February 11, 2006

Sunday morning worship with the Heatwoles I got up early Sunday morning to work on getting our children's meeting filled out.  Ina Sue slept in.  For church this morning we met at Berea School for a worship service with the Heatwole clan.  The wife & I had the "privilege" of having children's meeting.  We talked about all the changes Grandmother has seen in her 100 years but that God never changes.  The Heatwole brothers had special singing and cousin-in-law Paul Kauffman brought a message on "Passing the Faith".  The noon meal was a carry-in dinner with delicious marinated pork supplied.  We had a nice time visiting with cousins then left around 2:30 and went back to the Showalters to pack up.  We left for Govan around 2:30 and arrived home safely soon after 10:00.  A nice weekend but we are really ready to stay home for a while.
The Strites with 100 year old Grandmother.  Click picture to enlarge. Monday was busy for both of us.  Ina Sue did the washing and tried to rest up a little from the last two weeks.  I had a busy day at work still catching up from my time off.  For supper Ina Sue made us Italian cavatina & fresh salad.  I worked on some Puerto Rico stuff then we went to bed fairly early.
Dinner at Miller's Bread Basket Tuesday morning I had to leave early for work again.  Ina Sue & Carolina went to sewing circle.  She said there wasn't very many ladies there but they did get a lot done.  Ina Sue worked on making little gowns for babies that die in the hospital.  They knocked off around dinner time and I met them in Blackville for dinner together at Miller's Break Basket.  I'm still really busy at the shop.  After work I came home to a delicious supper of baked parmesan catfish, fresh broccoli salad, french fries, BarBQ green beans & iced tea.  My wife is a chef extraordinaire!  I worked for several hours after supper trying to get our satellite internet service working again.  I even moved my computer out by the satellite dish to hopefully help in aligning the dish with the satellite.  Nothing seemed to work...  So, we're still having to use dialup. 
A normal scrumptious supper by Ina Sue. I spent the day Wednesday rushing around from service job to service job.  Ina Sue said she had a wonderful day shopping. (I can't imagine)  Jane Brubaker very kindly kept Carolina Sue while Ina Sue drove to Orangeburg to shop for wallpaper and sundry other things.  She was thrilled to find some wallpaper she liked in-stock at Lowes and at a decent price.  We had delicious L.O.'s for supper then I worked for a while updating this website.  (I was about 3 weeks behind)  In between typing I mixed up and made two batches of dilly rolls for the freezer.
Trying to fix my satellite i-net connection I took the day off Thursday and we worked all day around the house.  Ina Sue fixed us breakfast casserole for breakfast then I cranked up the chain saw and cut up a tree in our backyard that the wind had blown over.  Ina Sue and Carolina worked on picking up sticks while I pruned the pear & apple trees.  While working around the garden I noticed that our pecan tree behind the garden had actually put out some nuts this year.  The last several years our trees have not made good nuts.  I thought that this year was going to be the same but we ended up picking up over 26 pounds of nuts around that tree.  I took the nuts up to Dale at Grower's Choice to crack out then came back and worked with Ina Sue to pick up loads of nuts and old pine straw from our backyard.  Ina Sue made us BLT subs for dinner. 
Pruning the pear tree.. In the afternoon I worked at planting several rows of onions & some lettuce beds in the garden.  Ina Sue started putting sizing on our guest bedroom walls in preparation for wallpaper.  While she was working she came to the realization that she couldn't find our step ladder.  When she asked me about it I remembered that I had left it at the school several months ago while I was working on hooking up a new phone.  Carolina Sue & I drove to the school and picked it up.  For supper we had avocado & onion sandwiches.  I had to finish up the sizing in the bedroom because we were afraid of the fumes affecting Ina Sue's pregnancy.
Picking up pecans. I got up early and left at 6:00 Friday with Carl to take a steer to M. Tuten's Butcher shop in Ridgeland.  Carl raised the steer and we are going half & half with him on it.  We are almost completely out of hamburger so we are looking forward to restocking the freezer.  The butcher we took it to is a sprightly 79 year-old that still cuts meat like a young man.  We got back to Govan at 9:00 and I hurried off on service calls.  I was very busy all day long but got most of my calls caught up.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and studied for her sunday school class on Sunday.  For supper we had razor-back cornbread with collard greens.  I cannot imagine that anyone who has tasted my wife's collard greens wouldn't like them....  After supper Ina Sue baked a cake and made custard then worked on catching up the finances.  I took care of the munchkin...
Bruno (our future hamburger) enjoying his last few minutes of existence. I had big plans of getting all kinds of stuff done outside on Saturday.  We woke up though and it was cold & raining.  After a breakfast of pon-haus I started working on cleaning our and defrosting our big freezer to get it ready for the incoming hamburger.  After I got it cleaned out Ina Sue helped supervise the re-packing.  Ina Sue spent most of the rest of the day cooking.  I cleaned out our shop and the lean-to behind it.  Then I started hanging the wallpaper in the guest room.  I thought for sure I could get it all done in the afternoon but I still have about 8 ft still of wall still to go.  Gordon Amstutzs came over for supper around 7:00.  Ina Sue served us chicken cordon bleu casserole, french cut beans, a special salad with cottage cheese & bacon, and some of my dilly rolls.  For dessert:  vanilla tapioca with chocolate cake.  We had a nice time visiting together until around 10:00.  Now they are gone & I am working on this while Ina Sue puts the finishing touches on her sunday school lesson.
.Ina Sue's brother Robert sent us this picture of their tractor going up in smoke....  
Hanging wallpaper in guest room Gordon & Gwen with Carolina Sue


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