September 18, 2004

Our third anniversary picture I am responsible for our services at the jail this quarter so I dropped Ina Sue and Carolina Sue off at church Sunday morning then went into the jail with Wendell Heatwole & Myron Yoder.  Back to church then for a sermon on "Being a Practicing Christian".  Bro. Wendell brought the message.  We had a restful afternoon by ourselves.  In the pm we had a song service with the Calvary congregation participating.  It was a blessing to hear a church packed full of voices singing praises.
With Carl Heatwole's fawn Monday was a dreary (weather-wise) day.  Ina Sue did the regular washing while I had a normal day at work.  In the evening Ina Sue went to the school for a baby shower for Laura Heatwole (Douglas' wife).  I fixed myself a supper of clam chowder.
Ina Sue with her good old Honda Ina Sue wasn't feeling very well Tuesday morning.  I went into work.  Ina Sue made us baked macaroni and zucchini stir-fry for supper.  After supper we went over to Carl Heatwoles to see their little deer. (They have raised it from about a week old)  I worked  alittle on their computer, then we just had a good time visiting.  Today would have been their son Gideon's 22nd  birthday.  Our hearts still ache for your loss Carl & Grace. 

After we got home we continued our search for a minivan on ebay.  Put in a bid on a Chrysler Town & Country and around 12:00 that night won the auction. 

Our newest ride Wednesday was a very busy day at the shop.  Ina Sue cooked up a couple packs of ribs and cleaned the meat off the bone before mixing it with some of "Sweet Baby Ray's" BarBQ sauce.  If you've never tried it you don't know what your missing!  Then she worked on cleaning our Honda Accord.  Julie & Jennifer Heatwole have agreed to buy it so she wanted it to be spotless for them.  We have gotten tired of putting the baby in and out of a two-door car.  Hopefully our new minivan will be as reliable as Ina Sue's Accord has been.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Bro. James Riley presented a talk on their ministry in Skagway Alaska this summer.
The ladies seminar at Hartwell Jennifer & Julie stopped by Thursday morning to pick up their new car.  Ina Sue's sadness over losing her car of nine years was tempered by her excitement of getting a new minivan.  I went in to work in the morning but after calling the sellers of the minivan, we decided that today would work best to pick it up.  It was in Douglasville, GA, on the other side of Atlanta (about a 4 1/2 hour drive)  I called Ina Sue and she frantically got herself and the baby ready as well as packed for her stay at the ladies seminiar in Hartwell this weekend.  We decided that it would work best for us to drive to Atlanta together and pick up the minivan.  From there she would only need to drive about 2 hours to get to Hartwell instead of 4 hours back to Barnwell then 3 hours to Hartwell Friday morning.  On the way we called the Hartwell Center and asked if it would be alright for her to stay there Thursday night as well as Friday.  We were surprised to find out that Sarah Petersheim was flying into Atlanta that evening and needed a ride to the Center.  We were thrilled to offer to pick her up.
A late night tea.... We got to the car dealership around 3:30 and had the minivan in possession by 4:00.  It took us about an hour and a half to get back to the Atlanta airport.  Hurricane Ivan was not far below Atlanta and the rain and wind were terrible.  It hardly seemed safe to be driving but we did make it to the airport and got a bite of supper while we waited for the flight.  Sarah got in right on schedule at 6:50 and we were soon on our way.  I drove the four hours home and got here about 11:30.  The ladies also arrived safely at their destination around 10:00.
Result of our work day at the school I slept in a bit Friday morning.  (No wife & no baby so why not...)  Then in to work for a busy day of catchup.  I talked to Ina Sue in the evening.  She said she was having a fun and inspiring time.  Barbara Coblentz, Miriam Hess, were two of the main speakers.  They were just getting ready to have a tea party so she said she would call me afterwards.  I mowed the front yard then made myself up a pan of my special baked hashbrowns & Spam recipe.  Delicious!  Ina Sue finally called me about 11:30 and said the the party was just starting to wind down.  I think they need a matron over there!
Pulling weeds & planting collards Saturday I went over to the church to help on the new school building.  We got started around 8:00 and by dinner time there was about 15-20 fellows helping.  AnneMarie & Benita brought a delicious dinner for us.  We worked on putting sheet metal on the outside of the building.  It went fairly fast but the cutting around the windows and doors slowed us down some.  We knocked off about 3:30 and I came home to wash the insulation pricklies off of me.  The bath & shower didn't seem to do the trick.  I still itch!  Then I worked on cleaning up the house and sweeping.  Ina Sue and little Carolina got home about 5:30.  It is so good to have them both home again.  In the evening I worked on planting the rest of by fall garden.  I've planted about 18 collard plants, 18 broccoli, 9 cauliflower & 9 cabbage.  Then I pulled weeds and Round-Uped for a while.  Also went with Patrick Heatwole to pick up their freezer and assorted other items from their old house.  Now we are about ready to hit the sack.  Ina Sue decided that she was going to let Carolina Sue skip her last feeding this evening and see if she could sleep through the rest of the night.

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