May 6, 2006

Miss Nettie We had a fairly relaxed day on Sunday.  I got up and set the table for company while Ina Sue put the finishing touches on her lunch.  I went to the jail during Sunday school for Bible study because Delmar was out of town.  After church we came home and worked on finishing up our food.  We were happy to have a full table.  Miss Nettie & Miss Mary both came along with Merle Diems, James Groffs, Floyd Kauffmans and Dr. Akor.  Ina Sue fixed chicken cordon bleu casserole, spinach salad, zipper peas and strawberry pie.  I fixed the baked pineapple, savory herb rolls and mint tea.  We had a nice time visiting in the afternoon. 
Floyd & Katie After the company left, Ina Sue took a nap while I finished cleaning up the dishes.  Then we drove over to Hephzibah to hear the Sonshine chorus give the program.  They gave a really nice program.  We especially enjoyed the trio that Laura sang in.  After church we went over to Duanes for a snack.  They served us popcorn, peppery cheese dip and chips, a delicious chocolate cheesecake & lemonaid.  We had a good  time talking with them and didn't get home until almost 1:00am
Dr. Akor We tried to catch up on our sleep a little Monday morning by sleeping in a while.  I headed off to work then while Ina Sue started her normal Monday washing duties.  It was a lovely day weather-wise.  For supper we made do with leftovers.  After supper I made a batch of deviled eggs off of a new recipe I found in taste of home.  It had horseradish & mint in the recipe.  I thought they turned out pretty good and Carolina did too.  Ina Sue never cares for deviled eggs so I didn't give much credence to her opinion.  Then I made up a great big batch of monster cookies.  Ina Sue had signed up to contribute 3 dozen for a prison ministry.  I ended up making about 7 dozen cookies.  It was pretty late before I got to bed.
James Groffs Ina Sue got up in good time on Tuesday to get ready for sewing circle.  While she was getting herself ready I cleaned up all my cooking dishes from the cookie baking last evening.  Then I headed off to work.  I got a call from Ina Sue shortly after I arrived to tell me that the battery in the van was dead.  So, I drove all the way back home and jumped it off so she could get to sewing circle.  At sewing circle she helped make burial gowns for little babies.  The hospitals in this area really like to have them for babies that are still-born.  This was the last sewing circle for the summer.  (They take a recess over the busy summer).  After she finished up there, she and Carolina Sue came in to Barnwell to do some grocery shopping then met me at Collins Park for dinner together.  I had a really full day at work so the break for dinner was really nice.  When I got home in the evening, Ina Sue had fixed us a sausage stromboli with corn & salad for supper.  Afterward we took a little drive around the community and dropped some food over for Patricks.
Merle Diems & Miss Mary I spent the day at work on Wednesday.  Ina Sue spent quite a bit of her day preparing for her children's class at prayer meeting tonight.  She themed her class on Mother's day and made up a bunch of pretty cards for the children to decorate and write in for their mothers.  She has started trying to potty train Carolina.  She seems to be doing pretty good so far....  At prayer meeting, Bro. Merle had the discussion on Practical Honesty.  It is always interesting to hear his stories and experiences.  Ina Sue unfortunately had to miss out but she said her children's class went pretty good.
Slaving away picking up sticks. Thursday marked 2-months until baby Elmer's expected arrival.  I took the day off and worked for a while in the morning weeding the garden.  Then we all drove up to Orangeburg to pick up some equipment I had left at Plain or Fancy Signs.  We did some shopping quick then headed back home.  Ina Sue sprayed some Round-up in the afternoon while I cooked in the kitchen.  I baked 5 loaves of bread and a batch of cheddar english muffins.  I also tried making a chess pie recipe that I got off of the internet.  Unfortunately I left the melted butter in the microwave instead up putting it in the pie.  I thought it turned out pretty well anyway and didn't have near the fat content..... :) 
A nest of mocking birds in our camellia After supper I cranked up the chain saw and worked on trimming up some of our trees.  Carolina helped us drag the limbs back to the burn pile.  Then we went for a walk around the block.  Stopped in to talk to Naomi for a while then over to Duane Banges to talk and let Carolina Sue play on their sliding board.  She loved it!
Someone's been sampling Daddy's eggs... It was back to work for me again on Friday and cleaning day for Ina Sue.  Not much out of the ordinary...  Ina Sue fixed us ham and noodles for supper along with a squash pie.  After supper I read stories to Carolina Sue while Ina Sue worked on some smocking.
5 loaves of fresh bread We love our Saturdays at home!  I mowed up our whole yard plus the Govan square out at the end of the road.  I took Carolina Sue with me into Barnwell to pick strawberries and refill our grill gas tanks.  We also dropped by Walmart to pick up some groceries that Ina Sue needed.  When we got home I grilled up a batch of steaks and sliced them up for our pizza tomorrow.  Ina Sue spent just about the whole day in the kitchen cooking for our party tomorrow evening.  In the evening, Carolina Sue & I drove up to Denmark to wash the car, get a few last minute groceries and buy us supper from McDonalds.  After supper I cleaned and vacumned out the cars while Ina Sue finished up some ironing and sweeping inside.
Pulling weeds out of the azaleas Slicing steak for our supper tomorrow.


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