March 11, 2006

Our friends, Andy Korvers Sunday was Ina Sue's 32'nd birthday.  We didn't really do too much to celebrate but we did have dinner & supper invitations so that at least she didn't have to cook for us all.  We ate a quick breakfast with Andy's then we all headed off to church.  Uncle Howard preached on "Having Respect for all People"  After church we went with Andy's over to James & Brenda Groffs for a delicious dinner of grilled chicken thighs, rolls, baked potatoes, green beans, salad & a choice of peanut butter or lemon pies.  The men went outside and played Bocci while the women kindly did the dishes. We had to leave and get home by 3:00 because Andy had an appointment.  In the evening we were all invited over to Don & Betty Heatwoles with Charles Brubakers for supper.  Betty had another wonderful meal with grilled chicken and sundry other goodies.  Since this was the 1'st Sunday we didn't have any services.  We had a nice time after supper visiting together.
The Strites We got up and made grits & dried beef gravy for our company Monday morning.  I had to head off to work and Andy had some meetings with the school board.  Mary and the children stayed with Ina Sue and helped put together dinner.  Andy & I met back here a the house to eat dinner together before they had to leave.  We had cheeseburger soup (one of my favorites) & chicken salad sandwiches.  We helped them pack things in the car and they headed toward Virginia around 2:00.  I went back to work and ended up working late to catch up.  After I got home we ate a quick supper and went to bed early.
We played Bocci Ball in the afternoon. Tuesday was a busy day for me at work and for Ina Sue at home.  She had 10 loads of wash to do along with straightening up and taking care of Carolina Sue.  I had an early morning manager's meeting so I took off a little early in the afternoon and worked in the greenhouse planting tomatoes, peppers, coleus, and zinnias.  For supper Ina Sue fried us some Puerto Rican tostones and I fixed us some Crunchy Salad from the greenhouse.
Carolina Sue with Heidi & Gilbert Korver Wednesday was such a gorgeous day.  Ina Sue and Carolina spent some of the day working outside.  I unfortunately had to work inside most of the day.  In the evening I kept Carolina Sue while Ina Sue went with a couple other ladies to help Brenda Groff clean the new house they are going to be renting.  I grilled some steaks and sliced them up thin to be used in pizza.  Ina Sue did some shopping at Walmart after the cleaning and didn't get home until about 10:30. 
Our camellia bushes have really bloomed. I went in to work Thursday morning to finish up some jobs but was able to come home by 1:00.  Ina Sue worked on scrubbing and re-painting some of the boards on the front porch.  I worked on digging in a new spigot on the north side of our house.  I new that a water line I had buried several years ago went through that yard.  I thought I new about where it went through but after much labor digging the trench with a mattock, I was not able to find the pipe.  I went back and dug the ditch deeper in hopes of coming across it but still couldn't find it.  Finally after several hours of digging I came across the pipe just a little farther along from where I had been digging.  Royal Barnhart was delivering some farm equipment to one of our neighbors so he stopped by for a while in the afternoon and chatted.  
Trenching in a new spigot.  Ina Sue made us another Philly CheeseSteak pizza to take to the after program party this evening.  Tonight was Barnwell Christian School's Spring program.  They gave a very nice but fairly short program.  Afterwards we had a carry-in finger food snack/supper.  It was after 10:00 before people all cleared out.  Then we started cleaning the church.  Carolina Sue was very tired and starting to get fussy by the time we got done at 11:00.
Cleaning the church after the BCS program. We slept in a bit on Friday morning but I got up in time to make us cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Then I headed off to work.  Ina Sue cleaned the house.  It drizzled rain most of the day.  We had planned to go to Columbia for an evening out this evening so I got off work around 5:00 and came home and got ready.  Ina Sue dropped Carolina off with Jimmy & Brenda then met me back at the house and we left.  Richard had given us a gift certificate for California Dreaming so we went there.  There was about a 20 minute wait but the meal was worth it.  We had onion loaf & spinach dip for appetizers then I ordered a rack of baby back ribs.  Ina Sue ordered the special California Dreaming salad and when it came out it was enormous.  I wish I would have had a camera to take a picture of her with it.  She hardly made a dent in it before she was full... 
Working up more shrubbery beds. After supper I drove her around the USC campus where I went to school for a while.  Then we strolled around the ground of the SC State House looking at the monuments and flower beds.  We left in time to make it to K-Mart before they closed.  Ina Sue wanted to get a special closet rod that only they had.  Of course, as a woman in a store, she wanted to browse around for other specials so we rattled around there until about 9:30 then came on home and picked up Carolina Sue.  We had a great evening but both agreed that we also really enjoy our quiet evening at home too.
Ina Sue smoothed it all out. Saturday was a wonderful Spring day.  Ina Sue fixed us steak & eggs for breakfast then we started work.  I worked on building up the shrubbery beds on the north side of the house.  A skidloader would have made it much easier but the exercise of shoveling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt was good for me.  By the afternoon we were able to start leveling things off and planting the shrubs.  We didn't have quite everything we needed so Carolina Sue & I drove up to Driftwood Nursery to pick up some more plants.  I rushed around to get them planted before we needed to leave for our supper appointment at Nelson Hochstetlers. 
New computer users. Deb fixed us a chicken fajita pizza & a regular pizza.  They were both delicious and the strawberry triffle put a wonderful cap on the meal.  Nelson had gotten a computer from me so I helped get it setup and going.  The boys very quickly took it over while the adults visited.  A very nice evening.


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