May 13, 2006

Strite youngsters Sunday started out a beautiful day.  We were hoping that the lovely day would last into the evening for our plans...  We went to church together for Sunday school for the first time in what seems like ages.  Gary Hege preached on "Shining as Lights".  Came home for a light lunch and quick nap then worked on getting supper ready for this evening.  We had planned to have a Strite get-together in our backyard but it started raining about midway through the afternoon and we had to move it over to Uncle Enoses "mule barn".  Everyone but Laura was able to make it and they all got here soon after 5:00.  The rain almost cleared off and it was a really pretty evening over their by the pond.
Hendrick played Connect 4 with Carolina I had fixed horseradish deviled eggs earlier.  We used our steak that we had cut up on Saturday and made Philly cheese-steak pizzas for supper.  Ina Sue also made two "supreme" pizzas for those who didn't like the steak.  We also had a salad, chips, pickles and angel food cake with whipped cream & strawberries.  Everyone seemed to like the supper but we did have quite a few leftovers.  (I'm not complaining. :)  After supper us brothers played a quick game of Rook then various ones played Trivia while the rest of us just talked & fellowshiped.  The ladies took a stroll around the pond and even drove over to Carl's to look at Grace's garden.  (It turned out that they weren't home)  Everyone got left soon after 9:00 and we quickly cleaned up and got home in good time.
A brotherly game of Rook. Monday was cloudy so Ina Sue's wash didn't dry very well on the line.  I spent the day at work and came home for a supper of chicken divan over rice, and salad for supper.  While we were eating Dale & Ruthie Dickerson stopped by and brought us our choice of either a lemon chess pie or a pecan pie.  We picked the lemon chess just because we had never tasted one before.  (It turned out to be delicious!  Thanks Ruthie!)  We visited with them for a little until they had to leave then we worked on pruning & tying up our tomato plants
The ladies chatted... I went to work at 5:30 Tuesday morning to get ready for our weekly meeting.  Ina Sue babysat Meredith Groff while Brenda went to the prison with the other ladies.  She said they played together fairly well most of the time but needed a little refereeing.  I came home just a little early and worked out in the garden for a little.  Ina Sue served us some spinach stuffed pasta shells that her sister Jeanne had left in our freezer.  They were delicious.  I went to the jail for bible study but no one came out tonight.


Meredith Groff & Carolina Sue. Wednesday morning I headed off for work while Ina Sue got ready for her baby doctor appointment.  She said everything is still looking good.  We are really looking forward to the 4'th of July. (and not because we are so patriotic)  She did a little scrap booking then grilled us up some hamburgers for supper.  When I got home she had the hamburgers, fresh corn on the cob, and fresh cantaloupe all ready out on our table on the porch.  It was a lovely evening with only a very few mosquitoes.  After supper we drove around the community doing numerous errands that we needed to get done.  Oh, Joel Heatwole brought us another dead armadillo this evening.  I had told him I would pay him $20 for each armadillo he kills from our property.  This was #2.  I'm hoping there isn't a whole clan of these things.  This could get expensive....
One less armadilla to worry about.... I cooled off by Thursday morning.  I went to work and was sorry I had to be inside all day on such a lovely day.  Ina Sue worked on cleaning the house.  She also did and interim wash to make sure we had sufficient clothes for our trip.  For supper we had tuna melts and spinach from the garden with a warm dressing.  Delicious.  After supper Carolina & I worked outside while Ina Sue worked on packing.
The graduating class at Hickory Hollow.  Ina's brother Sherman is on the right. Friday morning we left for Virginia around 8:30.  We had a good trip up with very few traffic problems.  We did make a scheduled stop or two on the way up and so we didn't get there until around 4:30.  Ina Sue took a nap while I helped Mother make 90 turkey sandwiches for the graduation party in the evening.  Ina Sue's brother Sherman was graduating from Hickory Hollow along with two others.  The celebration was held in Elvin Shanks back yard.  It was a lovely setting with delicious food.  The only drawback was that it was fairly cold and I had not brought a jacket to Virginia.  We wrapped Carolina Sue up in a wool blanket and carried her around but she still kept saying "Cold, Cold" and chattering her teeth.  The home made icecream almost put the finishing touches on me....  We had a nice time visiting with everyone then came back home to Papas.  Keiths had come down for the celebration but had to go back to Maryland this evening yet in order to be there for a memorial service tomorrow morning.
Twila took care of Carolina on Saturday. Saturday was a unique day.  The ladies stayed pretty busy preparing food for the Showalter graduation party in the evening.  (This one for family & friends of Sherman)  In the morning I took Carolina Sue and Papa along with me on a shopping expedition to SharpShopper.  (I told Ina Sue that the gods smiled on us and the hunt was a success)  I helped do some setup and chair moving in the afternoon.  The party started at 7:00.  Mother had made pizza subs, hot reuben dip, party mix, cream cheese danishes with cherries, mint tea, etc. etc.  There were about 50 family and friends there and we all had a good time visiting together.
Fellowship at Sherman's graduation party Saturday evening.  


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