April 8 2006

Marsha with Robert & Lori's Adrian I went to the jail Sunday morning then to church for communion at Barnwell.  After the service we had a carry-in dinner.  I took crab pasta salad.  I took a nice nap in the afternoon then went over to Duane Banges for some fireside marshmallows and fellowship. 

My ladies attended church at the Bank Church with Keith & Jeanne because Mt. Pleasant was having counsel meeting. (Which can get pretty long).  Philip Wenger preached.  Then they came back home for lunch and a rest before they all went to see Ray Martin's cabin in the evening.  (Cousins Julia & Lola Rhodes have been housesitting the cabin for him while they are gone.  Uncle Galens and Aunt Mary were also there for the party.

Carolina Sue & cousin Sara Lynn I had a really busy day at work on Monday so I didn't have time to miss my sweethearts.  While I was working, Ina Sue helped Mother with the washing then went over to Valley Structures to visit with her good friends Toni & Bonnie.  In the evening Ina Sue went with Papa & Mother to the Green Valley Book Fair but it was closed by the time they got there.  John Beery was over to chat for a while after they got back.
Andrew stalking rabbits with his BB gun.


On Tuesday Ina Sue went shopping for groceries at Sharp Shopper then went to a quilting for a while.  In the evening she went to a Bible Study with a bunch of her old friends.  The discussion was on "Training our Children".  Jeanne brought her Andrew & Sara Lynn down today with plans of scrapbooking with her sisters for the next two days.  Meanwhile in SC, I'm still trying to get caught up at work.  Things are really busy down at Grant Allendale and it is hard to fit in their needs with all my other customers.  Picked up BarBQ from Kings BarBQ for supper.
Party at Ray Martin's cabin. On Wednesday,  Ina Sue, Jeanne & all the chilluns went up to Robert & Lori's for a day of scrapbooking.  It sounded like they had a lot of fun working together and watching all the children playing together.  Lori fixed them a delicious lunch and they working until about 4:30.  In the evening Ina Sue went out to the "Daily Grind" (A local restaurant) for a supper with friends in celebration of her friend Gloria's birthday.  I am still trying to catch up my work so that I can leave in good time tomorrow.
Papa with his granddaughters. Thursday was another scrapbooking day for the ladies up at Lori's house.  They did knock off around dinner time so Jeanne could head back to PA.  In the afternoon Ina Sue went with Mother & the baby to the Mall & Priceclub to do our bulk shopping.  She bought "tons" of cheese for a much better price than we can get it down here.  I scrambled hard all day trying to get around and leave by good time.  Unfortunately it was after 6:30 when I got home from work and about 7:15 before I finally got on the road to Virginia.  Thankfully I had a audiobook to listen to and didn't get to sleepy.  I did pull off the road and rest for a little around 2:00 and finally got back with my dear wife at 3:00 am.
The scrap booking ladies at work. I had to get up way earlier than I wanted to on Friday morning to get ready for the PRMC meeting.  We started at 8:00 at the Pike Church.  The discussion went fairly well with only a few issues.  We all ate together at Evers Restaurant (compliments of John E. Heatwole)  Thanks John!  We got done with our agenda around 3:00 and I came back to the Showalters for a nap in the afternoon.  In the evening we had a delicious supper of baked catfish, stuffed potatoes, salad & strawberry shortcake.  Sherman and his girl friend Amber ate supper with us.  It was good to finally meet her.  After supper we drove over to Uncle Gary's to look at a dog he wants to give us.  Ina Sue has always wanted a Cocker Spaniel and they have one they want to get rid of.  It was pouring down rain so we had to use umbrellas to go out and see him.  We told them that we would really like to have the dog but they are going to give it a haircut before we pick it up on our next trip.
Emily, Adrian & Carolina Sue Saturday morning we got up at 7:00 and got on the road to SC by 8:00.  It rained most of the way home and we got stuck in a traffic jam or two.   We also stopped at Shoneys for the breakfast bar so that held us up for a little.  We got home at 4:00.  We had a lot of stuff to carry in and put away.  Then Ina Sue swept up and washed dishes while I made supper of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  After supper we took a walk.  It is so lovely in the springtime!


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