February 4, 2006

Restful Sunday afternoon Our neighbors up the hill from our bedroom were having a jamboree Saturday night so it took us a while to get to sleep.  Ina Sue was still pretty tired when we got up Sunday morning.  I got up early and did some studying for my "sermon".  Sam had asked if I would share to give him a break.  I felt that since Sam has had to carry a very heavy load at Barceloneta the last year, it would be the least I could do.  I shared on the topic "The Call to Discipleship".  Carl Hartmans came up from Anasco and he translated for me. 
After Johanna's baptism. After the service everyone met at Sams for a fellowship meal together.  We visited in the afternoon then all climbed into the van for the trip down to Anasco again.  The service in the evening was Johanna Hartman's baptismal service.  Craig brought a message, Jerrels, Carl & Kari had special singing and Sam had the devotional.  I thought it was a very nice service.  We pray for Johanna that God would be very near to her and give her guidance and strength to stand.  It was pretty late before we got back to our beds at Barceloneta.
Sam & Sarah Petersheim Wanda Stutzman made us pancakes and sausage gravy for our breakfast Monday morning.  They really hit the spot for me.  Kent and I interviewed Leon and Wanda then drove over to Sams where we had our interview with Luke and then with Sam & Sarah.  Sams, Kents and us all met back at Leon's where Wanda fixed us a wonderful lunch of ham loaf, potatoes and broccoli salad with jello cake for dessert.  In the afternoon Sam drove us all inland through scenic mountains to a place where two rivers had been dammed up into a large valley lake.  It was very picturesque and the weather was lovely for an afternoon out.  On the way back Leon offered to buy pizza for everyone so we stopped in at Pizza Hut and had a nice time visiting there.  It did make it fairly late though before we got back home.
Carolina really like Grandpa Sam. Tuesday morning Carl, Craig & Jerrel came up to Barceloneta with their wives.  The delegation & long-term workers met together for a meeting while the women shopped  and cooked.  Leon & Jeff took the children out to the beach for the morning.  We broke for a delicious lunch of chicken enchiladas and taco salad supplied by the Anasco ladies then finished up our meeting in the afternoon.  We took a look at a house that the PRMC board is considering buying for the mission.  Kent and I took pictures and measured off the floor plan to share with the Board when we get back.  We all ate a Puerto Rican supper at Sam's in the evening.  Sarah fixed us rice with pink beans & pumpkin sauce, tostones, salad & pina coladas.  After supper I worked on Sam's computer with him while Kent and the young guys played some basketball.
Leon & Wanda Stutzman family Wednesday morning we slept in for a while then headed over to Sam's for a breakfast of egg sandwiches & fruit.  We worked to get everything packed up in the minivan then Sam chauffeured us over to the airport at San Juan.  When we left, Leon & Luke were pretending to work hard at sanding off old metals chairs so they could be repainted.  No, really they worked much harder than we as a delegation did.  Our flight left the ground soon after three and we arrived back in Charlotte soon after 6:00, our time.  By the time we drove back home to Govan it was about 9:30.  We had a very enjoyable trip in Puerto Rico but are so glad to be home in our own house again.  I only wish we could stay here a little longer.... 
Luke Anderson, our hardworking VS'er Thursday was rush-rush.  I had tons of work to catch up on while Ina Sue said she had tons of wash to do.  It rained most of the afternoon so she had to use the dryer again.  We did have time to fix grilled chicken, potato slices with cheese, & fresh salad for supper.  After supper we worked together to fold up the clothes and worked on our children's meeting for the coming Sunday in Virginia.  Inspiration does not seem to be striking us!
Tuesday dinner together at Sams. Friday was another very busy day.  I rushed all day in hopes of getting off a little early but it was not to be...  Ina Sue had the van packed and ready to go by mid afternoon but I wasn't able to get home until a little after 6:00.  Even then I felt like I wasn't really ready to knock off.  My brother-in-law Milton called me around 5:30 to say that their water pump on their vehicle had gone bad on them and they were stranded around Mt. Airy, VA.  It seemed like God had worked it out where we got left late just so we could help them out.  They were able to get the vehicle to a mechanic who said he could work on it the next morning.  We got to them around 10:30 and took Karen, Kari, Jordan and my sister Laura aboard for the rest of the journey.  Milton stayed with his two boys to bring the SUV up the next morning.  We got to Ina Sue's home at 2:00.  I drove Karen & her children over to her mother-in-laws then came home and sacked out.
                                                                      Luke & Leon sanding off chairs. Saturday was the big day to celebrate my Grandmother Heatwole's 100'th birthday.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow but we began the celebration today.    We slept in for a while but got to the Berea school by about 10:30.  There were over 300 people there, all descendants of Grandmother.  Out of the 62 cousins all but 5 of them were able to be there.  We really enjoyed visiting with relatives that we don't often see otherwise.  For dinner everyone brought dishes.  The grilled chicken and iced tea was supplied.  After dinner there was a program where representatives from each of the 11 families presented a tribute to Grandmother.   We also were able to get all the present grandchildren together for a group picture.  Then all the families that wanted to had a chance to speak to Grandmother and pose for a picture.
A wall behind the church that Roland Brunk, Mark Bear, Leon, Luke and Sam built. We left the festivities around 4:00 and went back to the Showalters.  Ina Sue rested while I worked on coming up with things for our children's meeting tomorrow.  I'm getting pretty stressed about it because I can't seem to get inspired with any good ideas.  I've been considering a certain subject for several weeks but can't seem to flesh it out like I want to....  Mother made us stromboli for supper and Roberts came up to eat with us along with their hired man, Josh Sprouse.  A delicious supper and nice time visiting.  We went over to Leon Showalters around 10:30 to pick up some props for our children's meeting tomorrow.
57 of the 62 Heatwole grandchildren.     Click here for larger picture. Mother Showalter making up stromboli for supper Saturday evening.


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