November 12, 2005

Sunday morning at Hartwell. We slept very well in our rented room at the center.  I got up Sunday morning and took Carolina Sue down with me for breakfast at 8:00.  Ina Sue stayed in the room and waited for me to bring up room service...  We came down for church at 9:30.  Joe Rudolph from North Carolina had a sermon on "Reaching out to our Neighbors".  Then for the 2nd half, Joe Hershberger preached on "Witnessing beyond our communities".  I thought that both had very good sermons.  Bro. Rudolph in particular was quite articulate.  After a dinner of potato/ham mash, beans, cole slaw, etc. we all came back in for the last service at 1:15.  This service was entirely made up of testimonies from numerous people saying how mission work has changed their lives.  Very interesting & inspiring!  We got our room cleaned out and headed home by 4:00.  Back to Govan by 7:00 for a restful evening at home.
After dinner fellowship... Ina Sue had a really big wash to do on Monday with our weekend stuff and the sheets & towels from our company last week.  I spent a regular day at work but came home to an extraordinary supper of steamed vegetables, fish & potatoes.  After supper I planted some lettuce in the greenhouse while Ina Sue worked on the dishes.  Then we both went over to Daryl's cabin to clean it up and make the beds again with the clean sheets.
Mailbox with pansies I was up and at work by 6:00 again on Tuesday, preparing for our meeting and doing misc. jobs.  Ina Sue got up around 6:00 and worked on finishing up the wash from yesterday.  She took care of Meredith Groff from 10:30 till 3:00 while Brenda was at the prison in Columbia.  I came home a little early at 4:30 and we got ready and left for Aiken.  On the way we dropped Carolina Sue off with Ralph Dickersons.  She seemed right at home with their children and all the dogs & cats.  As we were driving toward Aiken the sunset just kept getting brighter and more beautiful  We stopped several times to take pictures. 
Tuesday evening sunset Our first stop in Aiken was at Staples where we bought some new chairs and table for the lunch room at work.  From there we went to Lowes to order some carpet for the bedroom.  We had a very hard time finding anyone to help us and after hearing the prices I decided that I would just as soon buy the carpet locally if the price was that close.  By this time we were ravenously hungry so we went to Ryan's for a quick buffet supper.  By the time we picked up Carolina Sue and got home it was about 10:30.
The Dickersons kept Carolina while we played... Wednesday morning I dropped Ina Sue & Carolina off at Jane Brubakers on my way to work.  They all went together over to Augusta to run some errands and do some shopping together.  In the afternoon they drove out and spent the afternoon sewing and talking with Kay K.   They all enjoy smocking and Jane & Kay K. both like their computerized embroidery? sewing machines.  Ina Sue didn't get back to Govan until about 7:15.  I had a really busy day at work and went directly from work to chorus practice.  From chorus I rushed home, said hi to the wife, then drove back into work with a step ladder to continue re-arranging the service area.  Hendrick helped for a while but went home at 11:00.  I didn't get everything finished until after 3:00am...  Came home and slept for four very short hours then the alarm rang....
A game of Risk Thursday evening I had a training meeting with the service dept. Thursday morning at 7:30.  After the meeting I took care of a couple critical calls then came home for the rest of the day.  As soon as I got home I went to bed and slept for about 3 1/2 hours straight.  Ina Sue spent the morning freezing 14 pints of broccoli from the garden.  In the afternoon I worked at installing a light in our clothes closet.  In the evening we had Randy Ocker, Myron Yoder, Hendrick Debrosse & Jordan Ehst over for supper.  Randy's brother Joel was also invited but he got held up.  After supper Hendrick, Randy & Myron played me a wonderfully fun game of Risk.  We didn't get done until about 11:00.  Ina Sue very kindly did the dishes while we played then agreed to take Hendrick's place when he had to leave early.
Tennis with the Ehsts on Friday evening On Friday Ina Sue worked at cleaning the house while I went off to work.  She also worked in the spare bedroom removing the tape and paper from the woodwork.  It was a lovely fall day with gorgeous weather.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us a delicious broccoli & ham quiche.  After supper we went up to Bamberg to play tennis with the Ehsts (our schoolteacher Jordan's family) and Robin, William & Thomas Brubaker.  Had a good time playing and visiting and really good exercise.
Saturday evening company We slept in just a little on Saturday morning.  We ate leftover quiche for breakfast then I started mowing our yard.  The grass has pretty much stopped growing so I hope this is the last time for the year.  When Carolina Sue got up from her morning nap at 12:00 we all got in the van and went in to Barnwell.  We went to Webb's Hardware first to pick out some carpet then Ina Sue dropped me off at Walmart to grocery shop while she drove over to the shop to pick up some things.  I hurried through my shopping then got outside in time to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for my wife to get back with the van.  It turns out that she had wanted to visit with my employees at the shop and had a hard time pulling herself away.  I eventually got over my displeasure....
Dan & Marty Ehst with Jared, Jordan & Robin Brubaker. From Walmart we drove over to BP and filled the van with gas in order to get the free car wash.  Then down to CVS to print out some pictures of the exterior of our house for the landscaper.  Finally we got home about 2:30.  Ina Sue got back into fixing food for supper while I drove up to Driftwood Nursery in Denmark to talk to the lady there about possible landscaping around our house.  After I got back home I helped with some last minute cleanup before our company got there at 6:00.  We had the Ehst family along with Hendrick, Uncle Howards and Robin, William & Thomas Brubaker.  Ina Sue & Robin split up the food preparation with Robin bringing delicious chicken strips and melt-in-your-mouth biscuits.  Ina Sue fixed baked broccoli, baked rice, cabbage salad & iced tea.  For dessert Robin supplied fresh fruit & cookies.  Had a really nice time visiting after supper and played a little Tri-Bond as a group.  To bed in decent time...
The funeral pyre of Myron's cotton picker... My cousin Myron Brubaker picks the cotton for numerous of the cotton farmers in our church.  Last week as his son Chad was picking he noticed some flames toward the back.  He immediately started driving toward the water truck that they park on the edge of the field but saw he wasn't going to make it.  He bailed out just in time and the picker was a total loss as you can see.

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