December 4, 2004

Julie Heatwole doing the accounting Sunday was my last week to be in charge of the services at the jail.  Wendell H. went in with me even though he is having to run the dairy all by himself. (Gordon's and the rest of his family are on tour with our church chorus)  Bro. Gary H. brought us the message on "Let us not Forget to be Thankful".  We came home to an empty table but I felt in a cookin' mood so I fixed us sausage gravy, biscuits, rice & steamed broccoli.  We rested out the afternoon then went to church in the evening for a variety service on thankfulness.
The Ducane plant in Barnwell I spent most of the morning on Monday working at Ducane Gas Grills. (Buy your Last Grill First).  Ina Sue did the normal washing then fixed us a wonderful new recipe called Garden Medley.  It used chicken, broccoli, carrots and etc. other delicious ingredients.  We loved it!  Spent a quiet evening at home.
Helping me make cookies We had hominy and puddins for breakfast Tuesday then I headed off to work.  I was able to finagle the afternoon off so Ina Sue met me at work around 1:00 and we drove over to Aiken to do some shopping.  As a male of the species, shopping is not really my cup of tea but we both enjoyed the time together and my wife also enjoyed the shopping.  The one important thing that we did buy was a high chair for Carolina Sue.  She is just starting to eat other foods and not spit them back out.
Big pun'kin & little pun'kin... :) Not much happened on Wednesday.  Ina Sue spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen cooking food for the sewing circle's Christmas caroling & cookie give-away.  We had prayer meeting in the evening.  Duane Bange led the discussion on James's passage about faith & works.
Hagood Baptist Church I spent a normal day Thursday at work while Ina Sue scurried around all day.  The sewing circle met at the mule barn to make up cookie plates & platters then split up to sing in our local nursing homes.  After singing they met back at the mule barn for a soup & sandwich dinner.  After I got home from work we ate a supper of leftovers then decided to make cookies.  We made a kind of shortbread cookies with jelly in the centers, green corn flake/marshmallow thingies and lastly a double batch of peppermint meringues.
Ms. Nettie and her trusty sidekick Fluffie I will relate a humorous story to you female chauvinists out there.  The meringue recipe called for 4 egg whites to be beaten then you were to beat in two cups of sugar.  I beat up the egg whites and everything seemed to be going well but then when I added the sugar things really went to pot....  Thinking I had added the sugar too quickly I dumped out that batch and tried again.  This time, no matter how slowly I poured in the sugar the egg whites once again collapsed into a soggy sticky mess in the bottom of the pan.  I was determined though not to let a bunch of egg whites get the best of me.  I started over once again and beat the whites until they were stiff before adding any of the sugar.  The air went out of the egg whites even quicker than it went out of my sails!  So I called Mother then turned the operation over to my wife.  I now know that even the slightest amount of egg yolk in with the whites will prevent them from beating up to fruition....  Oh well, live & learn!
Pulling out the old vinca Friday I spent at work while Ina Sue did the cleaning and washed the floors.  She also made up a supper for us to take over to Ms. Nettie Schrock.  She and Carolina Sue met us at Netties where we ate supper together.  Then Ms. Nettie so kindly kept Carolina while we went over to Hagood Baptist Church for their Singing Christmas Tree.  After the program we came back and visited with Ms. Nettie & Cathy for a while.
The Govan Christmas banquet Saturday looked like a really busy day so we slept in a while to prepare ourselves. :)  We had a phone call early in the morning from VA with the good news that Duane & Natalia Showalter had a new baby girl.  Julianna Rae.  So happy for them.  We got to work then and I fixed the kitchen sink, (again)  Then we worked outside for a while raking, pulling up old flowers and shredding the leaf piles.  Ina Sue's back started giving her pain so she came inside and worked on the cooking.  She also gave me a much needed hair cut. I finished up the raking & shredding then mulched our side flowerbed with the shredded leaves.  I cleaned up our kale & collard patches then hurried inside just in time to bathe and get ready for the Govan picnic.  We took baked rice,  a cookie tray and party mix. There was a very large turnout at the fire station for the celebration.  Lots of delicious food and a very nice time visiting with our neighbors.  Fire chief Mike sang a couple of numbers with his singing group then we all sang a couple of carols together before breaking up.  Ina Sue had an urge to shop so we went in to Walmart and I kept the baby while Ina Sue had her recreation.

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