April 22, 2006

The Steve Brubaker Family Sunday was a beautiful Easter morning.  I went in to the jail for bible study for the last time for a while.  Delmar Diem will be taking over for the next quarter and a half.  When I got back to church Uncle Jim preached a sermon on "Reasons we Believe in the Resurrection".   We had Bill Bylers & Steven Brubakers here for dinner afterwards.  It was so nice to be with and visit with them again.  Unfortunately, Steves had to leave fairly soon after dinner because they were planning to drive the 12 hours to PA straight through...  The rest of us took a little rest in the afternoon then ate a quick supper of popcorn before going to church for an Easter themed service by the numerous of the young people.  After church we and Bills went over to Myrons for a visit and a snack.
Our dear friends Bill, Dorcas & Maria Byler Monday morning we all got up fairly early for a breakfast of breakfast pizza.  I had a previous call scheduled in Allendale for 8:00 so I had to leave sooner than I would have wanted.  Bills stayed around until about 10:00 when they left for VA.  Ina Sue worked on the wash.  When I got home from work in the evening I worked out in the garden until dark then we came in and made roast beef sandwiches for supper.
Chasing bubbles with Maria I had to leave early again for the meeting Tuesday morning.  Ina Sue finished up the washing and ironing from yesterday then made us a pot of vanilla custard.  Then she tackled the very big and much needed job of cleaning our our smaller freezer.  Unfortunately, after she got everything back in and plugged the freezer back in to cool down, the power went off for about an hour and a half.  I don't think anything spoiled though.  When I got home I worked making up the the holes for our tomatoes.  I mixed in fertilizer, peat mulch & lots of manure to hopefully make turboed tomato holes.  While I was working in the garden Ina Sue and the munchkin drove over to Bamberg to get groceries and shop at "Freds" 
Hanging our new ferns on the front porch. Wednesday somewhat changed the tenor of our week...  I did a quick service call in Allendale then on my way back to Orangeburg for another call I stopped in and picked up the wife and child.  They wanted to shop while I worked.  The call took longer than I anticipated and they had more time to shop than they had wanted.  It was about 4:30 before I finished up so we came directly home. 

In the evening we went to church for our nomination service for a new minister at Barnwell.  It was pretty much a full house and the service lasted until about 9:15.  Very soon after we got back home we received a rather unexpected call from our bishop to let us know that we had been nominated for the role of minister.  He then wished us a restful night....

Planting cosmos in the garden. I took the day off on Thursday and we spent most of the day working around the house together.  We agreed to accept the call of the church and to go through the lot to determine God's call.  Mark and Norma Hochstetler are also in the lot with us.  This weighed pretty heavily on our minds but it was really nice to be able to work outside together.  We worked on mulching the garden, doing some mowing, planting flowers, moving some dirt & filling in low spots in the yard.  In the evening Thomas & Bonnie Peachy from PA stopped in to visit for a while.  They are seriously considering moving into this area and are here now scouting out possible housing.  After they left, Ina Sue made us fish fillet (stick) sandwiches for supper.  We ate them quick then Duane Bange stopped in to visit and we tried to get my slide scanner going with no success. 
Replacing the front step

I spent the day Friday on numerous different service calls.  Ina Sue said she had the more difficult role because she needed to just be here at home without a whole lot to occupy herself but her thoughts...  She did get some scrap booking done though and spent quite a bit of time on the phone.  She also made up a batch of cinnamon rolls for our company this weekend.  I came home to a delicious supper of Porcupine Meatballs and green beans with custard for dessert.  We had a nice evening relaxing and talking.  We are thankful that God has given us a certain amount of peace over the week's events.  There are many others in our church who I feel would be more qualified than ourselves, but if God calls us I am sure that he will also give the grace and strength to fulfill that calling.  If he does not call us to this role at this time, we will continue to serve him anyway.
We have most of the garden mulched now Saturday was another enjoyable day together.  We were both feeling a little stressed so we decided to take some time this afternoon to go to Orangeburg.  We spent the morning working outside and cleaning up the house.  I also hung some curtains in our guest room.  After a quick dinner of leftovers we drove up to Orangeburg and went first to the Edisto Memorial Gardens.  It was absolutely lovely!  The gardens also had a section of hundreds of roses.  We wanted to look at them and get an idea what kind of roses we wanted to buy for our new rose bed.  Carolina Sue enjoyed watching the ducks and we even saw some kind of water bird catch a fish then struggle to finally get it swallowed whole.  Carolina was quite impressed and kept trying to show us how the bird did when it was gulping it down... :)
Edisto Memorial Garden. After the gardens we drove over to the mall and looked for a new watch for Ina Sue.  After looking through all the stores and not finding anything we really liked we went back to Belk and finally found one that we both really liked and for a very good price.  From there we went to Lowes and pretty much just window shopped through their plant section.  Then to Walmart for some groceries before we stopped at Sub Station II for a sub on the way home.  After we got home we carried in all the groceries then I washed the car while Ina Sue finished up some ironing and misc. jobs.  A fairly restful evening and then to bed...  Please pray for us as we anticipate tomorrow and all that it may bring....


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