November 13, 2004

An enjoyable evening with Uncle Howards This Sunday Wendell went with me to the early jail service.  When we got back to church Gary preached on "The God-fearing Christian".  For dinner we had chicken salad & tomatoes on biscuits.  Then we rested for most of the afternoon and went to Uncle Howard's for supper and the evening.  (This was the 1'st Sunday so we didn't have church)  We had a really nice time with them and got home in time for an early bedtime.
Ina Sue holding Carolina Sue & Sara Lynne Monday was a beautiful day.  I went off to work while the ladies here at home washed, dried, ironed & folded the clothes.  Ina Sue made tenderloin gravy & dressing along with fresh broccoli from our garden for supper.  I ate supper quickly then went to the school to help put up floor joists.  Ina Sue & Carolina spent the evening with Jane Brubaker.  They worked on putting together lap robes for her Sunday school class to knot.
The cousins going over the dollar tables. On Tuesday I went off to work again.  Ina Sue did some baking then took the van up to Byer's Tire to get the oil changed.  She did some shopping in Denmark then came home and vacuumed the house & packed clothes for the trip.  She made grilled chicken breast sandwiches for supper.  After supper I polished our Sunday shoes while she finished packing.
Grandmother giving her words of wisdom We got up in good time Wednesday morning so that Ina Sue could get ready to leave.  Ina Sue & Carolina Sue left with Uncle Howard's around 8:30 for Virginia.  They got to Harrisonburg around 3:30 and really surprised Mother Showalter.  Ina Sue fixed stroganoff sandwiches for the Showalter family.  Marsha & Robert's came down and everyone ate together.  Back in SC, Michael came home and worked on wiring up a under-the-cabinet light for the wifee.
Selling Aunt Ockie's rolling pin Ina Sue called me about 5:30 Thursday morning to give me the great news that Keith & Jeanne's new baby girl arrived successfully around 2:50 a.m.  Her name is Sara Lynne Martin and she weighed 7lb, 8oz.  It really worked out great for Ina Sue to already be in Va.  She spent the rest of the day goofing off around Harrisonburg and preparing to go up to Jeanne's on Friday.  In the evening she went to Costco with Papa for some shopping.  Back here at home I spent a normal day at work.  Nevin met me in at the shop around 6:00 and we spent the evening getting his computer updated and working properly.  He bought us supper at Mi Rancho.  We got done around 9:00 and I came home and finished wiring up the cabinet light and a fluorescent light for Ina Sue's scrap booking.
John Cherrys & Uncle Daniel Ina Sue got up at 6:00 Friday morning to feed the baby and get around for the trip to Maryland.  She, Mother & Marsha got left around 9:00.  They did a little more shopping in Hagerstown then went to Jeanne's.  Jeanne and Sara Lynne had just gotten home from the hospital that morning.  Sara Lynne is a cutie with dark hair.  They left about 5:30 to come home and brought Benjamin with them for Mother to keep for the next 2 weeks.  I had a full day at work but was able to leave around 4:00 to come home and finish packing up.  I picked up Jeffrey Brubaker and we left for Virginia around 4:30.  We arrived at the Showalters just a little before 12:00 and I hit the sack with my long-lost wife.
Paying the piper... Saturday morning we headed off for Grandmother Heatwole's third and final auction sale.  The sale was supposed to start at 8:00 but doors opened at 7:30 for you to look things over.  It was unbelievable how much stuff Grandmother still had to sell after her previous two auctions.  All of the immediate children were there with all but about 8 of the 63 grandchildren.  There were also quite a few great-grandchildren & great-great-grandchildren.  Nathan Goering, Gordon Amstutz, & Sanford Helmuth did the auctioneering.  They did well at keeping things moving but the selling didn't finish until sometime after 5:00 in the evening.  We purchased a number of items including a table cloth & napkin set from Damascus but opted out on most of the higher priced items.  The highest bid was for a grandfather clock that Uncle Oren made and sold to Grandfather.  The final bid on that piece was over $3000.  A number of the quilts that Grandmother made also went fairly high.
Looking at Robert's Bolivia pictures The  Bank & Peake  youth group  were selling food for breakfast & dinner.  It worked out really nice for people just to buy their food throughout the day without really breaking for a meal.  After the sale was over we made a quick stop at the Dayton Farmer's market then stopped at the Showalter home for a couple minutes before heading down to Robert's place in New Hope for supper.  Nevins were staying there for the night.  Lori fixed us a delicious supper of stromboli & macaroni salad with chocolate creme puff dish for dessert.  after supper Robert & Lori showed us their pictures of their time in Bolivia.  By the time we got back to the Showalters we were ready for some shut-eye. 

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