November 27, 2004

Poor Carolina Sue wasn't feeling well.... Ralph Dickerson & I went in to the jail Sunday morning and got back to church in time to hear Uncle Byard Heatwole preach.  I believe this is the first time I've heard him bring a message since I moved to Barnwell almost 12 years ago.  He spoke on the topic of "Small Things" and how God throughout the Bible used many small things to do great work.  For those of us who feel that we do not have much to offer, we can be thankful that God can use the smallest things to fulfill his plans.  We came home to a delicious lunch of pork loin & gravy, mashed potatoes, salad and key lime bars.  We rested a while after lunch then took a walk around the neighborhood with the baby.  In the evening we went to church for a song service.  It seemed like a lot of people were missing.... 
Jonas Mast working on the pipes at school I got up Monday morning and fixed a batch of grits and puddins for breakfast.  Since Ina Sue doesn't really care for puddins I let her finish up the sausage quiche from Saturday evening.  Our poor little girl has come down with a pretty bad cold.  Ina Sue did the washing and spent the rest of her time taking care of Carolina.  You can just tell that she feels miserable!  For supper Ina Sue fixed us spaghetti pie.  After supper I mixed up 8 recipes of baked corn while Ina Sue made a big bowl of salad and a pumpkin dessert.  Ina Sue agreed to help Jane Brubaker provide hot lunch at the school tomorrow so that is what it is all for.  We had a hard time getting Carolina to sleep....
Our neighbor Maria making like a Pilgrim. Tuesday,  Our poor baby had a terrible night.  She woke us up around 12:30 with a hoarse bark-like coughing fit.  I got up and tried to soothe her but neither of us got much sleep till 5:30 when Ina Sue fed her and she sorta slept for a while.  She is so congested plus had a fever over 101 and a pretty bad cough.  I went in to work about 7:00 so I could finish up a few things then came home and took care of Carolina while Ina Sue took the food in to the school.  I took Carolina Sue and met Ina at the school around 1:00.  From there we headed over to Barnwell Pediatrics so the Dr. Abe could take a look at her.  He said she had a pretty bad viral infection and laryngitis and gave us some medicine to help with the symptoms.  It seems to be helping.  In the evening I went in to the jail for Bible Study.  Had 5 fellows out and a good discussion.
Thanksgiving at the mule barn. I spent a busy day at work Wednesday.  The Barnwell Mennonite Chorale is on tour through Sunday and that takes Hendrick, William & Richard all out of circulation at the shop.  The day went well though.  Ina Sue made baked asparagus for Thanksgiving dinner and baked broccoli (from the garden) and piles of collard greens (from the garden) for Thanksgiving supper with my family.  She wanted to make sure she had enough collards so she cut up about 2 1/2 big dishpans packed down with collards.  When I got home we grilled "The World's Best BBQ Burgers" for supper.  Carolina was feeling quite a bit better today and actually ate some rice cereal for the first time.
Nevin & Scott watch the turkey sizzle. Thursday was Thanksgiving and surely we have so much to be thankful for.  God has been so very good to us.  Uncle Enoses put on a carry-in dinner at the mule barn for all the "homeless" in our church.  Actually everyone was invited but it is especially for those who may not have other family in the area.  We had a very nice time eating and visiting together then had a little time of singing and stories.  From there we went home just long enough to pack up some things and head over to GA for supper with the Strites.  Nevin & KK hosted the shindig.  Duanes were the only ones of us missing.  (They were in PA visiting Janice's sister)  Nevin deep-fat-fried a turkey for us. After the turkey was finished we experimented with other items in the hot oil.  The deep-fat-fried marshmallows were a decided disappointment but the hotdog turned out fairly well. 
The Strite Thanksgiving meal Everyone supplied some part of the meal.  We took baked brocolli and collards, Kent's brought the dressing and a delicious Russian creme ring.  Mother & Laura brought corn relish & pickled eggs.  MaryAnn Yoder supplied homemade rolls while Milton's brought a scrumptious chocolate cake for dessert.  After the meal the men retired to the attic where Nevin had setup an improvised sound room for us to practice singing.  It took a while for us to get the hang of singing men's music together and the final result might not have been that inspiring but we sure had a good time.  We got left for SC before too late and arrived back home about 10:30
Barbershop singing at its finest... :) I had to drag myself out of bed around 5:15 Friday morning in order to be in at the shop before 6:00.  Radioshack had advertised nationally that the stores would open at 6:00 for a big early bird sale.  Since the Radioshack side was shorthanded I got drafted.  The day went pretty good with fairly strong sales on the RS side but by the time closing time came at 6:00 we were about beat.  I hurried home and we went over to Bill Byler's for supper.  They had fixed turkey & rice soup and homemade bread.  MMMmm.  Just what the doctor ordered!  We played a game of memory with Maria and a game of work guess with Bills then headed home and hit the sack.
Mother was still hungry..... I had to work again on Saturday so I went on in at 8:30 and the gals came in a little bit later in the morning.  Ina Sue had made cheesburger soup (my favorite) yesterday and brought it in a crock pot to share with the others working.  The day was not too busy but we took some of the time to put up some Christmas decorations on the Computer side of the store.  Ina Sue felt that she should have charged quadruple time for the time she spent cleaning our bathroom at the shop.  In her words.  Gaaa-rose!!!  We ate supper at Taco Bell then headed home for a quiet evening together.

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