September 25, 2004

A restful Sunday afternoon Sunday morning was our council meeting at Barnwell.  In the fall of the year we always have open council where everyone shares there testimony during the service.  Since it takes quite a while we have started cancelling Sunday School and taking the full two hours for the meeting.  This morning I went in to the jail but since nobody came out, I came on back to church for most of the service.  Carl preached the sermon on "Personal Accountability"  based on the verse "Study to show thyself approved..."  I made dinner today of clam chowder and biscuits.  Slept for a short nap then left for Hephzibah.  We ate supper at home with Dad's & Laura.  Then for the evening service, Laura, Kimberly Eshleman and Elmer Bontrager gave reports on their times in Romania during the summer.  Laura showed an interesting set of slides with her presentation.  After church we went back to Dad's for a snack with Robin, William & Chad Brubaker.  Then journeyed home.
Hendrick & Carolina Sue Monday was such a beautiful day!  When I went out to get the paper in the morning it was cool with a slight breeze.  It feels like fall is just about here.  Ina had a huge batch of wash to do today.  She had time though to fix us a great supper of pepper steak over rice, carrots, crescent rolls & pudding.  We invited Hendrick over to share the spread with us but he had to leave pretty quickly after supper to go to chorus practice.  After supper I planted some kale & spinach from seed.  Then we went on a walk around neighborhood.  Then Ina Sue mixed up the dough for some fruit pizzas while I worked on finances. 
Barnwell's new Kronotex plant I started off my workday Tuesday at Denmark Tech.  They have a truly ancient computer lab there that I seem to be the only one around that is old enough to work on it.  I spent most of the morning replacing power supply fans & diagnosing the old BNC network cabling.  Ina Sue baked the fruit pizzas then took the baby to Barnwell for some shopping.  Ina Sue is suffering from a cold again.  It really makes her feel miserable.  In the evening I went in to the jail.  Had four fellows out for our discussion.
Brenda Groff's baby shower Wednesday was another busy day at work.  I spent quite a while out at the new Kronotex construction site working on hooking some new computers up to the network.  Ina Sue got everything ready for our small group to come over this evening.  We are in Dale Bange's group this year along with Dale Dickerson's & Daniel Brubaker.  It was our turn to sing at Carrig Manor nursing home and the group came over here afterward for a snack.   We enjoyed being with the older folks at the nursing home again.  Since we are not youth sponsors I don't guess we'll be seeing them as often anymore.  Had a good time visiting here with our group and finished up in good time.
Mother washing dishes....




I made breakfast of hotdog gravy over toast Thursday morning then headed to work.  Today was Adam's birthday so he took off.  Ina Sue washed our windows to a sparkling shine and prepared food for the baby shower Friday.  We had a nice relaxed evening here at home.  I worked on scanning in a bunch of Dad's old Guatemala slides.  I remember that us children used to get so tired of seeing those slides but it was really interesting to see them again after about a decade of disuse.
Mother scraping paint.... Friday was a little different for me at work.  I spent most of the day working in the shop.  I didn't have any on-site calls which worked out well because our service dept. in the shop was pretty backed up.  Ina Sue did some quick cleaning then loaded up the van for Brenda Groff's baby shower tonight.  Mother Showalter arrived about 3:00 with a van load of ladies coming down for the shower.  Ina Sue, Bethany Heatwole, Gwen Amstutz and Deborah Heatwole sponsored the shower.  I went over to the school after work and dropped off some ice and lemons for the party then Burton Heatwole and two of his children came back with me to our house for the evening.  We had a good time talking and he left around 9:00.  Ina Sue, Mother and Carolina didn't make it home until about 10:30.  We stayed up till almost 12:00 talking and looking at pictures on the computer.
Mother sweeping floors... We slept in till about 8:00 Saturday morning.  Then we got to work.  Mother Showalter worked like a tiger all day.  She started by fixing us breakfast of potatoes and gravy then washed up the dishes.  I worked on mowing the yard while she raked up the cut grass and dead sticks.  Then in the afternoon she scraped and sanded our back door to get it ready for painting.  I worked on getting the first coat of paint on all the railing out front.  For supper Ina Sue and I made egg rolls and fried rice.  The ladies in the house all went over to Daryl Brubaker's after supper to see a quilt Sharon made.  I studied for the jail service tomorrow.  After they got back, the workaholic swept up the floor before finally agreeing to retire. 
A neat dual picture of us and the baby.  

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