November 5, 2005

Feeding Carolina her breakfast Time changed this Sunday morning so we had a wonderful extra hour to sleep in.   I went in to the jail again while Ina & Carolina went to Sunday School.  Bro. Gary preached the sermon today on "Why we Believe the Bible".  We didn't have any dinner prepared and no one invited us for dinner so we made up our own meal when we got home.  I fried up some canned ham that we ate with cheesy/bacon potatoes, fresh cooked broccoli & cauliflower, cucumber salad (fresh from the garden) and finished off with some instant pudding with cookies.  In the afternoon Ina Sue & Carolina took naps while I prepared for my devotions in the evening.  Then we all took a walk.  On the way, we stopped in at Wendell's and chatted with Naomi, Bethany & Caroline.  Went to church in the evening.  I had the devotions on "God Never Changes", then Virgil Kanagy from the Blackville (Calvary) congregation brought a message on "Ambassadors for Christ".
Some of the ladies at Sewing Circle... I got up in good time Monday morning to work on sanding down the bedroom again.  Then I went off to work while Ina Sue started on the Monday washing.  In the afternoon Ina Sue took a walk with Brenda & Meredith Groff & Carolina Sue.  After supper we went to chorus.  It went pretty well.  Most of the people were there this time.
Fresh heads of broccoli, ready to pick. I got off for work again on Tuesday morning around 5:30.  Got some things done then met with James & Adam for a managers meeting.  Ina Sue took Carolina Sue along with her to sewing circle for the morning.  They worked on sewing together bibs & doll babies to be given to children in the hospital.  She dropped by the shop after sewing circle and we ate dinner together at TacoBell.  We also took about 15 minutes for me to show her through our new library.  I went back to work then while they went grocery shopping then home.  Ina Sue fixed us a great meal of chicken & broccoli alfredo over pasta for supper.  Had a nice evening at home together.
Washing off the sheetrock dust... I stayed home all day on Wednesday!  It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.  We started off by sleeping in a little then vacuumed & washed down the bedroom walls.  Then I applied the first coat of Kilz with a roller while Ina Sue used a brush to finish the edges.  While we waited for the first coat to dry, I drove up to Bamberg and bought some edging for a flower bed beside our front walk.  Put that in and pulled out all the grass then planted violas (tiny pansies) all along the walk.  I also planted a bunch of big ones around our mailbox.  By then the primer on the walls was dry so we applied the first coat of paint.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting where Daryl Brubaker had the topic on "A Warning Against Falling Away" taken from our series on Hebrews.  Visited for a while after church then came home to milkshakes and hot spiced cider.
Planting pansies for the winter

I went to work on Thursday and spent most of the morning down at Grant, Allendale doing odd jobs.  They started erecting the first steel building today (a warehouse).  Ina Sue spent the morning making 12 doz. almond brickle cookies.  I met her at Sanders Supply in Bamberg after one of my service calls and we tried to pick out some carpet for the room.  Didn't come to a decision yet.  In the afternoon I went back to the shop.  Ina Sue made us creamy white chili soup for supper (with chicken & sour cream) along with a salad.  After supper we dropped Carolina Sue off at Wendell Heatwoles for the evening while we put the final coat of paint on the bedroom walls.  When Ina Sue went to pick her up after we finished, Naomi offered milkshakes.  Never one to turn down a milkshake, I walked over and we spent some time visiting with Wendells over the milkshakes.  A really nice ending to the day.
Putting the 2n'd coat of paint on the walls We had a phone call Friday morning around 7:00 from some of Ina Sue's old friends from Va.  They were getting ready to leave Florida on their way back to Virginia and wondered if they could stop in for a visit in the evening.  We gladly accepted and Ina Sue spent the day cleaning and getting supper ready for them.  I spent most of the day at work but did come home a little early to help get ready.  Joe & Wilda Beery,  Warren & Marilyn Beery, and Allen & Eunice Beery all got here along with their van driver, John Heatwole around 4:30.  I enjoyed taking them on a tour around the community to see some of the people they had grown up with.  We stopped in at Daryl Brubakers for a little then spent an hour or so with Don & Betty.  Ina Sue stayed at the house to finish prepaing supper.
First building going up at Grant Allendale When we got back around 6:30 she had supper all ready to go.  We had biscuits, cheeseburger soup, caesar salad, fruit slush & cookies.  After supper we sat around and visited for a while then they went over to Daryl Brubaker's cabin for the night.  (Since our guest room is still not ready for guests). 
Hartwell Mennonite Center Ina Sue had a hard time sleeping Friday night because of allergies so when we got up Saturday morning she still wasn't feeling very rested.  She went over to Daryl's cabin with Carolina Sue and picked up the sheets & towels to be washed.  (Our company had left for Virginia directly from the cabin)  I spent the morning working on my devotions for up at the Hartwell meetings.  We were able to leave for the meetings around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Gordon Amstutz, Glen Hege & Hendrick Debrosse rode along with us.  We stopped for supper in Thompson and our van devoured a total of 34 hamburgers along with fries & drinks...  We were hungry... :)  We got to Hartwell in good time for the men to practice their singing and for me to meet with the planning committee.  I gave my devotions on the subject of "Where Few have Gone."  then Bro. Larry Showalter had a sermon on "The Life of Victory".  We visited with friends for a while afterward then retired to our bedroom upstairs for the night.  Oh, by the way, the burgers we ate for supper were Krystal burgers... :)

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