October 15, 2005

Sunday morning at Mt. Pleasant. We got to sleep in a bit on Sunday then off to church at Mt. Pleasant.  Bro. Elvin preached on John 13.  After the after-church visiting we went took the scenic route to Chad McMurrays for dinner.  It was a lovely day and the leaves are just starting to change in the Valley.  Becky had Uncle Everetts, Duane Showalters, Timmy Showalters and us for dinner.  It was a lot of people and quite a spread.  Ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, 7-layer salad, pickles, spiced apples, and pecan & pumpkin pies for dessert.  We didn't stay around very long because we wanted to get started home.  We picked up Brenda & Meredith Groff at Norwoods then dropped by the Showalters to finish packing up then headed home.  We got back to Govan around 10:30.
Rt. 81 down through Virginia.... Ina Sue said she spent all day Monday playing catch-up and never caught up!  My day felt the same in at work.  Unending rushing but never catching up....  It was another rainy day.  Chorus practise was cancelled so we got to spend the evening at home.
Sleeping away the miles.... I got up around 5:30 on Tuesday and ate a lonely breakfast of hominy & puddins.  The ladies got to sleep in.  I went in to the shop early to work on a laptop for a customer.  I was able to get three service calls out of the way before 9:30.  Ina Sue dropped Carolina Sue off with Brenda while she drove her group of ladies to the Columbia prison.  She said things went pretty well.  Some of the ladies up there are so pitiful...  She got home in time to fry up some bacon for us to have BLT's for supper.  I left after supper and went in to the Barnwell jail for Bible study.  Had 2 fellows out and a good time.
The New Barnwell library opened this week Wednesday morning I took William B. with me down to Grant Forest Products to help me run some fiber optic cable between there construction trailers.  It has been so wet though for the last week that our rubber boots were hardly sufficient to keep the mud off of us.  William was kind enough to do most of the sliding under the trailers though.  We got done around dinner time and came home to change clothes before heading back into work.  Ina Sue spent the day finishing up the washing and working in the guest bedroom.  She finished tearing off all the wallpaper now so I guess it's up to me to start on remudding the bad sections of sheetrock.
Ina Sue, Chad, Jenna & Carolina Sue. I spent a very busy but normal day at work on Thursday.  We both wanted me to be able to take off a while today but it just didn't work out.  Ina Sue & the baby drove up to Bamberg to pay car taxes and pick up some paint.  Ina Sue very kindly mowed the front yard up nice before I got home today.  I was happy to see that when I got home.  After supper I spent a while remudding cracks and holes in the walls of our guest room.
Not my favorite job... I spent most of the day Friday down at Grant again.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and mowed the side yard for me.  She said it was pretty difficult with Carolina Sue continually chasing after her and crying....  After I got home at 6:00 we rushed around and left for Augusta quick.  We stopped in Barnwell for a quick bite from Hardees then hurried over to Duane & Janice's to see their new baby (Chad Bentley).  We were able to spend about an hour with them before we drove over to the airport to pick up Carl & Grace Heatwole
Ina Sue made it look great! They were just getting back from a trip to Ontario to see her family.  On their way up they had an unfortunate auto accident and totaled their little VW Jetta.  A cousin let them borrow his car for the remainder of the trip up and back to Iowa but Carl had to rent a vehicle for the trip back from Iowa.  Since it needed to be returned in Augusta we were happy to pick them up at the Bush Field airport and bring them back home again.  We are so thankful that they were not hurt worse in the accident!
Carolina thinks she can do sheetrock too. I started off our day Saturday by having to do a service call at 8:00.  I wasn't able to get back home until around 11:00.  Ina Sue said that it was kinda nice though because it gave her a chance to relax while Carolina slept in.  After I got home I ate a quick breakfast of corn bread & puddins then got another coat of mud on the walls in the bedroom.  Ina Sue started using bleach and soap & lots of scrubbing to clean up our front porch.  She had a hard time knowing where to quit and ended up doing a lot more then she had originally intended.  I came in one time from mowing to get a drink and heard a muffled Ahhhhhhhhh, THUMP, on the front porch.  I rushed out and found my wife flat on her back amidst the bleach & suds with a very stunned look on her face.  She wasn't sure what happened but luckily seemed to recover pretty much fully.    I told her I wasn't looking forward to nursing an invalid wife through our sunset years.....   I finished mowing the yard then Ina Sue gave me a haircut.  I made up another batch of sourdough bread and some pizza dough for our supper tonight.  We invited Hendrick, Jordan & Julie Heatwole over for a pizza supper.  While Ina Sue put together the pizza I washed both of our vehicles then rushed in to help her with the final preparations.  We had a nice time with our company discussing various issues like (What is the opposite of love? Hate or Apathy) over pizza, chips & milk shakes.

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