November 26, 2005

Carolina Sue loves eggrolls...
Sunday was rather cold and dreary.  Bro. Gary preached the sermon this morning on "Thankfulness".    A quick lunch and nap in the afternoon then back to church in the evening.  Uncle Howards planned the service around a series of 6 essays on thankfulness for different aspects of our bodies, (Eyes, Ears, Heart etc.)  The essays were taken from one of Philip Yancey/Paul Brant's books and were read by the young people of the congregation.
A Southern belle with her Afghan friend... I got up Monday morning and made us egg gravy while Ina Sue started working on the wash.  It rained all day so she had to use the dryer instead of the line.  We are not complaining though because we really needed the rain.  I spent the day on misc service calls at work then came home and fried up some homemade eggrolls for supper.  Carolina Sue loved them!  She especially enjoyed the sweet-sour dipping sauce.  After supper we worked for a while cleaning all the trash & supplies out of the spare bedroom and rolling up the old carpet.
Thanksgiving at Nevins I left for work around 5:30 on Tuesday and left the ladies sleeping in bed.  Ina Sue worked most of the day putting all the stuff back into the bedroom closets and getting it all organized.  She also gave the room a good cleaning.  I was able to come home from work a little bit early so that Ina Sue could cut my hair while it was still dark.  (I read in the paper that my old barber from Barnwell died of a brain aneurism last week...)  After the hair cut I mixed up a double batch of dilly rolls and made them up while Ina Sue fixed supper.  Time to relax afterward.
Nevin  &  Dad ponder  a  game of Sqeezed-out We slept in a little on Wednesday.  I went off to work.  Ina Sue worked at handing out invitations to the Govan Fire Dept. Christmas supper.  Then she washed windows, roasted & carved a turkey and got her and the baby ready for our evening.  The school had a historical dress-up day where everyone dressed up as someone from history.  We were not able to be there but Julie came by the shop with Karla Heatwole for a little.  For a thanksgiving celebration with our small group we met at Mark Hochstetlers for supper.  Marks supplied the turkey and mashed potatoes & tea while the rest of us supplied the extras.  After supper we all drove over to Sis. Selva Jean Dickersons to sing and visit with her.  (She is completely laid up with a broken foot/ankle)  A very enjoyable meal and evening together.
Derrick & Randy play Amish horseshoes Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)  I had told Ina Sue that I was going to sleep in until dinner time...  Didn't happen!  Ina Sue fixed us fried potatoes and butter gravy for breakfast.  After some misc chores in the morning we left around 1:30 for Nevins.  They had invited us to share the afternoon and supper together with them.  Dads, Laura & MaryAnn Yoder also came over for supper.  We supplied the turkey and soda cheese.  K. Kay made sweet potatoes, corn break dressing, corn & delicious stuffed apples with caramel & ice cream.  MaryAnn supplied the rolls.  After supper we visited and played a couple games of Squeezed-Out.  We decided during the evening that this would be a good time to let Carolina Sue get to know her Grandmother so we left her with Grandmother Strite and came on home before too late.
Strite get-together at Waynesboro school Ina Sue said that Friday was the strangest day without our little lady traipsing around the house.  I headed off to work while she started the cleaning.  She called me halfway through the day with an extraordinary story.  We normally buy two cheap ferns during the spring to hang on our front porch.  If we water them diligently they are usually pretty big by the time the frost hits them in the winter.  The door bell rang this afternoon and when Ina Sue answered it there was a middle aged man there with a sheepish look on his face.  He finally got around to asking if there would be any way that we would sell him our ferns.  His son was getting married tomorrow and the ferns that they had for the wedding had gotten burned in the frost.  Ina Sue told him that we were just waiting for the frost to hit them and that he should just take them.  He insisted on paying us for them and ended up giving Ina Sue $50 for our old used ferns.
An extraordinary culinary experience! In the afternoon she went in to Barnwell and did some shopping at Webbs, Moores, Walmart & Peebles.  I met her at Subway and we used up some of our free gift certificates to treat ourselves to subs.  We came home then and Ina Sue spent some time preparing food for our Strite get-to-gether tomorrow.
Playing ball in the afternoon. We got up at 6:00 on Saturday morning and got around in time to leave for Augusta at 8:00.  Ina Sue dropped me off at the Augusta mall to do some shopping while she took in her eye appointment and swapped out some stuff at Babies-R-Us.  At her eye check-up the doctor told her that he LASIK surgery was a great success 20/15 vision.  She had been thrilled to have absolutely no problems.  After she picked me up we drove on down to the Waynesboro school for our get-together.   When Dads got there our little girl was glad to see us and we were happy to see here again!   My sister Karen Hobbs had gotten everything together and she supplied a wonderful belated Thanksgiving dinner.  Roast pork, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrot casserole, a wonderfully delicious spinach salad, cranberry salad, and pies (shoe-fly, pecan and pumpkin) made up a culinary experience not soon to be forgotten.  After dinner we all waddled down to the ball field for a game of softball.
Milton entertained us in the evening. Aside by a very "striking" strikeout by yours truly, the ball game was a lot of fun.  Then we finished out the afternoon with volleyball, amish horseshoes & general good fellowship.  For supper we all supplied dishes.  We took eggrolls & pickled eggs but our offering was eclipsed by all the other varied and delicious foods being offered.  These days are not good for the diet!  After supper Milton played his guitar for us and we played some group games.  Nevin showed us some funny video clips from his computer.  We headed home around 9:00 and got back to Govan around 10:30

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