October 23, 2004

A Sunday picnic at Collins Park Sunday morning I dropped Ina Sue & Carolina off at church while I went in to the jail with Ralph Dickerson & Joshua Heatwole.   After we got back to church, Bro. Carl preached a message on "The Need for Vision".  After church we met Gordon Amstutzs, Mark Hochstetlers & Leon Duecks at Collins Park in Barnwell for a picnic lunch.  It was a gorgeous day for a picnic.  We had a wonderful time visiting then went home and sacked out for a while before church in the evening.  Our Barnwell Mennonite Chorale gave a tremendous choral program.  It made us want to join up again....
Canadian Geese in Uncle Enos' front yard Monday was a very ordinary day with clothes washing for Ina & computer work for me.  We had a relaxed evening at home together.  I gave Carolina Sue her bath tonight.
Frank & Chad helping set the poles I spent most of the day on Tuesday in Allendale & Estill working.  Ina Sue put another coat of paint on our back door then grilled chicken and made up a delicious pasta, vegetable & chicken salad for supper.  I went in to the jail for Bible study while Ina Sue visited the ladies over at Wendell's.  I also did a bit of grocery shopping before I came home.
Putting in the line markers Ina Sue worked outside weeding & Round-uping most of Wednesday morning while Carolina enjoyed the outdoors from her stroller.  I had a very full day and had to work a little later.  I got home just in time to grab a quick bite before we left for prayer meeting.  Danny Hege started our new study of the book of James.  Today was Hendrick's 37'th birthday so we took him in to McDonalds for ice cream cones & apple pies.  Dale Dickerson's, Leon Dueck's & Glen Hege were also there to help celebrate.
Quality time with Daddy.... I took off normal work on Thursday to work on putting the old backstop up at school.  (They had to take it down to make room for the new school)   Chad Brubaker & Franklin Heatwole helped me get the field laid out and the poles set for the backstop.  Ina Sue & I went back in the evening and concreted in the bases & line poles.  Ina Sue fixed lasagna and our first batch of collards from our garden for supper tonight.
Pressure washing the deck I was back at work on Friday.  Spent the morning in the shop and the afternoon in Allendale.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and made up two batches of cinnamon rolls.  She was discouraged because she thought the first batch flopped and the 2nd batch burned....  I found them all extremely tasty (with caramel icing on top)  even the ones that supposedly burnt!  For supper she fixed us a super duper salad with grilled chicken.  After supper we went in to Denmark for tennis.  I played Richard Brubaker, William Brubaker & Joel Ocker.  Good exercise and very enjoyable.  Ina Sue did some grocery shopping while we played.
Making it look pretty. Saturday was a very full day.  We got up around 7:00 and I went over to Carl's to borrow his pressure washer.  When I got home we ate a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and tomato gravy then got to work.  By about 1:30 we had washed the front porch and about half of the back deck.  Ina Sue helped pressure wash and also mowed much of the back yard.  I met James Groff and Barry Heatwole at 2:00 at the school to put the chainlink fence on the backstop frame we erected Thursday.  It was quite a job but we got done soon after 4:00.  I came home then and finished washing off the back deck.  Then I used the pressure washer to give our truck a very badly needed washing.  After finishing up the yard mowing I came in to a supper of eggrolls (baked this time for something different) and a bed that felt so very good.
Putting chain link on the backstop  

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