February 25, 2006

Eating her afternoon snack... It was much colder this Sunday morning than it has been.  Ina Sue taught Sunday School so I kept Carolina.  Dad and Laura came over for church and brought Jeanne Coblentz with them.  Mother was not able to come because she was staying with Grandmother Heatwole in the hospital. (She has pneumonia)  Dad preached on "Children of the Heavenly Father".  We were invited to Carls for dinner along with Dad and the ladies.  They had a scrumptious dinner of broiled shrimp, grits, collards, cranberry salad and cheesecake for dessert.  After visiting for a while Dad, Laura & Jeanne came over to our house for just a little to look at our new shrubbery beds.  After they left we took a short nap then went to church for a song service in the evening.  When we got back from church we tried to stop in to see our neighbor for a little but she must have already been in bed...
Govan's water department... It drizzled all day on Monday.  Ina Sue sometimes thinks she washes on the wrong day because it so often seems to be rainy when she wants to use the clothes line.  I spent a busy day at work then came home to a supper of taco salad and fresh chocolate chip cookies.  After supper we worked together to hang the border in our guest bedroom.  Somehow we managed to run out of wallpaper about 3' short of finishing.  The wife was somewhat depressed.  She's not sure we'll be able to get any more wallpaper like it....
Checking the water meter Wednesday was my 34'th birthday.  I must say I'm pretty thrilled with the changes that have taken place in my life over the last 5 years.  I couldn't be happier with my wife, daughter & new one on the way!  Life is indeed good to us.  Ina Sue made me waffles & sausage gravy for breakfast.  I had to go into work for most of the morning but was able to take off the afternoon.  We didn't get much done before we left for Hephzibah around 4:00.  Duane & Janice had invited us over there for a birthday supper.  Duane had made up a delicious pasta dish with shrimp and brie.  Janice served it up with muffins, chick peas & pear relish, and fresh vegetable & dip. 
Birthday supper at Duane's After supper Duane and I went in to a local recreation department where we met Kent and Nevin for some spirited games of racquetball.  I had never played before whereas the rest of them have been practicing up.  Suffice it to say, I wasn't very competitive.  It was fun learning though.  We had to knock off at 9:00 so we went back out to Duane's for dessert.  Homemade cinnamon chips with fruit salsa and fudge brownies made a wonderful finish to my birthday.  We left around 10:30 and got home at 12:00.
Jenna, Ina Sue, Carolina Sue & Chad. I went to work early Thursday morning to have a service training meeting.  Ina Sue slept in then finished hanging the border in the bedroom.  (We were very glad that Lowes still had a roll of the border wallpaper left and that one of our neighbors was willing to pick it up on a trip to Orangeburg).  I came home a little early and we drove over to the school around 7:30 to take food and to help Jordan get things setup for the youth.  Jordan had planned a mock cafe with teas, coffee, latte, pastries, cheesecake etc.  After the snacks the youth played misc. games.  It seemed to go pretty well.  After things wound down we still needed to clean up so we got home kinda late.  Carolina Sue was ready for bed by the time we got home!
Kent watching Nevin & Duane play I headed off to work on Friday while Ina Sue did her normal housecleaning.  I came home and we left around 3:00 to drive down to Ridgeland to pick up our beef from the butcher.  We had a nice drive down then dropped Carl's meet off at their place before coming home and getting it all arranged in our freezer.  Ina Sue was just a little unhappy that we had so much steak & roasts & not quite as much hamburger as she would have liked.  I tried to persuade her that we would have no problem using up the steak & roasts.  Ina Sue made us Chicken-Rice soup for supper then I drove to the church to practice songs with the other men from Barnwell that are planning on taking part in the Men's Music Weekend at Hephzibah this weekend.
The Barnwell Cafe Saturday did not turn out as I had planned!  I woke up about 6:00 in the morning not feeling very well.  Chills and some nausea.  Before long I was losing all my chicken-rice soup from the evening before...  I hoped that once I emptied my stomach I would feel better and be able to go over to Hephzibah for the music weekend.   No such luck.  As time went on I kept feeling worse so I called Jimmy and told him I wouldn't be going over with them.  Boy was I glad I hadn't tried it.  The day was no fun at all.  It turned out that between throwing up and certain laxness at the other end... I lost about 15 lbs during the next two days.  I also alternated between chills and fever.   
Joel & Richard match wits with chess. We had been planning to host Ellis Beery's at our house for supper Saturday but had to call that off.  Myron Brubakers kindly took over hosting them for supper.  While I moped in bed in the evening, Ina Sue & Carolina drove up to Denmark for groceries and supper at McDonalds.


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