March 25, 2006

Marcus Gingerich Family We were all pretty sleepy Sunday morning so we slept in a little too long.  Ina Sue ended up staying home with our guests while I went in to the jail for Bible study.  We all met back at the church for preaching.  This was our council meeting Sunday and Gary brought a challenging message.  We came home then and Ina hurried to finish getting the meal ready.  Cousin Ivan Heatwole came for dinner with his wife Dana and little boy Miles.  We were really happy that it suited Shane to come along too.   Ina Sue served us roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, salad, baked corn, and rolls with strawberry cheesecake trifle for dessert.  We had a very nice time visiting with everybody.  It was also nice to finally see Ivan's little boy.  The Georgia folks left around 4:30 and Marcuses decided they were going to start the drive for Florida.  By the time they got everything packed up and were on the road it was around 6:00.  We got in a short rest then went to chuch for a song service in the evening.
Four peas in a pod... Monday was a pretty dreary day.  Ina Sue had a hard time with her wash on the line.  I had another full day at work and was happy to get home to relax with my family at the end of it.  There wasn't too much resting though.  After supper I took the back seat out of the van and started carting our books and misc. spare room stuff back from Hendricks.  He had allowed us to store a bunch of stuff over there while we remodeled the bedroom.  We had boxed up and carried all my books over there but left the bookcases here.  Tonight I had to carry all the books back over here.  I told my wife that if she had married a lesser man he would have been one big hernia after the boxes I carried tonight.  Heavy, heavy, heavy!  I finally got everything unloaded in the bedroom and then started the task of arranging all the books back on the shelves in a logical format.  It was pretty late before we finally got to bed.
Ivan Heatwoles & Shane Heatwole Tuesday was the 25 week milepost for our expected baby.  We are so thankful that everything still seems to be going well.  I had to leave for work at 5:30 and it was absolutely pouring rain when I left.  I was soaked just getting to the car.  I had a full day at work but was able to come home around 3:30 and plant our cucumbers and squash in the garden.  Ina Sue worked on re-organizing the spare bedroom.  In the evening I went in to the jail for Bible study then after I got home Carls came over for our council meeting visitation.  We had a nice time sharing with them then had a snack of strawberry shortcake and iced tea.
Carolina Sue was a sick puppy several days We got up at 6:00 on Wednesday and Ina Sue rushed around getting ready for their big day.  Mother had invited all the ladies in my family to come over there for a day of sewing and visiting together.  Ina Sue rode along with Jane & Sharon Brubaker who spent the day shopping in Augusta.  Carolina Sue has had a bad cold all week and it seems to have gone to her eyes.  This morning when she woke up they were pasted shut with goop.  We didn't know if she should go along over to Hephzibah but after we cleaned her up she seemed happy enough so she went along.  They got home around 5:30.  I spent the day at work then came home for a supper of leftovers.  After supper we went over to Hendricks for Bible study and a snack with our small group.  We had some quite spirited and enjoyable discussions on a Christian's role in government and "The Christian and Beauty".  A great snack and enjoyable time together.
My wife pulled restroom duty when we cleaned the church this week. Thursday was a very normal day.  I went to work and Ina Sue spent the day with Carolina.  She also did some scrapbooking and was happy to have Mother Strite stop in for a short visit.  Mother had spent the day with Aunt Miriam and dropped in afterward to visit and give Ina Sue some "Sweet William" flowers for her birthday.  After supper we met Lynette Bange at the church for our weekly church cleaning.  Unfortunately the men's chorus had picked this evening for their practice.  They were kind enough to retire to the back classroom though while we cleaned the auditorium then we were able to do the back rooms later.  This is our last week cleaning.  We aren't real sorry to see this responsibility pass on to other more capable shoulders. :)  After the cleaning we drove in to Barnwell to get Carolina Sue some Motrin to help with her infection.  We dropped Ina Sue off at Walmart to shop while we went into the shop to finish up some projects.  Then home to a late bed.
The kitty stole Carolina's place on the stroller and her chocolate bar. For breakfast Friday, Ina Sue made us grits and chipped beef gravy.  Delicious!   I spent the entire day down at Grant because William was off on a trip today.  Ina Sue worked on cleaning the house and made a big batch of French bread.  Carolina Sue looked much better when I got her up this morning.  Her eyes seem to have cleared up but she still seems somewhat quieter and fussier than normal..  Just not her normal cheerful self.  I came home for supper and some quality time with my family but had to go back into work after we put Carolina to bed.  I had several projects that I had to finish up and didn't make it home until around 1:00am.
My slave mows the yard.... :) We love our free Saturdays.  I started off shoveling more dirt for our landscaping project while Ina Sue made us breakfast and did some other cooking for the weekend.  Carolina Sue and I drove up to Denmark to get a pipe to extend our washing machine drain on past the edge of our new shrubbery bed.  After we got back I continued to work on filling in dirt while Ina Sue mowed our front and side yards.  In the afternoon we went and got several truckloads of pine straw to spread over our newly shaped shrubbery beds (on the north side of the house)  Ina Sue also planted the Sweet Williams that mother had given her.  For supper we met Patrick & Bethany at Pizza Hut in Bamberg.  A really nice ending to a great day.  After we got home we had to finish up some cleaning tasks and finish making food for our company tomorrow.  In bed by 10:00.


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