January 28, 2006

Ina Sue took a nap on Sunday afternoon... Ina Sue got up early on Sunday for a walk around our back field.  I slept in.  Ina Sue taught the ladies Sunday School class.  Gary Hege brought the message on "The Mark of Maturity".  Home for lunch then a nap in the afternoon.  I worked for a while on preparing talks for Puerto Rico.  Eternal Revenue, a quintet from Burkeland was here for the program.  My cousin Burton Heatwole, Paul Yates, Vernon Horst, and Titus & Kenneth Barnhart made up the group.  They presented a very nice program then we all shared together in a fellowship finger food meal afterward.
...while I read a book to Carolina Sue Monday was washing day once again.  I hied off to work while Ina Sue tore into the washing.  Carolina Sue seems to be coming down with something.  She is very fussy and lethargic and feels really hot.  It started raining in the afternoon so Ina Sue had to finish drying the clothes in the drying.  She fixed us ham and cheese dilly rolls with broccoli for supper.  After supper I made up the beds, washed the dishes and took care of Carolina Sue while Ina finished up the clothes folding.  For a reward after our work we fixed ourselves pina coladas.
Arriving in San Juan Puerto Rico. We woke up at 5:00 Tuesday morning to the sound of Carolina Sue crying.  When I picked her up from her bed she felt terribly hot and we could tell that she felt terrible.  I finally got her back to sleep until about 8:00.  We have plane tickets for our delegation trip to Puerto Rico already lined up for tomorrow morning.  We did not know what to do with her being sick.  I had to go into work so I told Ina Sue to take her in to see Dr. Moskow.  He said that she had a pretty bad respiratory infection and was also cutting eye teeth.  He did not want to make a recommendation on whether or not he would take her to Puerto Rico.  He did say that if it was him it would have to be a pretty important trip to take her on a plane.  He was concerned that her congestion would cause problems with her ears and the pressure.
I helped Craig pick hands of bananas He prescribed some medicine to help with the infection and some antibiotic in case we needed it.  I had to work late finishing stuff up at the shop so Ina Sue drove up to Denmark and filled the prescriptions.  After I got home we discussed what our options were.  We considered leaving Carolina Sue with my parents but didn't think that would be quite fair to leave a sick baby with them.  We also talked about Ina Sue staying home with her but I hated to think of going to PR without her and she is already involved in taking food for the meal the one day...  We prayed that Carolina Sue would feel better overnight and went to bed not really knowing what the next day would bring.  We did go ahead and pack everything up for all of us to go.
Carolina Sue found a friend in Cameron Carolina Sue woke up at 11:00 and 1:00 but slept for the rest of the night.  We got up at 6:00 Wednesday and started preparing to leave.  I woke her up at 7:00 and she did not feel feverish.  She was able to eat a good breakfast (which she hasn't been doing) so we decided to step out in faith.  God answered our prayers and she took the airplane journey without any problem at all.  In fact she really seemed to enjoy the flight.  We checked in our luggage at Charlotte.  (Once again I forgot to leave my multitool/knife out of my pocket and had it confiscated at the security check)  After we got all checked in we met Kent & Rhonda at the gate.  We had a nice flight and arrived in San Juan at 4:04.  Sam Petersheims met us at the airport then went to buy some car seats for the babies while we waited for Jerrel Good's flight to get in.  They got in around 6:00 and we all packed up for the trip to Anasco.  We were dead tired by the time we got there at 9:00.  Unfortunately in the hubub of unloading Carolina Sue took a dive out of the maxi-van face first onto the pavement.  She had a sizeable goose egg above her eye and some scrapes on her face.  She was not happy with her introduction to Puerto Rico.  We got bedded down at Craig Myers while Kents stay with Carl Hartmans.
Jeff Good & Craig Myers. We woke up to a very pleasant morning Thursday and to the sound of many roosters crowing.  Not only were there roosters going to town but every once an a while you would here the gooble-gooble-gooble of a turkey.  Kari fed a a delicious breakfast then she and Craig needed to go to the funeral of an acquaintance that had been killed in an auto accident.  Ina Sue cleaned up the dishes while I studied and took care of Carolina Sue and Cameron.  Kent and I had interviews with Craig's and Carl's in the afternoon.  After supper we had an interview with Sharon Eby.  We found out in the evening another reason why Carolina had been so fussy during the day.  We had put some new sandals on her in the morning but they were evidently too big and rubbed numerous raw places on her little feet before we realized it.  She's still not very happy with Puerto Rico!
Jerrels, Craigs and the Delegation


We slept great Thursday night with the exception of some really loud bird that scared Ina Sue around 5:00.  She was having a dream and the bird seemed to somehow fit into it.  We got up and ate breakfast with Craigs Friday morning, then we took it easy for the day.  Us guys all went out to the beach at Rincon and enjoyed snorkeling for a while in the morning.  Then Craig drove us up to see Frank up in the mountains and around to see some beautiful scenery.  The ladies did some fabric shopping and also spent a little time at another beach.  Kari packed lunches for us men.  In the evening Craig took the rest of us down to the Cabo Rojo lighthouse then out to Phosphorescent Bay.  The sky seemed to be lit up pretty bright so the organisms in the water didn't seem to be quite as bright as another time I had been there.  We bought pinchos and pina coladas there at the dock for supper then headed back to Anasco.
Gerardo seems to be going over the edge. Saturday was "Workers Day".  The delegation and Bro. Jerrel had put together a program for the morning.  Kent had songs picked out to sing together.  I moderated the service and Jerrel brought a message on "Being a Vessel God can Use".   He talked about clay vessels and how they are made.  He explained that the root of the word sincere is actually two words.  "sin" means without in spanish while "cera"  means wax.  So, the word sincere means "without wax".  When potters bake their work it sometimes may develope small cracks.  Some unscrupulous potters would wax the pot as a way of hiding the imperfections.  "Sincere" meant that the pot was not hiding anything.  I thought that word history was pretty interesting. 
At the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse After the worship service the delegation ladies fixed the afternoon meal which consisted of grilled boneless chicken thighs, twice baked potatos, corn, salad, Puerto Rican pan(bread) and butterscotch torte.  A local Puerto Rican lady had also fixed up a dish of green bananas.  They were spiced up and very delicious.  After lunch we all met together again for a time of singing and prayer.  Craig had lined up a local gym for some volleyball in the afternoon so we went over there for an hour or two of volleyball together.  We had a nice time then left for Barceloneta with Sams & Leon Stutzmans.  Leon & Wanda Stutzman and helping out at the mission in Barceloneta for a month along with their two boys, Logan & Jamison.  They very kindly provided a bed, meals and fellowship for Ina Sue and I,  while Kent and Rhonda stayed with Sams.
Jessica Hartman, Carolina & Kayla Good June Hartman & Sara Petersheim


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