January 14, 2006

Barnwell County Courthouse & Sundial I'm filling in for Hendrick at the jail while he is at Heritage Bible School so I went there Sunday morning after dropping off the women at church.  Mark went along with me and since no one there seemed interested in Bible study we had our own little Sunday School.  I was planning to spend the afternoon studying for my topic this evening but we were invited to dinner at Ralph Dickersons.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get in enough study time but we did have a delicious dinner and a very nice but hurried visit afterward.  We came home then and I spent the rest of the afternoon cramming on "The Story of Balaam".  I actually found the topic quite interesting.  Went to church and gave my topic then came home and went to bed in good time.
Our shrubbery is taking shape. Monday was a beautiful day.  Ina Sue was able to hang her wash out to dry today which seems unusual for the last while.  I spent the day at work then in the evening we met Nelson Hochstetlers at Pizza Hut for a thank-you supper for all the help they have given us on cleaning up our yard.  After supper we went over to Walmart and cleared out Ina Sue's "Mammoth" shopping list.
Lloyd Hartzler's Funeral I left early again for work Tuesday morning.  Ina Sue had to get everything around and get left for the Columbia prison.  She and the other ladies ate dinner at Arbys then spent an hour or two in the afternoon ministering to the ladies at the Columbia Correctional Institute.  I had a very busy day at work and got held up a bit in the evening.  I only had about 20 minutes to wolf down supper when I got home before I needed to leave again for Bible study at the jail.  I only had one fellow come out tonight but he seemed really interested.
Mother & Emily watching basketball. Ina Sue was really in pain Wednesday morning with her back.  She met me at the chiropractor and I kept Carolina while she got herself adjusted.  I spent most of the afternoon on calls down in Allendale.  Ina Sue fixed us a wonderful supper of green beans and beef stroganoff over noodles.  After supper Carolina Sue and I washed the dishes while Ina Sue washed two loads of laundry.
The volleyball game at Hickory Hollow. Thursday was a very busy day for both of us.  I rushed around at work trying to get everything done so we could leave a little earlier.  Ina Sue had to clean the house and get everything packed up for our weekend.  She had everything all packed and ready to go by our planned departure time of 4:00pm.  I however did not fare so well.  It was after 6:00 by the time I was able to get home so we didn't get left until around 6:30.  That meant that we didn't get to Harrisonburg until after 1:30am.  We were in touch with Patrick Heatwoles on our cellphone and actually spent the whole trip within about 15 miles of each other but never actually saw each other.
Shopping at Sharp Shopper. We slept in a little on Friday morning then we took Carolina Sue and Mother along with us to Lloyd Hartzler's funeral.  Bro. Lloyd was a wonderful godly man and his funeral reflected his desire to bring honor to God.  The service was held at the Bank church and the very large crowd spent much of the service singing songs that Bro. Lloyd had picked out.  The theme of the service was "Magnifying God" and I was inspired by being there.  After the committal we drove back home where Mother Showalter served us dinner then I left for my PRMC meeting.  The meeting did not go as well as I would have liked and it seemed we still didn't have a whole lot resolved when we adjourned at 7:30.  In the evening Papa & Mother were sponsoring the youth volleyball game so we went and played & fellowshipped there for a while. 
Papa & Carolina munching on soft pretzals. Saturday morning Ina Sue got up in good time and left with Mother and her sisters to drive up to Maryland for Jeanne's surprise birthday party.  Carolina Sue & I slept in for a while then ate a breakfast of chocolate coated sugar bombs.  Once we had our sugar jolt we drove down to the Shenandoah Heritage Farmer's Market and went sightseeing for a while.  Carolina really enjoyed watching the fish and also listening to the old hillbilly that was playing guitar in the food court.  From there we went to Sharp Shopper and bought a bunch of bulk foods including 50# of baking flour for me to make bread with.  Then on to the Dayton Farmer's Market where we met Papa and munched down on soft pretzels form the Kaffe Klatch. 
Playing Ride-a-horsie with grandmother. Papa took me over to Home Depot to buy myself a big scoop shovel then finally back home where we rested until Ina Sue got home around 6:00.  When she got home I rousted Carolina out of her nap and we drove over to our friends Anthony & Christina Zimmermans (Spring Creek Fabrics) to pick up her newly cleaned sewing machine and visit with them for a while.  On the way home from there we stopped at Dominos Pizza and picked up the food for the Showalter feast that evening.  Robert & Lori,  along with their hired man Josh Sprouse and Lori's sister Diane were there with us to enjoy the pizza.  I especially enjoyed the pizza with steak, mushrooms & cheese!


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