March 4, 2006

Tulip tree in bloom. I had a difficult night and was feeling pretty tough Sunday morning.  Ina Sue and the child left me in bed and went off to church.  This was Ina Sue's last Sunday teaching the women's sunday school class.  She's really looking forward to having that finished for a while.  Ellis Beery preached this morning.  Ina Sue fixed baked macaroni, zipper peas & pork tenderloin for dinner.  I thought maybe my stomach was calming down so I ate a couple bites of pork.  Boy that didn't work.  My stomach said "Oh No You Don't" and sent it right back up.  I retreated grudgingly back to bed.  I was miserable!  Ina Sue has been doing a great job taking care of Carolina Sue and letting me rest.  In the evening they stayed home from church with me and we played some Phase 10 and drank hot tea.  We are taking Carolina Sue's pacifier away from her and she thought we were pretty mean tonight.  She cried for about 30 minutes before finally going to sleep.
Ready for bed with a hat... I was determined to get back in circulation Monday morning.  I went to work but felt terrible.  I had to come home around 2:00 and went to bed.  I'm afraid I'm getting dehydrated.  I drink gallons of liquid but it all goes straight through me.  I'm still having chills & fever and feeling very week.  I did get up enough energy to drive up to Denmark in the evening and buy myself some yogurt & fruit juices and jello.  (I'm trying everything to find something that can stay in me)  Ina Sue fixed us up a big pot of collards from the garden this evening and I was able to keep a couple bites down...
Enjoying dinner at Chili's with Liz B. I slept out on the couch Monday night and let the wife sleep in our freshly washed bed.  I am hoping so much that she doesn't catch what I have.  With her being pregnant I'm afraid it would be a much worse situation for her.  I don't think I slept more than 30 minutes at a stretch for the whole night.  I was constantly having to get up and go to the restroom and couldn't seem to ever get to sleep.  When I woke up Tuesday morning I was still feeling very sick but had previously committed myself to doing some work in Fairfax.   For breakfast I ate some yogurt then on my way to the customer's site I bought a bottle of root beer.  By the time I got on-site I could tell that something wasn't making my stomach very happy.  I had to excuse myself from a meeting and make a beeline for the washhouse.  It seems that the rootbeer had curdled the yogurt and my stomach rejected the whole batch...  I quickly put a lid on my work and headed back home for bed. 
Carolina Sue likes the wheelbarrow wagon. Ina Sue & Carolina spent the day shopping with Liz Brubaker  in Columbia.  They seemed to have a really big time and didn't get back until about 7:30 in the evening.  Amazingly, after spending the whole day shopping our credit card balance really wasn't that elevated.  They must have shown remarkable restraint...  They said that the day was to celebrate finishing teaching sunday school for the quarter.  (Elizabeth had taught the 2n'd class along with Ina Sue)  I slept a little better and woke up Wednesday morning feeling a little better.  I'm still not retaining anything so I drove up to Denmark and purchased some Immodium AD to hopefully lock the floodgates... :(  It seems to be helping some at least.  I was feeling well enough by the afternoon to have Ina Sue cut my hair.  I still feel very weak and unsettled so we stayed home from prayer meeting tonight.  I'm hoping I can go back to work tomorrow.
Supper after the church cleaning. I went ahead and went in to the shop Thursday morning.  Ina Sue took one of our comforters over to Betty H's to wash in her new front-loading wash machine.  Then she drove up to Denmark and got groceries and misc. other supplies.  She stopped at the BP in Denmark and bought a mini-pizza for her and Carolina.  She hadn't eaten it by the time they got home and as she was carrying in the groceries the cat helped itself to the remaining pizza.  The wife was not happy at all.  She insists that she is ready to take all three of them to the pound herself!  I got along fairly well at work but felt so week that I had to come home around 2:00.  Ina Sue made dried beef gravy over grits for supper and I thought it was delicious.  It is so nice to be able to eat and enjoy food again.
A vintage picture of Ina Sue's high school class...... I was feeling fairly much back to normal by Friday morning.  I had a lot of stuff to catch up on at work.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning the house then in the evening we all went to the church and met with Duane Banges & Glen Hege to clean it.  We had been scheduled to clean the church in July but Ina Sue didn't think she would be feeling very much in the mood by then so we switched with another family and need to clean it this month.  The ladies had made pizzas & salad & bars and Glen had brought chips and drink so after we finished cleaning we all sat down to eat and fellowship together.  A nice time together...
  Saturday was a wonderful day all together here at home.  It was a little chilly in the morning but warmed up nicely.  I planted lettuce, spinach, carrots, & radishes in the garden and spent some time mowing down our pigweed.  Ina Sue worked on scrubbing off our front porch then came in and spent time cooking for our company this weekend.  Andy & Mary Korver with their four children arrived at 6:00.  I had grilled steak and sliced it up thin and Ina Sue had used it to make a Philly-CheeseSteak Pizza.  I thought it turned out really delicious.  Ina Sue also served us chips & salsa and gingerbread with whipped cream & lemon sauce.  We had a wonderful evening talking with Andys.  It was kinda late by the time we got everyone bedded down.


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