September 24, 2005

Bills' apartment in Virginia Dorcas fixed us a wonderful breakfast Sunday morning of scones, red rose tea, and sundry other delicacies.  We went with Bills to Faith Christian for the Sunday morning service.  Had a very interesting teacher for sunday school then Dave Nisely preached a sermon on the "Churches of Revelation".  For dinner Bill grilled steaks and we ate together with Marvin Masts upstairs.  A delicious dinner and good time visiting with them.  I enjoyed meeting Hans Mast.  (Dorcas introduced us to his blog some time ago.  In the later afternoon Bills took us on a drive around the county with stops in several parks and a walking tour of the delightful town of Warrenton.  We stopped in to see Bill's brother-in-law Tom then finished out the evening looking at some of his old slides of Bill's earlier years at Barnwell.
Walking tour of Warrenton Monday morning Bill fixed us a big breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, grits & orange juice.  Dorcas and Maria had to head off to school but Bill very kindly drove us to the drain station.  The train left around 12:00 and we had a fairly good trip back.  Carolina Sue absolutely refused to sleep and got a bit sleepy/fussy by the time we got home.  The train also got held up somewhere by about an hour so it was about 9:30 before we got home.

Tuesday morning Ina Sue had to get caught up on the laundry.  She worked on that pretty much all day while I rushed around at work trying to catch back up.  For supper she fixed us porcipine meat balls, cornbread sticks, and zipper peas with pear relish.  After supper I planted cauliflower in the garden and a confederate jasmine beside our new arbor.

The hospital where Bill works. I spent pretty much the whole day on Wednesday working at Grant Forest Products.  They are a putting in a big new OSB plant down around Fairfax and I have been helping get their construction trailers wired up.  Ina Sue spent about 5 1/2 hours today on a stepladder caulking the ceiling of our spare bedroom.  It looks great but I think she just about did herself in....  At one point Carolina Sue climbed up the stepladder and nearly scared Ina Sue to death.  In the evening we all went to prayer meeting.  James Riley Hill had the bible study on False Teachers.  After church we drove in to Walmart and bought a front-facing seat for Carolina.
Carolina & Ina's unique bouquet. We got a little bit of rain on Thursday.  We really needed the rain.  I spent the day on misc service calls.  Ina Sue caught up on the odds and ends around the house.  In the evening I rolled a 2nd coat of paint on the bedroom ceiling.  Jordan (our neighbor) dropped in for a while and we played a game of chess while we talked.

Nothing much happened on Friday.  Ina Sue worked some more on caulking.  I was a work all day.  Came home to a scrumptious supper of puffed dressing with tenderloin gravy over it.  After supper we played "Up and Down the River" for a while.  Its been ages since I played that.

Carl will soon be picking cotton Saturday was a full day around the house.  Ina Sue gave me a haircut first thing.  Did a really nice job on it.  Then I made breakfast of egg gravy over toast.  Then Carolina and I drove up to Denmark for some supplies.  Ina Sue worked in the bedroom while I mowed the yard and cut down bagworms out of our pecan tree.  She came out and helped me pick up sticks and clean up for an hour or two.  In the evening we did some cooking to get ready for dinner tomorrow.  I made a mocha cake with coffee frosting.  Ina Sue made Parmesan chicken tenders.
Playing "Up and Down the River"  

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