October 1, 2005

Sunday afternoon croquet We were able to sleep in for a while Sunday morning.  I dropped my ladies off at church for sunday school while I went on in to the jail.  Gordon Amstutz, Brent Hege, and Ralph Dickerson are going in with me this quarter.  When we got back to church Carl preached a sermon on "The Ditch on Both Sides of the Road".  A very challenging and practical sermon.  Nelson Hochstetlers came over for lunch.  We had a nice time visiting over the meal then us fellows played some croquet.  In the evening we were back in church for a topic on Baptism: Why, How & When?  by Wendell Heatwole.  Very informative and interesting.  After church Hendrick & Jordan came over for grilled cheese sandwiches, cake & a Rook game.
Nelson Hochstetler family Monday was a regular day with washing for Ina Sue and work for me.  We did get the wonderful news that Duane and Janice had a baby boy this morning.  We are thankful that everything went well and that Chad Bentley is doing well.  Congratulation Duane & Janice!  After a supper of burritos I spent a good bit of the evening teaching Ina Sue how to use Quicken with our finances.  I am turning over some of the financial tracking to her.
Chad Bentley Strite Tuesday was a very busy day for me at work.  Ina Sue continued her work in our bedroom remodeling.  For supper she fixed us grilled catfish, squash quiche, and biscuits.  After supper I went in to the jail for Bible study then in to the office for some catch-up work.
Barnwell Service Center Wednesday was a big day for the ladies.  I got Ina Sue & Carolina off around 8:00.  They went over to Augusta for an eye checkup for Ina Sue then spent the rest of the day with Kay. K & Christopher.  I got home from work around 6:00 and they still hadn't gotten back.  They did get home shortly after and we scurried around to get ready for our small group meeting tonight.  This was the first get-together with our new small group.  Mark Hochstetlers are in charge with us, Hendrick, Jordan & Duane Banges filling out the group.  We met at Marks tonight and everyone brought something to share with the rest.  Norma fed us a great snack and we had a very good time.  We are looking forward to the coming year.
Carolina enjoyed Wendell's wagon Thursday morning I drug myself out of bed at 6:00 to prepare breakfast of cheesy egg bake for my favorite ladies.  Unfortunately, Carolina Sue is cutting teeth and had a bad cold so she was pretty grouchy all day.  Ina Sue got pretty frustrated trying to tear paper off in the bedroom while simultaneously taking care of a crying baby.  After I got home in the evening we all went over to Wendell Heatwoles for supper.  Naomi fixed us a delicious Italian poached fish dish eaten over bowtie pasta.  Also a sweet/sour spinach salad, and crepes with blueberry sauce for dessert.  A culinary delight indeed!  After supper I helped Wendell get some data transferred from his old computer to his new one.
Dusting the garden Ina Sue was pretty sick on Friday.  Her voice sounded really tough.  She tried to clean and work in the bedroom but just felt too bad.  I told her to get her rest and I would clean later.  She was able to take care of Carolina Sue throughout the day for which I was thankful.  I got home around 6:00 and took the baby off of her hands.  We had a good time playing around together before her bed time.
Ina Sue washed the car.... Ina Sue said she felt much better when she woke up Saturday morning.  I had noticed Friday afternoon that there was supposed to be an estate auction sale going on in Barnwell today.  When I told Ina Sue about it she was pretty excited and wanted to go.  She misses all the auction sales they used to have in Harrisonburg.  After a quick breakfast of egg gravy, we bundled Carolina up and headed out to the sale.  I had to leave part way through to go on a service call down to Allendale so I took Carolina Sue with me.  I was planning to come back and pick Ina Sue up but our neighbors were there and offered to bring her home.  Ina Sue bought two items at the sale that we are pretty happy with.  She bought a small table for in our foyer and a set of pottery. 
....while we swept the floors After we got home we rested for a little then I went out and worked at weeding and replanting parts of my fall garden.  Then I mowed the front and side yards.  Then Ina Sue washed the minivan while I took care of Carolina and swept the floors inside.  She worked on putting together some dishes for tomorrow dinner and actually worked at pulling off some more wallpaper before she came to bed.

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