October 2, 2004

Carolina Sue in her "Christening gown" Sunday morning we got up early to get around.  I dropped the rest of the family off at church then went in to the jail with Ralph & Joshua.  Bro. Glenford Amstutz brought us the message at Barnwell on "The Power of God's Word".  Mother Showalter left with her crowd a little after 2:00.  We took a quick snooze than got supper ready for our company.  Duane, Janice & Jenna Strite,  Royal, Jenn & Giles Barnhart, and Loren, Renee & Adrian ate supper here with us.  Sister Laura also dropped in for a quick bite.  We had egg rolls and fried rice with homemade icecream & brownies for dessert.  The Sonshine Chorus from Georgia gave the program in the evening.  Nathan Goering is their conductor.  They gave a fine program!  After the service we all had a carry-in meal and fellowship.
Giles Christian Barnhart & Carolina Sue Ina Sue had a lot of fun Monday at the dentist's office....  Julie Heatwole kept Carolina Sue while Dr. Still did the second step of Ina Sue's root canal.  She still has one more visit to go.  After she got home she started washing clothes but then had the pleasure of Kevin & Dawn Eshleman's company for a while in the afternoon.  They have been using a nurse/midwife in our area and were just waiting for the baby.  They went on into the hospital around 4:30 and we received word that Kaylynn Brooke Eshleman was born around 10:00 that evening.  We had leftovers for supper and a quiet evening here by ourselves.
Loren, Renee & Adrian Barnhart Another busy day at work for me on Tuesday.  Ina Sue baked some french bread and fixed a chicken rice casserole for Kevins.  She finished washing, ironing etc.  Kevin Eshlemans dropped by with the baby for a little in the afternoon to get some digital pictures taken.  I had to work a little later.  We played Memory & Mastermind for entertainment in the evening.  :)    Carl Heatwole brought us over a big pan of beautiful peppers from Grace's garden in the evening.
Kevin, Dawn & Kaylynn Brooke Eshleman All three of us went to work Wednesday morning.  I had a service call to Plain or Fancy Signs in Columbia. (Linford Oberholtzer's business)  Ina & Carolina Sue went along for the ride and fine fellowship.  They did some window shopping while I worked.  We needed to drop by his Orangeburg office on the way home so it was about 3:30 before I made it back into work.  Ina Sue made us a delicious pizza for supper.  After supper we walked over to Gordon Amstutz & Wendell Heatwole's new dairy barn.  This was their first evening milking in the new barn.  Merle Yoder, Nelson Hochstetler and others were still working to get all the wiring working properly.  By the time we walked back home we had gotten in about 3 miles of walking.  After we got back I worked on putting together an agenda for our PRMC meeting next week.
Merle Yoder looks stumped!  :) I took off from work on Thursday to help on the new school building.  We got all the rest of the metal put on the front of the building.  Hopefully we will get started putting the metal on the roof next.  We knocked off from that job around 3:00.  When I got home I took a load of junk over to the landfill, drove up to Bamberg to pay car taxes,  went to the library, and picked up some garden stuff from Grower's Choice.   After supper we went over to see Bob & Mary Liverman.  Bob has been helping us out at work for several years.  Last Friday he had surgery on his neck to replace four discs.  He seemed to be doing very well.  We had a good time visiting with them.  Mrs. Mary gave Carolina a beautiful hand appliquéd quilt and a "Little Red Hen" storybook.
Mary Liverman made a quilt for Carolina Friday was a pretty normal day.  Ina Sue cleaned & I worked at the shop.  In the evening we went over to Delmar Diem's for a church grilled chicken supper.  Delmars, Don Heatwoles & Charles Brubakers sponsored the event and supplied the chicken.  The rest of us brought the other dishes.  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping & eating together.  I played a little volleyball before we left to come home.  Dorcas and Maria Byler rode along with us tonight because Bill is at a school convention in Myrtle Beach.
Friday evening chicken supper Ina Sue & Carolina Sue left around 8:00 Saturday morning with Dorcas & Maria Byler to go flea marketing.  I left soon after to help on the school.  Some of the other fellows had already gotten the first two sheets of metal put on the roof on Friday so we were able to get started pretty quick.  We had a fairly small crowd helping because our church Chorus was practicing at the church that morning as well.  By the time we knocked off around 3:00 we had the metal on about half of the actual school part of the building.  Ina Sue had gotten home before I did and was already busy preparing food for tomorrow.  I took the van into Denmark and washed it and filled it up with gas.  I also bought groceries for the wife and picked up a toilet repair kit at Brookers.  When I got home she was already working on mowing the front yard.  I worked on fixing our back toilet then took over the mowing and  mowed the side & back yards.  We got everything wound down around 8:00.
Putting the metal on the roof  

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