December 17, 2005

The ladies watching a slide show. I got up at 4:30 on Sunday to put a beef roast in the oven to bake (I had started it marinating the evening before)  I went back to bed then Ina Sue got up around 6:30 to put the finishing touches on her Sunday School lesson.  I got up soon after and worked on carving up the roast.  I had used a recipe from K. Kay that called for two cups of coffee in the marinade.  I pulled the meat and put in in a crock pot to simmer during church.  To church with our company.  Wendell preached a good sermon on "The Awfulness of Sin"  Home for a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, zipper peas, fruit slush & cookies.  Uncle Lees & Miriam left soon after dinner to head back to Virginia.  We did up the dishes then crashed in bed for several hours.  In the evening at church, we enjoyed a program by "Streets of Gold" (a men's quartet from Harrisonburg, VA)  I really enjoyed the evening and thought they gave a very good program.
Heading back to Virginia... Monday was finally a beautiful day for doing wash.  The last number of Mondays have been rainy.  Ina Sue played outside with Carolina, washed & ironed clothes & talked on the phone with her friends.  I spent the day on various service calls.  This evening was our annual company Christmas supper.  This year we met at "Sakura's" in Aiken.  It was a japanese hibachi restaurant similar to one we've gone to before.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the time and the good food.  After the supper and fellowship we stopped at Walmart to do some shopping then home by 10:30.
Stretching like Daddy. I left for work at 5:40 again on Tuesday.  Ina Sue spent the day sewing on her Christmas projects.  Her back was really bothering her so I told her to go ahead and schedule an appointment with the chiropractor.  I met her in Barnwell at 3:45 and took Carolina Sue with me while she had her appointment.  She said it really made her feel better.  I came home a little early and worked at blowing leaves on the front yard.  After supper I went over and helped Wendell pick up and stack burlap bags of pecans in his shed.  He is having a bumper year of good pecans and the market is fairly good this year.  We're happy for them!  Came home and Ina Sue had hot "Red Rose" tea ready for us to sip together.
Supper with Dads Wednesday was a really cold day.  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue finished up her Christmas sewing project.  In the evening we went over to Merle & Thelma Diems for supper and the evening.  Ms. Thelma is the church historian and I went over a couple of items on her computer with her.  While we worked on the computer, Ina Sue & Merle picked out 10 lbs of pecans.  She was happy to get that done so quickly. 
Lloyd & Emma put finishing touch on our spare bedroom. Thursday was rainy & dreary.  I had wanted to begin work on our landscaping today on a day off but the rain made that impractical.  I went into work at 7:00 for a training meeting and a couple of early calls then came home and did some misc. jobs around the house.  Dad & Mother Strite were at Uncle Enoses for dinner and came by here for supper with us.  We had chicken wild rice soup, breadsticks, salad & banana splits.  After supper we played a couple games of Rummykub together.
Carl & sons digs out an old azalea. I was off to work again on Friday.  Ina Sue got up before I did this morning and finished up her Christmas letter.  I worked for a little while before work on getting some pictures set up for the letter.  She cleaned the house and studied for her lesson.  Brenda & Meredith came over in the afternoon and took a walk with my ladies.  In the afternoon I dropped by Webb's & picked up our carpet and padding that had finally come in for our spare bedroom.  After we ate supper in the evening we all drove back into Barnwell.  I dropped the women off at Walmart to do some shopping while I went by a customer's house and helped him get his network going.  Then we went over to the store and tried to print our the Christmas letter.  Our color laser printer is malfunctioning and we couldn't get it to print right....
As Carolina Sue said,  "UhOh, ByeBye" to our old shrubs. Saturday was a busy but wonderful day.  Lloyd & Emma arrived soon after 8:00 to put down the carpet in the bedroom.  I left soon after that and drove up to Driftwood Nursery to finalize our landscaping scheme with Connie Morris.  After working out the final details I went ahead and picked out about half of the plants we will eventually need.  I came home with the van packed with Abelia, sasanqua camellias, Encore azaleas, giant liriope and Ina Sue's favorite: Knockout Roses.  As I turned in our road I saw the needed equipment heading down the road toward me.  Carl had kindly agreed to furnish a tractor to help pull out some of the old shrubbery.  He not only brought the tractor but also a skid loader and his two boys to help as well.  It didn't take them very long to yank out everything we wanted yanked!  They were a very big help and the place really looks different.
  Lloyd & Emma stayed and ate a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup with us.  Unfortunately, it started raining in the afternoon so I wasn't able to get much landscaping done.  We moved the bed and bookcases back in to the bedroom but decided to wait on the other furniture until Ina Sue gets the wallpaper/border hung.  I worked on blowing some more leaves outside between rain showers and Ina Sue made two batches of cookies.  While I worked on vacuuming and cleaning up the house, Ina Sue and Carolina drove up to House of Pizza and brought us back a pizza for supper.

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