October 22, 2005

Monday chorus practice with Gordon Sunday was a lovely fall day.  I dropped the ladies off at church then went in to the jail for Bible study.  Wendell preached a really good message back at church from the book Ezekiel on "Adultery, When we Spurn God"  After church we got a invitation for dinner at Ivan Skrivseths so we enjoyed Dena's delicious meal of meatballs, green beans, potato salad, jello salad, cake & strawberries.  Hendrick, Jordan, Randy, Joel & Gordon Amstutz' were also there.  During the afternoon visiting Carolina Sue pushed a tricycle off the side of the porch and followed it over.  She got a bump on the head but seemed to recover.   In the evening we went to church at Barnwell for a quiz on the book of Revelation.  Interesting!
Supper at Miltons with Uncle Jims We got up in good time Monday morning and Ina Sue started the washing.  It is getting cooler and was a beautiful day.  I spent the day at work and came home to a supper of pork BarBQ, baked hominy and fresh tomatoes.  We went to chorus practice.  Other then Carolina Sue refusing to stay with the baby sitters it went fairly well.
My wife, the tennis ace! Tuesday, I left for work around 5:30.  I'm trying to get to work early on Tuesday so I can get some of the things done that I never have a chance to do otherwise.  I had a meeting with Adam & Jimmy at 8:00 then spent the rest of the day rushing from job to job.  Since I start early on Tuesdays, I am supposed to get off a couple hours early.  Somehow, it never seems to work out....  I did get off soon after 5:00 and we drove over to Milton & Karen's for supper.  Uncle Jim Goerings were there along with Dads & Laura.  We had a really nice evening chatting with family.  Milton & Karen are working at finishing off some parts of their house they weren't able to finish earlier.  It is really looking nice.  Their landscaping outside makes me envious.  We are still hoping maybe we can get some landscaping done on our outside this fall.
Hendrick & Duane talk of deep subjects... Ina Sue made us egg mcmuffins for breakfast on Wednesday.  Ina Sue & Carolina drove the minivan into Barnwell for some grocery shopping then dropped it off at Barnwell Service Center for some brake work.  They drove Jennifer Heatwole's car (Ina Sue's old Accord) back home then Jennifer brought our van home in the evening.  Ina Sue stopped at a yardsale on the way home and brought home some nice baby stuff.  She made a snack for tonight and delicious avocado & onion sandwiches for our supper.  I got home from work and quickly ate then we rushed up to Bamberg for an evening with our small group.  We spent the evening playing tennis, talking, and eating.  Really good evening!
I make dilly rolls while Ina washes dishes I spent the whole day on Thursday down at Grant Forest Products again.  Didn't get home till a little late.  Ina Sue spent the day pretty much in the kitchen making food for the weekend.  She and Carolina made a quick run to BILO in Denmark for groceries then took a walk over to Hendricks to visit with them while they waited on me to get home.  After I got home and ate a quick bite I worked on making up four turns of dilly rolls for the weekend.  We signed up to take 3 dozen for the conference dinner on Saturday and we wanted some for our dinner on Sunday.  I ended up with about 60 rolls after I ate a few.... 
Model T's to Olar lineup We were both really busy on Friday.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and got everything straightened up for the weekend.  I had hoped to take off part of the afternoon to help at home but didn't make it home until about 5:30.  As I drove through Olar I noticed that they were gearing up for the yearly "Model T's to Olar" festival.  They had a whole pile of old model T's already lined up.  Nevin called this evening and invited us to go camping with them this weekend.  Since we were already lined up for company over the next two days and Ina Sue is hostess on Sunday, I reluctantly turned him down.  He called back and offered to put the trip off until Sunday afternoon and Monday.  I think we'll take him up on that if we aren't too tired.
Jenna models for the Got Milk? campaign We went to the first evening of the 11'th annual session of South Atlantic Mennonite Conference in the evening.  Bro. Charles Heatwole from Bridgewater, VA is our speaker for the weekend.  He had a really good sermon on "The New Testement Church".  It was a bit long for Carolina Sue though.  Duane and Janice came over for the evening session and stayed overnight.  Since our guest bedroom is all torn up for remodeling we housed them over in Wendell's trailer.  Before that though, they dropped in here for a snack and good visit.  We had milkshakes, soda cheese & pretzels.  Talked till pretty late then showed them the way to the trailer.
Baby Chad slumbers in the living room Duane & Janice came over with Jenna & Chad for breakfast Saturday morning.  Ina Sue fixed us breakfast pizza then we all hurried to get to church on time.  We went over all the conference reports, had the conference elections then Bro. Charles preached on "The Privilege of Church Membership".  After the sermon we broke for lunch.  Delmar Diems & Danny Heges are the new food committee at church for this year.  Delmar BarBQ'd a pig so we had a delicious southern meal of pork, hash over rice, beans, cole slaw & banana pudding with iced tea.  After dinner we met back again and discussed the rest of the items of business.   The three main discussions were, "A Statement on Fundraising", "Use of lottery funding for higher education", and "Modesty & Identity in Men's shirts".  I thought that overall the discussion was healthy & beneficial.
Product of my work at Grant Allendale After we left in the afternoon, we drove in to Barnwell and did some grocery shopping at Reid's.  Came home and took a really short nap then scurried around washing the cars and getting ready for Uncle Lees.  They attended a Ukrainian wedding in Atlanta this afternoon and we were not sure when they were going to get here.  We thought maybe around 6:00.  We pretty much had everything ready by then but they called and said that they were just then leaving Atlanta.  They got here around 10:45 and we had a snack of shrimp dip, bars, spiced apple juice, and leftover Ukrainian wedding delicacies.  We got everyone pretty much settled in soon after 12:00.  Then back to our wonderful bed.....

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