October 30, 2004

Carolina, bundled up for church... Sunday morning, Joshua & Wendell went with me in for the jail service.  Back at church, Bro. Wendell preached on "Why we don't Vote".  Kenneth & Audrey Martin from Virginia were there.  They were down to visit Patrick's.  Then home to a delicious lunch of grilled/slow cooked chicken breasts, sour cream mashed potatoes, zipper peas, & homemade bread.  Took a nap in the pm then went back to church in the evening for a talk by Leon Yoder from Monticello, GA on the topic of "Christian Courtship". 
A thoroughly enjoyable Rook game. I spent most of the day on Monday working for One-Touch Mobile (one of our competitors).  They bought a number of computers & surveillance cameras from us and I was helping them get everything configured.  The cameras have built in webservers that allow you to remotely view the feed over the internet.  For supper we had leftovers and another fresh batch of collard greens from the garden.  In the evening we spent some time touching up our family pictures that we Dorothy Showalter took for us during our last visit to VA.
Myron won even with his terrible hands.... Tuesday morning we got up in good time and Ina Sue made pancakes while I whupped up a batch of sausage & egg gravy.  I had a busy day at work then did some grocery shopping on my way home.  Ina Sue went through all the hassle of registering our new minivan in Bamberg.  Unfortunately, through no fault of hers, she was not able to quite finish the process.  She also redid some of the caulking in a couple of our rooms with tongue & groove ceilings and hoed/weeded the fall garden.  In the evening we made up a batch of molasses crinkle cookies to freeze.  Our dough didn't have enough time to chill so it was almost too sticky to roll into balls.  We did two trays then put the dough in the freezer till the morning.
Meredith Elise Groff  (James & Brenda's) Wednesday we got up early and finished baking the cookies.  They turned out real good.  Nice & chewy!  Carolina Sue has started to sit up by herself now.  Ina Sue fought the bureaucracy in Bamberg again and was able to bring home the registration.  Then she baked French bread and made us a wonderful and unique supper with an egg salad including ham, swiss cheese & asparagus.  We ate it over toasted rye bread and it was delicious!  About 10:30 we took our lawn chairs and blankets out into our back yard & laid down to watch the lunar eclipse.  We came back in around 11:30 and laid in bed and talked for quite a while.  Neither of us felt very sleepy.
Work day Friday to frame up the school



Thursday was a fairly ordinary day with a big high point in the evening.  We had Myron Yoder, Richard Brubaker & Kristie Dickerson over for supper and a Rook game.  Ina Sue fixed stroganoff sandwiches, baked corn, collards, apple crisp and homemade ice-cream for us.  Then we sat down to play Rook.  Myron sprang into an early lead and by about 9:30 was already up to around 1450. (We were playing to 1500)  However, we were able to hold him off for about another 9 hands before he finally eked out the victory around 11:00.  I really enjoyed playing again.  We don't very often get the chance.
Tearing off the old shingles. I left for Columbia around 7:45 Friday morning.  My wife & baby were still in bed.  They were tired from our previous late evenings.  I met two of my customers in Columbia at one of our vendors for a training session on terminating fiber optic cable.  On the way up Ina Sue called me to let me know that James & Brenda Groff had a baby girl this morning at around 12:00am.  I got back to Govan around 11:00 and quickly got ready and drove over to the school to help with our work day.  We were beginning to frame up the walls on the inside.  We were blessed to have plenty of help from Barnwell and four real carpenters came over from Hephzibah, Ga. to help.  My brothers Kent & Duane were there along with Kevin & Glendon Eshleman.  By the time I got there around 11:30 a lot of walls were already up.  I helped frame up a couple wall then began putting up floor joist for the storage area upstairs.  (More Pictures) We knocked off around 4:00 and I came home quickly before heading up to Ralph Dickerson's for our small group evening.  Our small group helped tear off shingles on their new house for about 2 hours before it got to dark.  Then we all ate supper together and we came on home to a bed that felt oh-so-good! 


Putting on the new.... Saturday morning I got up and left around 7:00 for Ralph's big work day.  Austin Hege and his boys got there soon after I did and we began tearing off more shingles and putting down felt.  Soon others began pulling in and by dinner time we probably had over 25 people there helping.  After a delicious dinner we got back to work and had most of the roof done by around 1:30.  Unfortunately, we ran out of shingles and I had to leave to come home.  I'm not sure if they were able to get anymore shingles and finish or not.  After I got home I laid down for about 10 minutes then took the junk over to the dump and blew off our back deck.  Then I vacuumed the house while Ina Sue mowed the front yard.  We both kinda enjoyed the switch.  Then she cut my hair.  Ina Sue left about 6:00 to take supper over to Douglas & Laura Heatwole (they have a newborn baby in the house) Then she went in to Denmark and washed the car and did some shopping.  I fixed our dripping kitchen sink and took care of the punkin.  Now my wife is doing some last minute cleanup while I do this.
Ralph Dickerson's new house  

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