December 24, 2005

The Strites: Christmas 2005 Ina Sue got up early again this Sunday to study.  I got up and put a pork roast on to cook with sauerkraut for dinner.  We were pleased to have Tim Myers at Barnwell this morning to preach for us.  He had a thought provoking sermon on "Non-resistance within the Brotherhood"  After the service and after-service fellowship, we came home to a dinner of pork roast, sauerkraut, macaroni & cheese, and corn.  After dinner we put the child to sleep then raced to see who could finish a web sudoku first.  I won then we both went to bed.  We had a Christmas song service at church in the evening.
Heading upstairs.... We got up in good time Monday morning.  I headed off to work while Ina Sue & Carolina headed off to the school for a cookie bake & exchange with some of the other younger married ladies in the church.  She said it was a lot of fun.  She had mixed up the batter for chocolate crinkles before hand and just shaped and baked them there.  Each lady brought dough for 8 dozen cookies then they all shared them around.  Norma Hochstetler got the event together and supplied a delicious dinner for them.  After I got home and ate supper we went back into down to shop for gifts for our "Angel Tree" child.  Then back to the shop to try again to print out our Christmas letter.  Still no luck!  I'm ready to through our LaserJet 1500 out the window.  We also did shopping to put together gift baskets for our Computer Solutions employees.
William & Adam enjoyed playing with this super computer display... Tuesday was an absolutely lovely day.  Ina Sue did her normal Monday wash today while I spent most of the day in the shop.  Ina Sue wrapped our Angel Tree gifts then met me and Daryl Brubakers in at the shop.  The "Angel Tree" is a program whereby churches volunteer to "adopt" children of prison inmates and get them Christmas gifts on behalf of their father.  This family had four children so Daryl Brubakers, Jordan Ehst and Ina Sue & I sponsored the children between us.  We met the children and their grandmother then sang some Christmas songs and helped them with their gifts.  After our time there we all met at Daryl Brubakers for a supper of bean soup, brocolli salad, rolls, cheese, creme puffs & other sundry goodies.
Quality time... I left fairly early Wednesday morning for a service call to Kearse Manufacturing in Olar.  Then I came back around 9:30 and took Ina Sue to Bamberg for some errands while Carolina & I did a service call to Sanders Building Supply.  From there I dropped the women off at home then headed in to the shop.  Ina Sue gave the minivan a complete cleaning in the afternoon to get it ready for the trip to VA.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting where Patrick Heatwole had a discussion on "Beware of Drawing Back" from Hebrews 10.
Ready to head out. We got up at 6:00 Thursday morning and Ina Sue cut my hair before I went to work.  It was frigid outside so she finally agreed to do the job inside. (Something she is normally dead-set against)  After work we  quick got ready and went Christmas caroling in Govan with our small group and Uncle Enos' group.  After the caroling we all met at the mule barn for snacks and visiting.
Carolina, Aunt Marsha & cousin Adrien Friday morning I helped get Ina Sue & Carolina packed up in the minivan and on the road to Virginia by 8:10am.  She was planning to surprise all her folks at home but the minute she got on the road Mother Showalter called the house and I stupidly let the cat out of the bag before I even thought about it....   Ina Sue wasn't very happy with me but thanfully she is a forgiving wife!  She was able to surprise the rest of the family though.  She drove up without me because we need to get a minivan up to South Boston for the PRMC.  Since I need to work Saturday afternoon we decided she should go ahead and go up a little earlier.  She had planned to meet Bonnie & Rosemary Brubaker midway for dinner (they were coming south from VA.) but they missed each other.  She did get home safely though and in time to take in the annual "Cabin Supper" with family & friends.
  I spent a busy day at work then picked up a BarBQ supper on my way home.  In the evening I cleaned up the house, watered our plants, made up a batch of spiced pecans and read a book.
  Saturday morning was hectic and busy at the shop.  I tried to help cover on the Radioshack side because all the workers but Richard were taking off.  We made it through the morning but not without some hassles.  We were able to close the store around 2:30 and I hurried home and got things together for me to drive to Virginia.  I got pretty sleeping driving up and had to stop for naps several times.  I didn't get to Ina Sue's home until after 1:00am.  Ina Sue told me that Benjamin (Keith & Jeanne's boy) had been having some seizures during the day on Saturday and they had to take him to the hospital.  He seems to be stabilized now and they are back home with him.

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