October 29, 2005

Uncle Lee, Aunt Reba, Lola & Rebecca We had sent a continental breakfast over to the trailor with Uncle Lees last evening so they met us here at 9:00 Sunday morning and rode with us to church.  I went with my group of guys to the jail for a service then came back for Uncle Howard's sermon on "The Importance of the New Birth".  Ina Sue was the designated hostess this Sunday so she had Uncle Lees, Don Heatwoles, and Uncle Howards for dinner.  We had grilled chicken, spinach balls, sweet potato soufflé, salad, soda cheese, bars & Oreo ice-cream.  Uncle Lees left around 3:00 but Uncle Howards stayed a bit later. 
Don, Betty & Caroline Heatwole After the last of our dinner company left, we scurried around and packed up all our camping stuff and left for Clarks Hill Lake.  When we got there Nevins had already reserved a beautiful campsite, got the fire started and had everything pretty much ready for supper.  We pitched our tent then ate Kay K.'s delicious meatball subs for supper.  After supper we sat around the fire, ate JellyBelly jellybeans and played authors.  We all turned in around 11:00
Wesley Heatwole Thankfully our air matress stayed blowed up all night.  We awoke refreshed on Monday morning but to the sound of heavy wind.  Our campsite was out on a peninsula and surrounded by lake.  This aggravated a bad wind situation.  Nevin & Karen fixed us a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes & sausage gravy then because the wind was so bad, we all piled in the minivan and went for a drive up to the dam.  We walked around the base of the dam for a while then toured the visitors center.  When we got back to our campsite we put Carolina in for a nap and Ina Sue laid down as well.  Because the heavy wind made sitting around the fire unbearable, we all sat in the minivan and read for a while.  Finally giving up on the wind we unpitched our tents, packed everything up and drove out to Nevins for the rest of the day.  We played games through the afternoon then Ina Sue & I provided supper of roast beef sandwiches on croissants with vegetables, bars & fruit slush.  We left soon after supper and got home by 8:30.
Uncle Howard & Aunt Miriam I headed off to work at 5:30 on Tuesday morning.  Had a managers meeting then spent the rest of the day on service calls.  Ina Sue did 10 loads of laundry.  When I got home we ate a quick supper then I went back into Barnwell for bible study at the jail.
Camping at Clarks Hill Lake Wednesday was another day at work for me.  Ina Sue finished up the washing & ironing.  On my way back from Fairfax I met Ina Sue at Byers Tire and dropped off my Camry there for some suspension & brake work.  Ina Sue spent the afternoon making stromboli, baked corn, salad & dessert for Gordon Amstutzs and ourselves.  After supper we went to church for a presentation on Northern Youth Ministries by Merle Burkholder and his family.
Carolina borrowed Christopher's sandals.. Thursday was really hectic for me at work.  Ina Sue said she had a fairly relaxed day.  She wrote up a page of memories for a scrapbook being made for one of her families old friends in Harrisonburg.  When I got home she had a wonderful supper of waffles and sausage gravy waiting for me.  After supper I spent an hour or two mudding and sanding sheetrock in our spare bedroom.
At the base of Clarks Hill Dam Friday was Ina Sue's normal cleaning day.  She even vacumned out the really messy spare bedroom where we have been sanding sheetrock.  I spent a normal day at work Ina Sue & Carolina Sue took a walk to see the neighbors before I got home.  Had fresh broccoli & cauliflower for supper with leftover roast beef sandwiches. 
Making bread with Carolina Saturday was a lovely day at home together.  To start the day off we both spent time in the bedroom sanding sheetrock.  We had hoped to get the first coat of paint on but after sanding we decided that we still had some patching that needed to be done.  So, I put yet another coat of mud on the trouble places and we knocked off there for the day.  I baked two batches of bread and a pistachio pudding cake.  In the afternoon, we worked together on dividing and transplanting some larape.  Then Ina Sue sprayed a couple gallons of Round-Up while I worked inside.  Hendrick invited us over for supper with him and Jordan.  He fixed a wonderful meal of boneless porkchops, fried rice, corn, rolls & my pistachio cake.  After supper we enjoyed a good game of Trivial Pursuit together.
Cleaning up the dust...