October 9, 2004

Craig & Kari Myers Myron Yoder & I went into the jail Sunday morning after dropping off Ina Sue & Carolina at church.  This was our communion Sunday at Barnwell.  Bro. Wendell used the hymn "There's a Green Hill Far Away" as an outline for his sermon.  We really appreciated his thoughts and the songs that we sang throughout the sermon.  We should never forget what Christ went through for us...

This was the 1'st Sunday of the month so we didn't have church.  Instead, we had Patrick Heatwoles' & Craig Myers' over for supper.  Craig's are currently on furlough from serving in our mission in Puerto Rico.  We had a great time talking & the children seemed to get along well too.  Since Craigs had an hour and a half drive home, we were able to persuade them to stay for the night.

Cameron Myers, Carolina Sue & Caroline Heatwole We fixed sausage gravy & biscuits for a quick breakfast Monday morning then I hurried off to work.  Craig's left soon after for Hephzibah.  Ina Sue spent the day washing clothes but the inclement weather worked against her hanging them out to dry.  I ended up working a bit late on year-end accounting work so Ina Sue brought Carolina Sue in and met me for supper at Captain Mac's.
Ina Sue & Robert cutting pig... I worked a full day at work on Tuesday while Ina Sue had her own "full" day.  She began by vacumning the house and the minivan then hurried into town for her "root canal" appointment with Dr. Still.  She dropped Carolina Sue off with Ms. Nettie Schrock.   Then she did some shopping and hurried home in time to mow the whole back yard before I got home. 

Today was the funeral for Brian Graber (son of my cousin Julia Graber) from Mississippi.  He was killed in a motorcycle accident Saturday.  We remember his family in our prayers this evening.

Sherman mans the puddin & ponhaus pots I had an exceedingly busy day at work on Wednesday trying to get ready to take off from work the next two days.  I finally was able to get everything done and get home around 5:30.  Ina Sue had spent the day getting everything ready so we were able to leave for Virginia by about 6:30.  We picked up a bite to eat at Hardees but otherwise drove straight through.  Got to her home around 2:00 am.
Ready for the business meeting.... :) Thursday was the big butchering day.  We got over to Charlie Martins around 8:00 and began cutting meat.  With Charlie & Rosa's help we were able to pretty much finished off 3 pigs by 2:00.  We got about 85 lbs of sausage plus canned tenderloin, ponhaus, puddins etc as our share.  In the evening Ina Sue & I went over to John & Irene Heatwole's for a short visit.
The Acapella Kinda Guys I got up in pretty good time Friday for our Puerto Rico meeting at 8:00am.  We had our yearly election of officers.  Ellis Beery & David Good are the two new members on the Board this year.  Ina Sue brought over a coffee break around 10:30.  I thought the meeting went very well and we were able to adjorn right after a delicious dinner supplied by Angela Goering.  After getting things packed up we headed to Bedford, PA for a meeting with my cousin & business partner, Steven Brubaker.  We got to Bedford around 6:30 and had delightful supper together with his family at the Jean Bonnet Tavern.  Then we retired to our motel for fellowship and rest.
Steve Brubaker family with Ina & Carolina We relaxed in bed a bit Saturday morning then I met with Steve at 8:00 for a start on our business meeting.  The rest of the folks came down and joined us for breakfast a little later.  Then we all drove into Bedford where the annual "Fall Foliage Festival" was in progress.  Especially interesting was a booth where they were using a steam engine to help make fresh apple cider.   Steve and I pulled ourselves away for the activities and tried to get down to business for a while while the others enjoyed the sights and sounds.  We broke for lunch and a "magician show" around 12:00 then strolled around town together until we split up around 3:00. 
Posing for pictures.. We got back to the Showalter home around 6:30 and quickly got everyone dressed up for a photography session with Dorothy Showalter.  Carolina Sue was getting a little tired by that time but was able to eke out a few smiles for the camera.  We hope they turn out well.  Went to bed around 10:00.  It's been a long weekend....