December 11, 2004

Sunday afternoon Rook game. I got to go to Sunday School with the rest of my family this Sunday.  My quarter for the fail services is over so I guess Delmar Diem will be taking it over for the next quarter.  I'll still go in on Tuesday evenings though.  Bro. Wendell preached the sermon on "Ways to Relate to the Brotherhood".  The wife gave me permission to invite some company so I had over Robin & William Brubaker & Hendrick Debrosse for a dinner of shrimp'n'grits, & collard greens.  After dinner we played Rook while Ina did the dishes then she took my place for a while.  They had to leave fairly early to give a chorus program at Hephzibah this evening.  Afterward I took Carolina for a little walk on my shoulders while Ina Sue slept.  In the evening we went to the First Baptist Church here in Govan for a special singing program.  We expected to get to sing but instead a special group did all the singing.  After the program they shared a carry-in soup & sandwich supper with us.
Go'in on a walk around the neighborhood. I started off the week Monday with a load of service calls.  By the end of the day I had made two separate service calls to Allendale, one to Bamberg, one to Blackville and ended up the day with a call to Williston.  Ina Sue did the washing & ironing but still had time to make us a delicious supper of razorback cornbread and collards. (If you haven't figured it out yet, I love collards)  Relaxing evening and to bed at a good time.
Not sure if she eats or just absorbs... I was feeling somewhat ill on Tuesday but had enough duties at work that I couldn't hardly take off.  By the end of the day I felt like I was getting the service calls pretty much out of the way.  Ina Sue spent the day finishing up our Christmas cards/letter and mailing them out.  Its good to have that Christmas duty finished.  In the evening I went in to the jail for Bible study.  One of the fellows that had been coming out regular, "Foots" got shipped back to the prison in Columbia.  I had a good discussion though with the one man that was out.
Helping mother sew her quilt square holder Wednesday was a normal day for me at work.  Ina Sue and Carolina gathered winter greenery from around the house and the neighbors to make winter bouquets.  Carolina Sue is infected with a cold again and it makes her kinda fussy (and very snotty)  In the evening we sorted out our box of scrap material and began cutting out squares for a "Golden Memories" quilt.  We'll see how we get along with that...  Most of the material we have was saved by her mother from her dress remnants.
Cutting out the squares I was able to spend most of the workday on Thursday in the shop with the exception of a call to the Town of Fairfax.  Ina Sue had a very relaxing day at home with Carolina Sue.  They cut out some quilt squares, read a book & fixed us a delicious supper of "Scrumptious beef" over rice with zipper peas.  In the evening I spent some time cutting out more squares then we read together for a while.
Lillie, Ina & Suzanne decorating cookies We got up Friday to a beautiful day.  The temperature got up to 80 degrees.  I hurried through some of my pressing business at the shop then was able to come home by about 3:00.  Ina Sue did cleaning and got things ready for the evening.  I stopped at Dominos on the way home and picked up a bacon-cheeseburger pizza for supper.  Ina Sue fixed up a salad and some fresh broccoli from the garden.  Lillie Hochstetler & Suzanne Stanbrook have moved into Leon Dueck's house just down the road.  They came over this evening for supper and to help us make Christmas sugar cookies.  We had a good time working and visiting together and ended up with about 7 dozen cookies.
Making sauerkraut Saturday morning we slept in till about 8:00. :(  Ina Sue took care of Carolina and cleaned up the kitchen while I picked about 4 cabbages from the garden and slawed them up to make sauerkraut.  By the time I had it salted and pressed into my bucket it came to a little more than a gallon.  Ina Sue is thrilled to have a fermenting bucket of cabbage in her back bathroom.  She says it's always been one of her dreams to have a bucket of rotten cabbage in her bathroom.... :)  Then we got to work blowing and shredding the leaves in the backyard.  That pretty much occupied me for the rest of the afternoon.  Ina Sue also cleaned off our back porch flowerbed and ran a trip to Denmark for groceries.   She bought a ham that was on sale at Bilo and after we ate supper she put it in the oven to bake.  It was done by about 8:30 so we got it cleaned and chopped up before bedtime.
Blowing leaves off the roof


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