December 03, 2005

Patrick, Bethany & Caroline Heatwole This was my last Sunday this quarter to be responsible for the service at the jail.  Hendrick is going to take it over for the next quarter.  We were pleased to have Glendon Eshlemans at church this morning.  He brought the message on "If it Die..." detailing how that we must die to ourselves before God can use us like he wants.  We came home for a quick bite to eat then a short nap before Patricks came over in the afternoon.  We had a really nice time visiting with them.  It seems like we very seldom get to sit down and talk with them since they live in Columbia.  After supper we went to church for a topical program on the Life of Joseph.
Wiring a new phone jack at the school I went to work early on Monday because we needed to switch our weekly meeting from Tuesday.  Ina Sue got an early start on the washing then went to a Pampered Chef party at Jane Brubaker's.  Cindy Brubaker's sister Joyce demonstrated.  By the time I got home she had finished the washing & ironing.  We had a relaxing evening at home.  Played some Talkionary.  We were determined to get 10 words in a minute.  It took a while and lots of frustration but we finally did it.
While Carolina Sue helps.... Tuesday was a wintery looking day.  I went in to work while Ina Sue worked on some Christmas projects and cooked.  We had a wonderful sausage/potato pie for supper.  Another nice evening at home.
Bradford pears are gorgeous right now. I spent most of the day on Wednesday on service calls.  One call was out to Kearse Manufacturing below Olar.  After I finished up my work, Ched Kearse gave me a tour of the veneer mill.  That was very interesting and amazing!  They can take in hardwood logs up to 48" in diameter and slice veneer from 1/24" up to 1/4".  Ina Sue and Carolina went with Brenda & Meredith over to see Deborah Heatwole and her children.  They left around 12:00 and got back around 6:00.  We had a good supper then another quiet evening at home.  It looks like we are going to have every evening at home this week.  I don't know that we have ever had that happen before....
Veneer coming off the line at Kearse Man. I went in to the shop at 7:00 Thursday morning for a training session with the service dept.  then came on home around 10:30.  We ate a brunch of scrambled eggs then I whipped up a batch of sourdough bread while Ina Sue sewed on her Christmas project.  I worked on repairing some our doors that weren't closing right.  In the afternoon I went over to the school and worked on putting in a new phone receptacle in the kitchen.  Ina Sue made two batches of date balls.  I was not quite able to finish up my project so I took Carolina Sue back with me for about a half hour while I finished things up.  Then I came home and vacumned the house for the wife while she dusted and washed the floors. 
The buffet line at the Govan Christmas party Carolina sue turned 18 months old on Friday.  Unfortunately the special day was somewhat mitigated by a pretty bad cold.   Her and Ina Sue went over to Brenda's to spend the day making candy with Gwen Amstutz.  They made over 700 pieces of candy and didn't finish up till after 5:00.  She said it was a really fun day.  I can speak to the worth of the candy.... 
Part of Govan's award winning Fire Dept. Saturday was a busy day.  Ina Sue got up early to work on her Sunday School lesson.  I chopped off the posts on our deck and beveled the corners.  Then I made breakfast of summer sausage & egg gravy over sourdough toast.  Then we all bundled into the van and drove up to Driftwood nursery.  Ms. Connie Morris has been working on a landscaping plan for our house so we spent about two hour discussing that with her.  Then we came home and Ina Sue worked on cooking for the evening while I trimmed back our Buckeye tree and camellia bush by the front sidewalk.  I also took the trash over to the dumpsters then came back and helped clean up the house and bathed Carolina Sue. 
Mayor Ganus shows Thomas how to play the harmonica. The Govan Fire Dept. Christmas get-together was this evening at 5:30.  Ina Sue took a cabbage casserole & rice crispie bars.  There was tons of good food there and we had a nice time talking to our neighbors.  I really enjoy these get-togethers.  We got home a little after 8:00.  I had to make a bunch of Puerto Rico calls while Ina Sue finally got some rest.

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