December 10, 2005

Home from church. Sunday was the beginning of a new quarter of Sunday School.  This quarter Ina Sue gets to teach and I get to enjoy a break from jail & teaching.  I'm really looking forward to the quarter but Ina Sue not as much...  Since she is teaching I get to take Carolina Sue to sunday school with me.  This morning the lesson was from Isaiah.  Bro. Gary brought a message on "The Lower Lights".  We came home to a quickly cooked up lunch then took a nap.  Carolina Sue insisted that everyone wake up around 4:00.  Since this was the 1'st Sunday we didn't have evening services.  Instead we went to see Dr. & Mrs. James Riley Hill.  She served us some of the absolute best cornbread I have ever tasted along with a very good soup and mandarin salad with brownies & ice cream for dessert.  We had a very nice time visiting with them and got home before too late.  Ina Sue was very impressed with their house...
On Market Street in Charleston. Monday was a regular Monday with washing etc for Ina Sue and a day at work for me.  A delicious supper of Pork BarBQ, rice & zipper peas for supper.  Ina Sue did up the dishes while I got the last two weeks caught up on the web journal.
Uncle Lee debates his next move... I headed off for work Tuesday at 5:30 so the ladies were both still sleeping.  Ina Sue did some sewing and misc. tasks.  She also took 220 lbs. of pecans up to Dale to be cracked for our northern relatives.  I had a fairly busy day at work and came home to a restful evening.  Ina Sue is working on sewing pillowcases for her Showalter nephews.
Church where Karla & Wesley were married. Wednesday was a special day I had planned for Ina Sue.  I had told her earlier not to make any plans for the day but hadn't told her what we were going to do.   We left home around 10:00 and dropped Carolina Sue off with Delmar Diems.  Then we headed down to Charleston.  On the way we stopped in to see Deit Vaughns new Radioshack store in St. George.  We talked to his brother Lee for a while then headed for Charleston's Market Street.  We just strolled lazily down through the market for a while.  Around 1:00 we walked over to Hyman's Seafood and had a delicious lunch.  I started having some trouble with a significant irritation in one of my eyes earlier in the morning and by mid afternoon I could barely function.  I laid down in the back of the van to give it some rest while Ina Sue spent another hour or so browsing the galleries and stores.
The happy couple. Around 6:00 we headed out of Charleston to James Island where we ate a quick supper at Melvin Bessinger's BBQ restaurant.  He is the brother of SC's Maurice Bessinger (BarBQ sauce & restaurant baron and avowed Southern white racist)  Thankfully Melvin is a horse of a different color, but we still didn't think that his BarBQ was all that great....  Then we drove on into Johns' Island to the Holy Spirit Catholic Church where the Charleston Symphony Orchestra & Choir was putting on a performance of Handel's Messiah.  It was a very good rendition with one real item of interest.  Instead of the alto soloist they featured a counter-tenor from Charleston.  He did an amazing good job for a man but Ina & I both thought that we prefer a female alto...  By the time we got left and drove back to Delmar's it was after 11:00.  My eye was killing me so Ina Sue had to drive most of the way back.
Randall Campbell, Nevin & Royal Barnhart. I had a difficult time sleeping Thursday morning because of my eye.  I called in to the shop around 9:00 and told them I wasn't sure when I would be able to come in.  Ina Sue and Carolina left at 8:10 for the annual ladies sewing circle caroling and cookie distribution.  They sang at the nursing homes and gave out cookies.  They also sang for Ms. Mary & Ms. Selva Jean who is laid up with a broken ankle.  My eye was still hurting pretty bad but I felt like I needed to go in to the office.  I tried putting on an pair of my old glasses but that gave me even more of a headache.  I finally put my contacts back in and headed in to work.  Thankfully the day was overcast. (Bright light and sun seemed to really aggravate the condition)  The eye must have already been improving because by the evening I barely thought about it anymore.  Thank God!  After I got home we ate supper together then I vacuumed the house while Ina Sue studied for her Sunday School lesson.
The artist at work.... Friday was a really full day.  I had a very busy day at work while Ina Sue cleaned house.  In the afternoon Lisa & Brooklyn Campbell stopped by for a visit with Brenda & Meredith Groff.  I came home from work a little early to help Ina Sue get everything ready for supper for our company tonight.  It turned out they didn't get here until 7:30 so there really wasn't any big hurry.  Uncle Lee & Aunt Reba Rhodes drove down with Miriam Martin for the wedding tomorrow.  We had supper of cornbread (made with Ethel Mae Hill's recipe, but didn't turn out as good), stuffed taco shells, salad and ginger bread with whipped cream & lemon sauce.  After supper Uncle Lee and I played a very good game of chess while the ladies talked.  We had to put them up in Wendell Heatwole's trailer because our spare bedroom is still in disarray from the remodeling.
Working with Class... Got up pretty early on Saturday morning and got left for Waynesboro around 8:00.  We picked up Uncle Lees then dropped Carolina Sue off with Betty & Carolyn Heatwole.  We got to Waynesboro in good time for the 10:00 wedding of Karla Myers & Wesley Heatwole.  It was a pretty large wedding but was very nice.  I thought that Nathan Horst had a very good sermon.  The reception meal was delicious and very well planned and implemented.  Hot rolls, Puerto Rican turkey, gourmet potatoes, green beens, grape jello salad, cheese ball & crackers, guacamole & chips, cake and icecream made for a delicious dinner.  We had a good time meeting lots of people that we don't often see.  After the reception we drove over to Coleen Barnharts art studio to see some of her paintings.  She is extremely good at her painting.  Ina Sue and I are particularly proud to have one of her painting sitting on our dresser.  (She drew a charcoal vignette? of us for a wedding present)
Betty and her "charge". From there, Uncle Lee's went down to Burton Heatwole's for a visit while we dropped by Nevins for me to work on his computer.  His computer had crashed during some owner repairs work and I was happy to be able to get it going again for him.  Ina Sue made use of the time to use Karen's surger for some sewing.  We came back to Govan then and picked up our little girl from Ms. Betty.  After Uncle Lee's & Miriam got back the ladies made up some pizza for supper then we served banana splits for dessert.  After supper Uncle Lee & I drove up to Grower's Choice and picked up the 230 lbs. of cracked pecans for them to distribute back in Virginia.

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