January 21, 2006

Uncle Willard & Aunt Melba We went to church at Mt. Pleasant Sunday morning.  They had a visiting preacher in who preached from Titus 2.  After church we ate a quick lunch with the family then headed back south.  Carolina Sue hardly slept at all during the drive but behaved fairly well.  We got back to Govan at 8:30
Planting Dwarf Acuba I headed off to work Monday morning while Ina Sue slept in for a little.  She had a hard time sleeping during the night because of too much caffeine ingested during the trip.  It was a beautiful day weather-wise so Ina Sue was able to hang the wash out on the line.  For supper she fixed us chicken tenders, brocolli & rice casserole, & fresh salad from my greenhouse.  While we were eating Richard called to see if we wanted to play some tennis this evening.  Since I need all the exercise I can get, we took him up on his offer.  We met him, Joel & Myron at the Barnwell High School tennis courts.  It was a lovely evening for tennis and we had a great time.  They were still playing when we left.  I took Ina & Carolina over to McDonalds for ice cream cones.
Pansies by the mailbox I left for work at 5:30 Tuesday morning.  Ina Sue spent the day doing misc odd tasks.  I came home a little early so I could keep Carolina Sue while she went to the chiropractor for another back treatment.  She did a little shopping afterward while Carolina Sue and I cleaned out my work car.  Ina Sue still wasn't home when I needed to leave for Bible study at the jail so I dropped the munchkin off with Jordan for a little until Ina Sue got back.  There were several people out this evening for the discussion and we had a good time together.  After Ina Sue got home she worked on catching up our finances.
Picking up pine straw Ina Sue had a baby doctor appointment Wednesday morning but I had to be at work so she took Carolina Sue along with her.  She said it worked out fine.  Ina Sue spent part of the afternoon making bars for our friends in Puerto Rico.  We ate ham sandwiches and vegetables/dip for supper.  Uncle Willard and Aunt Melba got here in time to go along with us to prayer meeting.  They are on their way back from Florida and kindly stopped in to see us.  When we got back from church we all sat around the kitchen table with hot tea and snacks and had a great time fellowshipping.  They were our first guests to stay in our remodeled guest room.
Joe Byers' shop in Denmark We made cornbread and sausage gravy for breakfast with Uncle Willards Thursday morning.  After breakfast they followed me in to the shop for a short tour then headed back to Virginia.  After I got a couple tasks done I came home for the day around 11:30.  I worked outside on the shrubbery while Ina Sue baked up a storm in the house.  I went up to Driftwood Nursery and picked up some Dwarf Acuba & a Fatsia Japonica that I planted by our fence.  Ina Sue made up some delicious hot ham spread that we ate on toasted sourdough for supper.  By the time we cleaned up afterward we were about ready for bed.
Scooping up the last of the dirt. Friday was just another work day for me.  Ina Sue cleaned then her and Carolina took a walk around the block.  She also studied for her Sunday School lesson and took care of a fussy baby.  We were delighted to have a supper invitation to Leon & Beth Duecks this evening.  Douglas & Laura were there as well.  It was interesting having our three babies together and seeing how they got along.  Carolina Sue had a sore bottom so she didn't act real sociable.  They had spaghetti & meatballs (one of my favorites) with corn & salad.
Helping put down the pine straw. Saturday was our day at home.  I left around 8:00 and took the truck over to Aden Diem's pine field to rake up pine straw for our shrubbery.  He has wonderful long-needle pine straw under his planted pines.  After I got back and we ate breakfast I drove the truck up to Joe Byers.  I've been having trouble with the battery going dead so he checked that while I worked on his computer.  I got the computer going pretty well and he told me that my alternator doesn't charge well at a low idle.  He thought if I would take the truck out on the road every once in a while it should take care of the problem.  From there I drove on up to Fort Farms in Norway to pick up some irrigation tubing and drip ends.  After I got back I went and picked up two more loads of pinestraw.  Ina Sue & Carolina helped to spread it while I planted some liriope around the front porch.. 
The finished product. Hendrick got home from his three weeks of teaching at Heritage Bible School so we dropped in on him for a while in the afternoon to visit.  Ina Sue cut my hair before it got dark then she fixed up steak stroganoff over rice with salad and pina coladas for supper.  Hendrick joined us for the meal then we played a game of Trivial Pursuit in the evening.
Hendrick & Carolina team up for Trivia  


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