January 7, 2006

Taking care of finances... Happy New Year 2006!  Sunday started off a brand new year.  May we be faithful in using this new year in service to God.  There was quite a large crowd at Barnwell this morning for church.  Carl preached a fitting New Years sermon on "Trusting in the Lord".  We came home and I fixed Belgian waffles for dinner.  I tried a new recipe that used whipped eggwhites instead of soda to make them light.  I put whipped cream and strawberry topping on them.  We all thought they were quite good.  We rested a while in the afternoon then had Carls over for a spur of the moment snack & fellowship in the evening. 
Playing with her Christmas gift. We closed the shop on Monday for New Years Day.  I was really looking forward to planting our new shrubs today.  To my chagrin it rained all day long.  I did manage to get a dump truck load of manure from Merle Diem in the morning but the rain made it wet and difficult to get dumped.  After that I gave up and baked two batches of sour dough bread.  Ina Sue had a really bad headache in the afternoon so I took care of Carolina Sue to give her a break.  For supper I made us potato salad, fried country ham and black eyed peas with pear relish.
Ladies night out... I went in to work early again on Tuesday for our weekly meeting.  Ina Sue & Carolina Sue left at 8:15 for sewing circle.  They worked on baby gowns & lap robes.  Things wrapped up there around 12:00 and came in to Barnwell for some shopping.  I was feeling really sick (headache, chills & sore throat) so I came home a little early.  Ina Sue fixed us  beets and chicken divan over rice for supper.  After supper I went in to the jail for Bible study but no one came out...  When I got home I went straight to bed.  Hopefully some extra sleep will let me fight off this sickness.
Betty shows off her new granddaughter I was still feeling pretty rotten when I got up on Wednesday.  I had a couple calls at work that I had to do so I went ahead and went in.  As soon as I got my call taken care of I came back home and went to bed around 4:30.  Ina Sue did misc. cleanups around the house and scrubbed the outside of our spare bedroom window.  Nelson Hochstetler came over today with his mower/mulcher and sucked up all the leaves while he mowed the yard.  He bagged everything up for us to use next spring in the garden.  The yard looks so much better!  I stayed home from prayer meeting in the evening but Ina Sue and Carolina went.  I stayed in bed and tried to recuperate.
Carolina Sue, Caroline & Meredith playing a piano trio. Thursday was a gorgeous day weatherwise.  I was feeling a bit better and went on into work.  I hope Carolina Sue isn't coming down with what I had.  She was pretty grouchy today.  Nelson Hochstetler's boys came over today and helped Ina Sue clean out debris from our shrubbery and rake up pecans from the back yard.  They worked hard and got a lot done.  In the evening Ina Sue went to a volleyball game that she & Sharon Brubaker had planned for the ladies to celebrate Jane Brubaker's birthday.  They were able to really surprise her and it seemed like everybody had fun.  I stayed home with Carolina Sue and we had a great time just hanging out.
She insisted that she had to have gloves. It was a bit colder Friday morning.  Ina Sue started her normal cleaning then went over to Wendells house where Bethany served her, Brenda & Gwen lunch.  It was a good opportunity for the children to have play time together.  When Ina Sue got back home she was scandalized to see that the front door had been left open and the cat had come in and was licking its chops on the kitchen cabinet.  It had helped itself to some leftover and even knocked a skillet onto the floor.  I spent that day at work and am finally feeling somewhat better.  I had to work a little late.  When I did make it home we just had a quite evening here.
Moving dirt... We got up Saturday morning to a really cold day.  I was so thankful when the sun came out and things started to warm up.  I started working outside getting our beds ready for the shrubs.  As I was raking I came across an old telephone pole in the middle of the bed that had just been cut off at ground level.  I didn't want it there in the bed so I dug a great big hole around it and attempted to yank it out.  It was much too well set.  So, I went down to Olar and got a gallon of kerosene in hopes of just burning the post off.  Even when drenched with kerosene it still refused to burn.  I piled some old shingles on top in hopes that the burning tar would get it started.  Still no luck,  Finally I gave up, dug the hole out bigger and cut it off well below the ground with my chain saw. 
  While I was working on that Ina Sue took Carolina Sue up to Denmark to pick up some pecans from Dale, get some groceries and wash the car.  I continued working on the beds.  The more I worked the more I realized that we really should have some fill dirt to build up the beds to keep them from sloping back into the house.  I called Carl and he very kinda brought me over a whole pan load of dirt from where he is digging his new pond.  I was very thankful for the dirt but the job of shoveling it into place looked huge.  I was thrilled when Patrick stopped in and offered to help.  He helped shovel for about 2 hours and we got more than half of the pile moved.  Then Ina Sue helped me lay out the plants and I worked until after dark getting them planted.  I was pretty much beat by the time I got done.  Ina Sue made us some delicious pizza for supper then we picked out 10# of pecans in the evening.


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