prayer meeting in the evening there were a lot of people missing but maybe that helped the discussion.  My topic was "The Headship veiling and Unadornment"  We mainly discussed why we believe the way we do and practical ways that we demonstrate the order of headship in ways other then the veiling.  I thought people spoke up very well.  It was exactly four years ago that Gideon and Jerry were killed in the airplane crash.  We still miss them!
Daryl Banges & Norvan Yoders ate supper with us Monday evening. Ina Sue got up and made us pancakes for breakfast on Thursday.  I went to work and spent most of the day working on projects in the shop.  It was a lovely day weather-wise.  Ina Sue scrapbooked and did misc tasks around the house.  She made us a delicious new dish for supper.  Dill chicken fricassee, biscuits & salad.  After supper I took my trusty push mower up to the Govan square and mowed it down.  After she finished the dishes Ina Sue brought Carolina down there and they pulled weeds out of the flower bed.  After we got home I figured out that in order to mow that lot with my push mower I need to walk about 3 1/2 miles behind the mower....  We finished the evening up with dewberry milkshakes.  Carolina made a terrible mess with hers.....
Tuesday evening we picked dewberries. I made us breakfast of waffles and sausage gravy Friday morning.  Then I headed off to work while Ina Sue cleaned the house.  For supper Ina Sue grilled chicken on the grill and served with baked macaroni and corn.  After supper we took Carolina & Prince for a walk around the neighborhood.  We stopped at Duanes for Carolina Sue to play on their slide for a while.  Then home for a restful evening together.
Ina & Carolina cleaned the shop while... Saturday was a wonderful busy day.  We did sleep in until after 8:00.  Shame!  But then we really hit it.  After breakfast I drove up to Shuman Owens and picked up some lumber for Prince's new doghouse.  While I worked on putting it together, Ina Sue cleaned and trimmed our front porch steps then I came back and used a roller to paint the main part of the stoop.  Ina Sue hung the new curtains in our guest room (We finally got a set that we are really happy with) and did her normal super job cleaning out our small storage shed.  Then while she rested I finished up the doghouse, put some finishing trim on our small building and cleaned everything up outside. 
....I built a dog palace for Prince. After we did a little last minute cleanup we all got in the van and drove to House of Pizza in Bamberg for supper.  We had their appetizer sampler and a 12" sub that we split between us.  I drove Ina Sue around in Bamberg for a little showing her the different sights then Carolina Sue and I got out and played on a slide there in a park while Ina Sue drove over to Piggly Wiggly and bought us some eggs for the weekend.  Then home for a relaxed evening lounging around the house.
A finch has made a nest in our fern out front  


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